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I'd suggest mga mommies to try "Kuya Ian and Company". He's really a good Host/Magician and Ventriloquist.
Kahit i-google mo lang or facebook.

Sis, how much si Kuya Ian? Ok naman ang flow ng program niya? Does he use a puppet or yung parang mask lang? Ok naman yung ventri act niya, i mean, wholesome naman and hindi slapstick? TIA

Hi Mommies! Matagal-tagal na rin akong hindi nakapunta sa Divi. Marami bang Clash of Clans themed items for give aways dun? What kind and san marami? How about Angry Birds? Yung 2 kasi pinagpipilian ng birthday boy ko. Sabi ko kung alin mas madali hanapan ng giveaways, yun na lang. TIA!

@ neondust - Oo nga sis. Yun rin naisip ko. And i asked my son, mas gusto rin niya ang party. So eto, need to start preps na.

Ano na ba ang latest 'trends' sa mga birthday parties ngayon? Hehe.

Your Kid's Health and Safety / Re: Pedia near Pasig
« on: March 07, 2016, 04:04:35 pm »
Hi! Try Medizone sa One Mercedes. Their in-house pedia is Dra. Maria Ane Hassan. Here is their number 643-6335.

Or Dra. Rosario Isada sa ARDI Mercedes.

Hi! Visiting this thread to get ideas for the 7th Birthday of my son this November.

Actually, no choice but to make it a joint birthday celebration of my 2 boys. No choice kasi 1 day apart lang ang birth date nila. Kuya is turning 7, si bunso is turning 4. How do i do it in such a way na ma-highlight si Kuya kasi 7th birthday niya, na ma recognize pa rin si bunso?

Thinking of having the party sa mga play area kasi nakapag magician na kami nung 1st birthday ni Kuya and puppet show nung 1st birthday ni bunso. Saka feeling ko mas enjoy ang kids. Saka para less preps on my part. Hehe. I have inquired sa Active Fun BGC and Kidsville sa SM Aura. So far available pa naman ang dates. Nag inquire din ako sa Kidzania -- fun sana pero ang mahal!

Also considering na mag HK Disneyland na lang kaming mag-iina. Halos same din ang magagastos or baka less pa. Kahit siguro mag one night kami sa Disney Hollywood Hotel or Disney Hotel, para yun yung pinaka highlight nung trip.

What do you think, Mommies? Somehow kasi "expected" na mag birthday party for the 7th birthday, but I also feel na baka "too old" na si Kuya for Disneyland next time. (Although ako, may asawa na nung nag HK Disneyland, enjoy pa rin ako! Haha!) Saka budget-wise syempre, mahirap kayanin na may 7th Party na, may HKDL pa in the next few years. Inputs naman mga sis! TIA!

Party Planning: Birthdays and Baptism / Re: party venue in pasig
« on: March 01, 2016, 04:46:55 pm »
^ East Raya function room rate is at 10k plus VAT. This is the main function room, yung sa ground floor which is airconditioned. Yung sa second floor which is half the size of the main function room is at 5k i think plus VAT. Bring your own electric fans but very airy naman with large windows. You need a sponsor i think.

mommy clayde - wala silang website.  but here is the contact number of tita del.  0919.4093748.


Sharing my kids' Transformers themed tarp

Finally done na with my kids’ joint birthday celebration. The preparation for it was a roller coaster ride for me because of so many things that happened between planning stage and actual party – the most difficult of which was the untimely death of my husband.
Being someone who is not used to make decisions by myself, I was faced with so many decisions that needed to be made without the practical, wise and pragmatic inputs of my husband.  But knowing that this is what my husband wanted – a Transformers-themed party for the kids (he chose this theme because he wanted a Bumblebee mascot to grace the event) and because I felt the kids deserve it especially after what they’ve been through (especially the eldest who is turning 4; the youngest is turning 1) – made it easier to bring myself to do it.  Pikit mata sa gastos.   I often found myself still talking to my husband’s picture and consulting him with the details and asking his permission to do this and that (kuripot kasi yun!). 
Many times while in the middle of researching potential suppliers, tears would just begin to flow at the thought of how unfair it was that he was gone – that my youngest wouldn’t have his Tatay with him on his first birthday; that family pictures during the event would be missing a very important person – their dad. 
Anyway, enough of that and on to the review of our party suppliers.

