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Since 1 yr old daughter ko, I used sansfluo pero feeling ko hindi naaalis yung sour smell ng mouth niya. Ngayon we use orajel or aquafresh training toothpaste. Safe to swallow, toothpaste for toddlers talaga and mukhang she likes the taste kasi naeengganyo sya mag-brush. I'm just not sure kung meron nito dito sa atin.

Hmm... nakikita po ba kung may nag-unfriend sa yo sa FB? hehe... haven't tried it and never noticed it. And if ever may nag unfriend sa akin, close ko man or hindi, keber ko! Hahaha... For me, good riddance. LOL....

I can feel all your sentiments mga mommies.

When I got pregnant, my husband and I decided that I should quit my job and take care of our first baby. I was so glad to take the break (after working since I graduated college) but after a while, i began missing being able to go to work everyday. I didn't want to leave my baby to a yaya but I also want to help my hubby with our expenses so I was torn. My mom had me enrolled again to take up educ classes so I can teach (and pursue my dreams) tsaka ayaw niya rin kasi akong natetengga sa bahay. I finished 18 units, passed the boards, I was ready to apply for work this year because my daughter is 3.5 and is about to enter school BUT my mom passed away  :'( and now, di na ako makapag apply for work. Parang all the circumstances led me to stay at home. My lola who is turning 100 is staying with me (mom ko dati nagaalaga sa kanya), I'm taking care of my daughter plus I took over my mom's apartment. Also, we're planning to have another baby.

I promised my mom that I will work again. Lagi niya sinasabi na kailangan may sarili rin akong pera at hindi umaasa sa asawa pero with all of these on my shoulders... paano na?  :(

School Hunting / Re: Preschools in QC
« on: March 21, 2012, 09:30:03 am »
Hi mommies! I'm done with my preschool hunting but I'm posting this for those who'd like to check out schools near proj 8, proj 6, visayas ave areas:

Here's my list:

1. Glendale in Shorthorn, Villagers Montessori, Intellikids all in Project 8 area. Di na ako pumasok to inquire because of the school's location (sorry). They're near our place but yung lugar, yung parking kino-consider ko rin so di ko na sila pinasok.

2. Creative Explorer in Visayas Avenue
 Type: progressive
 Fee: 59k up
 Comment: No uniforms, activity materials are not included in the fee. I visited this school because it was recommended by a friend and they said they use the progressive approach. Like most preschools, their school is previously a residential house that was converted to a school. The teacher I spoke with was very accommodating. The only thing is, I am not comfortable with their location. Their school is located in Visayas Ave just before McDonald's. There is a line of jeepneys in front of the school waiting for passengers. Ang hirap mag-park.  I'm worried that if I enroll my daughter here, mahirapan akong samahan sya sa school. Kung ako lang ang maghahatid, I cannot let her just get out of the car and walk alone, of course, so I need to park. I scratched this out of my list.

3. God's Little Creations in Neptune St. near Cherry Foodarama
 Type: progressive
 Fee: 38k up
 Comment: I just saw this school when we went to Carmel Child last week. I thought, well, why not check it out na rin today (but really I had my heart set on Carmel Child). I rang the doorbell and I was let in by a man. We were asked to sit down and wait at the front porch. Bahay talaga sya so nagdalawang isip na ako, parang gusto ko nang umalis kasi karamihan ng nakita kong ganito, they only have a room converted into a classroom. Nung dinala ako ng teacher sa school area nagulat ako. Ang ganda and bago and they have little tykes playground. The classrooms are also nice. They have their own restrooms na kiddie-sized. Their student-teacher ratio is 1 teacher 1 asst teacher and 12 students pero sabi ng directress minsan 8 to 9 lang nage-enroll. Another thing that caught my attention was their curriculum. Aside from progressive, they teach Singapore Math and Singapore Reading. Also according to the directress, students din nila sa Ateneo, Holy, STC na nagaaral ngayon and the parents were happy kasi nagt-top yung kids nila. Of course I still believe it depends on the child pero kung maganda foundation, why not.

4. Carmel Child Devt & Learning Center
Type: Traditional (Montessori & Progressive integrated)
Fee: 46k plus 6k plus misc
Comment: Maganda ang feedback ng Carmel Child sa forums. Yung mga moms na may kids na nag aral dun can really attest that the school and the teachers are really good. Maganda talaga ang reputation and my daughter loved the place too. Actually this is my first choice. I got confused yesterday when I saw God's Litl Creations but further research, I stumbled upon a comment in one of the school review sites which made me decide to enroll my daughter here na talaga.

Just curious, mommies, is it true that if there is no prep level, the school is not deped accredited because hindi sila pwede magpa-graduate ng student? Please enlighten me. Thanks.