VENUE:  East Raya Gardens Clubhouse
Since we were residents, we got it at residents’ rate of 5,600 for 5 hours.  We originally wanted the party to be held on Nov 16, after the kids’ actual birthdays, but unfortunately, the venue was no longer available on the date we wanted.  To think I made the reservation as early as May!  Since we had no choice, we settled to hold the party on Nov9.  We have been holding all our events here since it is very convenient for us to be within the event venue (our unit is just across the clubhouse).  And because the clubhouse has a policy of one event per day, there is no conflict with regards to set-up time and egress.  The venue is spacious enough to accommodate 130 pax with just enough space for a puppet stage, buffet set-up, and an area for games.  Aircon was okay, though it would have been better kung medyo mas malakas.  Or maybe it was just a really hot day.  Lighting was medyo dim nung pagabi na.  Mas ok talaga sya for day events kasi glass walls sya so natural light ang gamit.  Supplementary lang yung house lights.

CATERER:  Viendale Catering
Rating 9/10
I’ve been getting Viendale since my husband and I got married and lahat ng event namin (binyag ni panganay, 1st bday ni panganay, binyag ni bunso, yung 4 days wake ni husband at 40th ni husband) sila talaga ang caterer.  Masarap kasi yung food nila and though medyo may kamahalan compared sa mga ibang caterer (280 per head, may tawad pa yan), at least subok ko na yung lasa ng food and never pa naman kami napahiya sa guests.  Saka since loyal clients na kami, it’s easy to ask for freebies like nagpadagdag ako ng 100pcs balut in exchange for the tarp since gusto ko ako magpa-print nun.  Tapos nagpadagdag ako ng balloon pillars na wala naman sa usual package nila.  Kids’ menu consists of spaghetti, chicken lollipop, hotdog with mallows, garlic bread and juice.  For the adults, rice, tuna pesto pasta, fish in lemon butter sauce, buffalo wings, pork monje with honey, beef with mushroom, garlic baby potatoes, mango tapioca and bottomless iced tea.  As early as 11 am dumating na yung tables and chairs and by mga 12 noon they were starting to set-up na.  Everything was done by 3pm (which is the time sa invitation) but the food arrived much later.  Halos mga 4pm na.  Good thing di pa nag-uumpisa yung party by that time kasi super traffic so we had to wait for more guests to arrive.

Rating 10/10
I learned my lesson the hard way.  Nung mga nakaraang events namin, ayaw ni hubby kumuha ng photographer kasi halos lahat naman daw may camera and we can just ask relatives to take pictures.  Ang nangyayari, puro side lang niya or side ko lang yung nakukuhanan, yung mga friends namin, halos walang pics.  Minsan naman, nagiging abala sa mga kaganapan yung appointed person to take pics, ayun, nakalimutan nang magtake pics.  So this time, talaga ni-impose ko okay hubby na dapat may photographer kami.  Buti naman pumayag sya. 
Sa SP ko din nakita ang Limphots.  Daming good feedback and when I inquired with Ahl, okay naman yung naging agreement namin.  I availed a package na pre-birthday shoot with photo coverage.  May freebies pa na prints!  And affordable yung price.  Nung photoshoot ng kids ko, that same night na-post agad niya yung pics sa FB.  Tapos yung CD, napadala din niya within a few days via courier.
After the party, agad-agad din na-post sa FB yung pics so very happy talaga ako with their service.  I didn’t have to remind Ahl to take pics of the details, and sya pa mismo yung nagremind sakin about things na nakalimutan ko i-ready (like candles on the birthday cake!!).  He was also there sa venue as early as 2pm.  To think, taga-Binangonan pa ata sya.