School Hunting / Re: Preschools in QC
« on: March 15, 2012, 09:58:12 am »
I'm currently looking for schools near mindanao ave, proj 6 or proj 8 area and this thread is very helpful to me pero karamihan talaga ng nabasa ko sa scout area e. Baka may iba pang makakapag bigay ng suggestion.

I've been to Carmel Child in Carmel 3 Subd near Cherry Congressional. They were very accommodating and gave me a tour around their school. They have 4 classrooms, one has a restroom inside (not sure about the others). They have an indoor play area for toddlers and outdoor (garage part of what seems to be a residential house before). It seems nice, my daughter felt at home already but I still wanted to search some more. What I liked about this place is they have small student-teacher ratio (15 students, 2 teachers & 1 teacher aid), the location is inside a village and important din sa akin ang parking since I might decide to wait for my daughter during class.

We also went to Creative Explorer in Visayas Avenue but I was not able to get a tour around the school because I was told there were no teachers na raw, hapon na rin kasi but they gave me a brochure and when I called them up, they told me I can come by on Monday to check the place out. I haven't seen the place or talked to the teachers yet but from their brochure, they seem to have only 1 class for my daughter's age group (3y6mo) and it's in the morning unlike sa Carmel Child meron silang 3 classes: 8am, 9am and 12nn so may choice ako (lalo na late sleeper ang anak ko but I'm training her na to wake up early).

I've been to gingerbread before. This is located in Congressional Ave. Their school is nice too, malinis ang facilities, they have an indoor play area (un lang ang nakita ko) but ang comment ko lang, it's a little bit pricey, they have chinese in their curriculum and along main road sya na dinadaanan ng bus and jeep na medyo alanganin kung magco-commute kami (minsan kasi ayokong mag-drive), or kung mag dala man ako ng sasakyan, hirap naman ng parking.

There's another school along Congressional, Early Achievers Preschool (Enopi). Di pa ako nakapunta but I've read that it's quite pricey too and merong Chinese din sa curriculum nila.

I haven't been to John Dewey and other schools, baka meron pang iba, please let me know.

To those who are familiar with schools around the area, I would appreciate any input you have. I want to enroll my daughter in a progressive school sana pero karamihan nga nasa scout area. Not too expensive rin sana (80k for gingerbread parang too much naman for us lalo na 3yrs old pa lang anak ko), and I would like to know if it's an advantage to enroll my daughter in a school na may chinese curriculum? Magagamit ba niya? Wala kaming chinese blood and it's too early to tell naman if she'd grow up to be a business woman someday just like what I read that Early Achievers is trying to mold their students to be.

Thankful ako sa inputs ninyo since I want to enroll her soon kasi gusto ko muna sya mag summer to try it out. I will post din what I find by Monday pag nakapag ikot na rin ako to help others.

Travel / Re: airplane ride / flying with children / infant
« on: March 08, 2012, 01:37:41 pm »
First time din na sumakay sa plane ng anak ko when she was 2 years old (turning 3) and it was a 10 hour flight. Ako yung super kabado na baka umiyak, baka matakot. Parang ako yung magkaka nervous breakdown. I brought things na inadvise sa akin na dalhin: dimetapp (although I don't recommend this, I just made sure that I have everything na makakatulong), her favorite toys, milk in a bottle daw to drink para di masakit sa ears, etc.

Nagulat ako sa daughter ko kasi mas kalmado pa sya sa akin and she looked so curious and so behaved. I told her you have to wear the seat belt all the time so nakaupo lang sya sa seat niya. And the airline provided activities for her kaya she seemed to enjoy her 1st airplane ride. Wala akong nagamit sa mga paraphernalia kong dinala. I'm such a worry-wart mommy. Hehe... Ngayon, yung kaba ko pag sumasakay sa plane, nawawala because of my daughter. Baliktad, I know, but I'm learning a lot din from her. Hehe...

Big Kids / Re: Are we hurting our child's confidence?
« on: March 08, 2012, 01:28:31 pm »
My daughter has curly hair too. Yung iba sinasabi ipa-rebond daw namin. Yung iba naman natutuwa kasi kulot. I call her kulot not because inaasar ko sya but because I like her hair. Ayaw niya kasing nagpapatali ng hair so pag naayusan namin sya, sinasabi ko, see, you look like a princess now. Your hair is so nice.
About her skin color naman, mas maputi ako sa kanya. Sinasabi niya lagi, Denise is brown, Mommy is white. Pero I don't think she understands tukso as of now. She's 3 years old pa lang kasi.
I really hope I'm not hurting her confidence. I keep on saying, you're pretty, you're doing a good job, I'm proud of you. Lumaki kasi akong mahiyain, sobrang kulang sa confidence pero sa ibang paraan naman. I can't make decisions on my own. Takot mag kamali. Kaya ayoko naman yun mangyari sa anak ko.