Overall Rating 9/10
My eldest said he doesn’t want a magician for his party host.  Gusto lang niya puppet show at basta dumating si Bumblebee.  So I looked for puppet show packages and found Roppets.  Their Puppet Show Package (9500) consists of host, sound system, 3 puppet show stories of your choice and face painting/glitter body art.  Naisip ko sulit na din kasi madami naman included sa package.  Kasi yung mga ok na hosts pinakamura is nasa 5k, tapos rent ka pa ng soundsystem na nasa range ng 3500-4k.  Wala pang puppetshow yun at face painting.  Kaya I confirmed na agad with them.  Nag additional na lang ako ng mascot (na sponsor naman ng ninong!) worth 2500.
Isa-isahin ko yung inclusions.
Yung host na unang na-assign sakin was a big turn-off.  When I confirmed with Roppets, sabi ko I need an English speaking host, kasi di talaga nakakaintindi ng tagalong yung anak ko.  Sa bawat party na lang na puntahan namin, di sya maka-participate masayado kasi yung host taglish or talagang tagalog ang spiels.  So since anak ko ang may birthday gusto ko mag-enjoy sya nang bongga.  Roppets gave me the number of Host 1 para kami na ang magdiscuss ng party details.  I texted Host 1 and asked for his email and asked na rin how many prizes to prepare..  Sa reply pa lang niya sa text ko, alam ko na na sablay ang English niya “basta mag-prefer lang po kayo ng 20prizes.”  Pero sige, isip ko, forgivable pa sakin yung ganyan.  Basta maayos ang flow at maayos kausap, ok lang.  I sent him an email telling him about the death of my husband para lang aware sya at ma-avoid yung “May I call on the daddy of the celebrants?” na spiel which will be very awkward for everyone.  In my email, I also asked him his program flow, anong games ang ifa-facilitate niya, and other concerns about the program.  Pagka-email ko sa kanya I even texted him na I sent him an email para ma-check niya.  One week akong naghintay ng reply.  Wala.  I emailed him again and this time, naka-CC ang Roppets.  Di pa din sya nagreply.  I texted him to tell him na twice na ko nag-email.  Sagot sa text “ok po.  Send nyo rin sa Roppets”.  So I said, I did na.  Nung finally, sumagot sa email ko, ang sagot lang niya is “hello po”.  Yun lang.  He did not address my concerns, wala syang sinagot sa mga tanong ko.    I called Roppets and told them about the host na affiliated with them and very happy naman ako sa naging response nila.  They looked for another host to cover my event.  They assigned Bryan Macarubbo as my host.  He was very professional.  He replied courteously thru text.  Tapos mabilis din sumagot sa email.  He even takes the initiative to call me pag may concern sya.  Very clear din sya sa instructions niya sakin regarding the things he would need from me.  On the day itself, he was there early, around 2:30pm.  He conducted the party very well.  Hindi usual yung games niya and though walang comedy at wit gaya ng mga uber famous hosts dito sa SP, fun and organized yung pag-conduct niya ng party.
Yung gliiter art na kasama sa package, is okay din.  Di daw kasi available yung facepainting.  Sakin naman it doesn’t really matter dahil di naman type ng kids ko yung facepainting, but since kasama sa package, eh di go!  May mga template/stencil  sila napagpipiliian tapos they will put the stencil sa arm or hand, tapos they will fill it in with glitter paint.  Maganda naman.  Happy naman ang guests.  Sayang lang nga at di ako nakapila.
Yung sound system was also good.  Kaya yung puppet show maganda yung pagka-narrate.
Yung mascot na Bumblebee super hit sa mga kids at adults.  Ang laki niya!  Abot sya sa doorframe at kailangan pa yumuko para makapasok sa venue.  Super tuwang-tuwa si panganay who likes to pretend to be Bumblebee.  He appeared nung pag-intro sa kids ko as celebrants, tapos nung candle blowing, tapos nung distribution ng giveaways.  Kaya lang yung mga babies na guests namin, takot sa kanya.   Hehe!
Finally yung puppet show.  Si panganay ang pumili ng stories.  Sesame Street, Finding Nemo and Despicable Me.  Unang labas pa lang ng Sesame Street characters, tuwang-tuwa ang mga kids!  Appropriate talaga sa age ng guests yung choice of entertainment na napili ko (wala na si hubby nung pinagdesisyunan ko ’to.  Buti na lang, patok.)  Siguro mas ok ang magician for bigger kids.  Syempre nung mga minions na ang lumabas, pati adults, tuwang-tuwa!  Nag dance sila, with choreography kaya talagang nakakatuwa!  Since recorded from the movie yung backround music and dialogues, ok ang quality at malakas ang audio.
May freebie pa dapat na balloon twist pero walang balloon twist nung actual party.  Pero ok lang.  10/10 pa din sila for me.

CAKE:  Iko’s
Rating: 8/10
Subok ko na ang Iko’s sa sarap ng cupcake nila.  And since malapit sa amin yung shop nila, sila na yung kinuha ko.  I tried scouting for homebakers pero mahal ang quote sa akin for the theme I want.  Nasa 5k and above for 2-6 inch cakes and 60 pcs cupcakes. Di din naman edible si Bumblebee at Optimus Prime.  Sa Iko’s I got 2-8 inch cakes and 60 cupcakes for 4138 only, including 2 sets of reusable cupcake tower stand.  Yun nga lang they don’t do character cakes and they don’t deliver.  Saka yung isang cake, wala nang space para sa Optimus Prime toy na topper ko.  Ako pa naglipat-lipat ng 3d letters na name ng anak ko para magka-space.  Kaya 8/10 lang.  Since they don’t do characters, nagpagawa lang ako ng buildings theme na cake tapos nilagyan ko ng Bumblebee toy as topper.  Saka pyramid and stars theme cake na nilagyan ko ng Optimus Prime toy.  Pati yung paglagay ng toy topper, at printed topper (DIY ko) sa cupcake, ako din gumawa kasi bawal daw na sila maglagay.  Ok lang naman.  Dagdag asikasuhin nga lang pero carry pa din.

TARP PRINTING:  Yael’s Printzone
Rating 9/10
Friend ni SIL yung owner so I was referred to them.  I asked them to make a backdrop tarp (4ft by 5ft) and 2 pcs na 2x4ft na pang standee.  It cost me 1100 for everything.  OK naman ang print quality.  I was hoping na sila na bahala sa pag conceptualize and pag lay-out pero ako na lang nag conceptualize.  Gumawa ako ng peg ng gusto kong layout sa powerpoint and sent it to them.  Tapos sila na nag-layout.  After ilan revision, ok naman ang naging result.  Hay.  Kung sana marunong ako mag photo shop di sana pwedeng ako na gumawa ng layout.  Sayang din kasi yung layout fee.  But happy naman ako sa result so next time sa kanila pa rin siguro ako papagawa.  Easy din yung naging transaction namin.  Lahat ng usap through FB lang, pati yung pag approve ng layout.  Tapos since malapit lang sila sa amin, nag-meet up lang kami para pick-up yung finished tarps.

Rating : 9/10
Haha!  Love your own!  First time to make a standee and successful naman kaya 9/10.  I used 1inch thick na styro which costs 96 pesos na NBS.  Meron mas manipis but worried ako na baka yumuko.  I used a steak/bread knife to cut it and relatively easy to cut naman.  For the glue I used Max Bond all in one glue.  It comes in an orange squeeze bottle and costs 39 pesos sa NBS din.  Madikit naman sya but you have to let it stand overnight para dumikit nang ayos.  Yung stand sa likod, styro at glue lang din ginamit ko.  Hehe!  Walang carpentry skills eh.  Pero matibay naman.  Up to now nakatayo pa din si Optimus at Bumblebee sa sala ko.

Rating: 8/10
Wanted a giveaway na useful so I really scouted around for a nice giveaway.  Since very boyish ang theme ko, nahirapan din ako mag-isip ng giveaway na pwede for boys and girls. Ayoko naman kasi na magkaiba pa. Gusto ko sana stuffed toy na transformers pero ang mahal, 350 each, pero malaki naman.  Di daw sila gumagawa ng maliliit na version.  So isip, isip ulit.  Nakita ko yung mga pillows na promo materials ng husband ko sa work niya before and naisip ko na pillows na lang, pwede for both boys and girls and sure na magagamit.  (talaga naman ramdam ko pa rin ang guidance ng husband ko)  So nag google lang ako ng ‘costumized pillows’.  Nakita ko lang yung website ng JMX Studios online and chose a 10x12 pillow.  Transaction was done online lang din.  Each pillow costs 85 each.  Pero kung dark yung tela, kailangan magdagdag ng 7 pesos per pillow.  Since yellow, red and blue ang motif ko, had to add 7 pesos each for the red and blue ones.  Mabilis sila sumagot sa inquiries and very informative din naman yung website nila.  I just deposited 50% DP sa account nila before mag-start ang production.  Lead time was 2 weeks for 70pcs of pillows.  Nag-meet up kami sa SM Taytay to pick up the finished pillow and to give my balance.  Kaya 8 lang ang rating ko is because sabi nila sa email, magiging parang transparent yung print sa finished product, meaning talagang yung logo at text lang ang lalabas.  Nung nakuha ko yung pillows, yung area around the logo and text, is darker than the color of the tela.  So parang ang effect is sticker lang yung print.  Di ko ma-explain masyado.  But despite that, ok na rin.  Happy naman yung guests and talagang pinagkaguluhan.  Pati adult guests humingi.  Pati nga yung mga waiter dun sa catering, humingi din.  Buti na lang nakapagtabi na ko ng pillows para sa amin beforehand.