Baby Development and Milestones / Re: what age nagsalita baby nyo?
« on: March 08, 2012, 01:12:38 pm »
I've read that there are certain tests to check if there is really something to worry about with your child pero sa totoo lang, mommy, I've known other kids who started to talk even later than your baby pero once they started talking, sobrang daldal naman. :) Best siguro is to ask your pedia about it, because there are certain signs to look for para malaman kung dapat ka nga magalala. My daughter's first word was "hi" when she was 9 mos old. Paulit ulit ko kasing sinasabi yun pag gising niya, pag tumingin sya, or para makuha lang atensyon niya.

Sa ngayon, don't worry too much. Just talk to your baby palagi. Be narrative and descriptive. Ganun ginagawa ko noon mga 1 yo sya. Sabihin ko, "this is a biscuit. it's brown. it tastes good". Para lumawak ang vocabulary niya. Good luck! :)

Hello po. I used to struggle with my daughter din when it comes to brushing her teeth. I tried brushing with her and she likes it pero feeling ko hindi rin nalilinis yung ngipin niya pag sya ang nagb-brush pero ayaw din nyang ako ang mag brush sa kanya, so one time, inipit ko sya with her arms on the side (like riding a horse-- i'm not being sadista, I just want to make sure na na-brush teeth niya). You know what? She thought we were playing a game and she liked it. Hahaha... She struggled at first and kunwari mahuhulog ako and she liked it. Simula noon, sya na ang nagre-request for mommy to "ride the horse". Hehe... Ang maganda pa since tawa sya ng tawa, nab-brush ko pati ngipin niya sa loob. :) Whatever works for the both of you siguro.

By the way, we use orajel or aquafresh training toothpaste for my daughter. It's safe to swallow and she likes it and naalis yung sour milk smell unlike with sansfluo, feeling ko di pa rin nalinis yung mouth niya. Yun nga lang di ko alam kung merong orajel or aquafresh training toothpaste dito sa atin. As for the toothbrush, we use colgate 1 to 3 yrs.

Inspiration / Re: When you thought I wasn't looking
« on: March 02, 2012, 08:44:00 pm »
Thank you for this. I loved it, especially this part:

When you thought I wasn't looking I saw tears come
from your eyes, and I learned that sometimes things
hurt, but it's all right to cry.

I know my daughter sometimes see me cry when I think about my mom who recently passed away. She's 3 years old but she always know what to say or do when she sees me sad (even though I try very hard not to show her, mahirap talaga and I also know that she can feel it). She always tell me, "Mommy are you crying? Do you miss grandma? I miss grandma too". Then she gives me a hug.

Pamahiin / Re: Inaaswang ba talaga ang mga buntis???
« on: July 27, 2010, 05:28:45 pm »
Sensya na po mga mommies, hindi ako naniniwala sa aswang e. Maraming kumakalabog sa bubong namin pero pusa lang na naghahabulan. Kasi kahit hindi na ako buntis, minsan may naririnig pa rin ako. Na experience ko nga na mag-isa lang ako sa unit namin and nag brown out and sobrang dilim sa paligid. Mas natakot pa ako sa magnanakaw na maaring pumasok sa balcony kesa sa multo. I pray when I'm scared and I think when you have faith, hindi mo maiisip na may kababalaghan na mananakot sa iyo. Opinion lang naman po. :)

Weaning, Formula and Solids transition / Re: bottle weaning
« on: July 27, 2010, 02:34:13 am »
Hi mommy zeetee. What kind of sippy cut do you use? Marami kasing klase ng spout ng sippy cup. Merong hard spout and meron ding soft rubber spout. Swerte lang kasi ako sa daughter ko, she welcomed the change when I gave her the sippy cup pero I introduced the sippy cup before she turned 1. She's 1 year 10 months now but she's still drinking milk from the bottle before she goes to sleep. Yun ang pampatulog niya. Hinayaan ko na lang. Her dentist told me to give her water na lang after drinking milk to avoid cavities and brush her teeth first thing in the morning. What I learned (and read), babies will welcome change (in this case, give up the bottle) when they're ready. :)

Your Kid's Health and Safety / Re: Baby toothpaste
« on: July 15, 2010, 11:38:25 am »
Hello po. I'm using aquafresh or oral B stage 1 toothbrush for my daughter (available in grocery stores). I tried pigeon pero it's too soft, dali na masira. At 22 months almost complete na kasi ngipin niya. Patubo na molars. We're also using sansfluo toothpaste eversince. Kahit nung wala pa syang ngipin I use sansfluo gum wipes (gauze sya). Pero nung nagka-teeth na, kinakagat na ako kaya I bought toothbrush na. :)

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