PRIZES:  Edeng’s Toy Store/Puregold
Rating:  8/10
Since di ko na kakayanin pang pumunta sa Divi, sa Edeng’s ako namili ng prizes.  Buhay pa si hubby nagpasama na ako sa kanya para lang mag canvass at magtingin kung ano pwedeng ipang prize.  Madami kami nakita that time and naglista talaga ako ng items and corresponding prices.  Nung bumalik ako (mag-isa na lang ako nun) para bumili na ng prizes, wala na yung mga dating nakita namin, ang nagtaas na sila ng presyo!  Pinaka mura was 65 per toy.  Merong mga less than 30 each, mga tipong notepad. Yung bubbles, tig 50.  Yung coloring book with crayons, tig 30 din.  Since wala na time, and wala din naman choice, dun na ko bumili.  Bought pińata for 300 ata.  Wooden puzzles for 35 each (wholesale), yung bubbles, coloring books, notepad, stationery set (60 each!), foam books (70 each), maze game (40 each).  Looking at what I bought, sabi ko parang di exciting para sa kids.  Kasi puro educational.  Hehe.  Buti na lang nung nag-grocery ako sa Puregold nakakita ako ng mga toys na tig-50 lang.  So I bought mga hulahoop, pingpong set, doctor kit at whiteboard set.  At least mas balanced na ang choices ng prizes. Hehe!

ATTIRE:  SM Baguio
Akalain mong sa Baguio pa ko makakahanap ng Transformers shirt naming 3?!  Originally plan kong magpa-print na lang ng shirts for us. But then napadan kami sa SM Baguio nung time na nagbakasyon kami dun and may shirts on sale!  Got all 3 shirts sa Boys Teens Section at 199 each.  Not bad.  Ang di lang ok, yung buhok ko nung mismong party na.  Promised myself magpapablow dry o plantsa akong buhok before the party, di ko na nagawa.  Naubusan na ng time.  Kaya ayun, naka-pony tail na naman!  hehe.

Overall, the party was a success.  My boys were happy.  So I was happy.  Kahit may threat ng super bagyo, we were blessed na on the day of the party, nakalabas na si Yolanda so good weather and very good ang attendance.
The most touching part was when I was about to give my thank you message, my panganay grabbed the mic from me kasi he wants to say something daw.  Kala ko, dun lang sya sa tabi ko magsasalita.  But he took the mic from my hand and went to the middle of the stage at solo syang nagsalita.  Sabi niya, “Thank you everyone for coming to my party.  And thank you Nanay for preparing my party.  It was awesome!  And thank you Tatay for telling Bumblebee to come to my party!”  (usapan kasi nilang mag-ama yun, that Tatay will invite Bumblebee to his birthday party.)  And just like that, lahat ng pagod at stress, nawala.

Thanks SP for being my “go-to-site” in preparing this party.  Super dami kong ideas, feedback at inspiration na nakuha sa forum na ‘to.

Sharing pics taken by Limphots.

Party Planning: Birthdays and Baptism / Re: suggestion for useful giveaways
« on: November 11, 2013, 01:14:33 am »

Dito sa C. Raymundo branch, 24 per piece ang cupcake nila.

^ thanks leigh0914!

i booked them na.  sulit nga kasi dami inclusions nung package. 

ok ba yung host nila?  when i asked kasi kung english speaking, ang sabi english pero di ganun ka-fluent so may tendency mag taglish.  ok lang naman sa kin.  basta mag effort sya mag english kasi di nakakaintindi ng tagalog yung anak ko.  ang worry ko is of ok yung hosting?  di naman boring or nakakainis mag host?  yung tipong trying hard na magpatawa to the point ba nakakainis na?

Any feedback on Kuya Ian and Company?

How about yung Puppet show package ng Roppets?

^ sis they don't make cakes na may character themes kasi di daw sila allowed because of copyright and royalty issues.  generic lang ang pwede.  like ako, cars theme yung sa anak ko 3 years ago, gumawa sila ng racing theme tapos i bought lang a McQueen toy na pinatong on top.  Kaya ngayon, transformers theme naman, isip ko humanap ng ibang supplier.  Kaya lang laking mura kasi ng iko's and sure na masarap.

Single Moms / Re: Single-mommy-hood, what's your story?
« on: August 09, 2013, 12:36:02 am »
hi everyone.  I'm a new single mom.  My husband passed away just 2 weeks ago in the Cagayan de Oro blast.

I have no idea what to do, or where to begin.  I have two boys ( a 3 year old and an 8 month old).  I have been very dependent on my husband , who was a very devoted husband and father.  I am devasted, I am grieving, yet people tell me i need to be strong for my boys.  How?  When my strength was my husband.

I don't know what prompted me to join this thread.  I guess, I'm reaching out to other single moms, hoping you can guide me on how to do it... how to be both a mom and a dad.  I don't know how you do it, and i sure admire you all for your strength.

Thanks and hope i can meet new friends and mentors here.

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