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Your Kid's Health and Safety / Re: How to remove head lice
« on: December 14, 2014, 09:24:53 pm »
^This had been my problem last month with my son, nahawa sa kaklase. Ang mas mahirap pa nun, although I could clean his head, nobody could clean ending, nahawa talaga ako. Nakakahiya, eh, kakukulot ko lang, di pa pwedeng mag-shampoo ng harsh and di rin naman pwedeng magsuyod so....super sad and inconvenienced.

Effective sis, yung Kwell sa Mercury Drug. Binababad namin sa head namin sa gabi, tapos, gagamit nung suyod (there's a plastic one, from another brand ng headlice, na free), tapos, tyagaan, you will comb your hair, and be patient and consistent for like one week.

Don't forget to change your bedsheets, your pillow cases, blankets,and paarawan ang mattress, kasi baka naman dun nakatago yung ibang lice..para di na pabalik-balik.

I read somewhere, pwede daw ga-as, ibabad sa hair. Some recommended vinegar, same thing. Both I haven't tried...yang shampoo lang na yan. Mas effective sya kesa sa other brands.

Single Moms / Re: single mom of 2
« on: November 29, 2014, 01:02:33 am »
It's true when they say, he who pays the rent, sets the rules. If you can afford to completely, finance all your children's needs, then you are given enough "leeway" to parent them. Freedom really comes with a price

Realistically though, you need your parents to watch over them while you work. Your best strategy is to work so hard and earn your parent's trust that you could stand by your own when they die

Right now with limited resources, have a heart to heart talk to whichever parent you're closer with, and present your problem. Have one room to contain essential things for you and your kids. Make that your kingdom.

Single Moms / Re: changing baby's surname to his Dad's
« on: March 02, 2014, 09:14:11 pm »
're: mudra's case

The right venue to change your son's surname, and not using the surname of his original father, is via Adoption. If you do the late registration, that's committing a falsity in a public document, hence, you might be liable for falsification of public documents --- that's one complication that you don't want to face.

Besides, adoption done legally, protects the rights of your kid, because she/he becomes legitimate. The late registration, if proven incorrect, nullifies the document, hence making him/her illegitimate, and as stated, endangers you for a possible prosecution.

re: ms. gemini; beneficiary

Is your child, the only child of his father? If so, the child can be the sole beneficiary to the exclusion of others --- that is kung unmarried din sya. Kung married and has other kids, she/he can still be a beneficiary, subject to the percentage contained in the succession.

Daddy Department / Re: Breaking the news to a child - single dad
« on: October 15, 2013, 09:54:54 pm »
As said before, regardless if it were a dad or a mom, left behind by the other partner, the rules are the same. Be honest, but present in terms that he/she will understand at his age. As adults, we can only present factual things and not perceptions, kasi may tendency na if we say too much or too many bad things about the other, baka at some point in time in his life, instead of copying the dominant parent, he will copy the absentee parent, and say, mana ako sa mommy/daddy ko. I'm doing exactly like what they did. I cannot escape my predisposition to act and feel this way.

It looks easier for me, because I am not in your position nor do I know how your child will react. A lot of love and open communication helps a lot. If sa amin, we need male role models, your child, might need strong maternal role modeling as for nurture and discipline. In as much as we cannot supplant the roles fathers have on our child/ren's lives, we cannot discount the effect of mothers/females on your child's life as well.

Cheer up. Having an open minded and concerned dad, is a prize enough for him. You are doing well. :)

RE conflicting and confusing reports: oo nga. my sister has a house there at lancaster, and my nephews study at st. edward integrated. wala naman syang sinabing binaha sila, kasi we usually text each other during the stormy days to check on the level of water, if ever, kasi parehong cavite. their house, she was able to 'transfer' to pag-ibig loan. i can only post as to my sister's experience, pero so far, ok naman.

btw, their newest property manager, is our former property manager, and she handled our village well. if you're having doubts, maybe you can ask to meet with ms. nida detablan, and she's honest enough to tell and address your concerns.

ps. i am in no way connected to lancaster, nor am i an agent, nor any of my family, an agent/employee of lancaster or profriends. (may disclaimer talaga.)

Single Moms / Re: will you let your child know her dad?
« on: October 08, 2013, 05:43:00 pm »
@ sheiserika: just pray and God will give you the opportunity to meet the father without any effort on your part, basta ang alam mo, before you parted ways, you did your absolute best to make peace or to exhaust everything to give up. pray for that perfect time for you to see again, kasi kung by your own efforts and initiative, masasaktan ka lang para sa anak mo. if he's interested, he would've have found ways to contact you. kung gusto, maraming paraan, kung ayaw, maraming dahilan.

kudos for having a great lolo.

Single Moms / Re: Immediate help thread please for Single Parents
« on: October 08, 2013, 02:38:04 pm »
Is this book locally available?

Single Moms / Re: will you let your child know her dad?
« on: October 08, 2013, 02:33:11 pm »
My take on this is conditional.

I just talked with a family counsellor (and soon will be attending a healing retreat for broken homes), and she said that introducing the father at this stage, might do more harm than good, because he will be broken hearted with the current actuations of the father. He is distant, disinterested and irresponsible. Don't get me wrong, I have tried my absolute best for my son and his father to have a relationship, but it is the dad, who is indifferent to his own chlild.

In case the dad is like the one I depicted, counsellor said, it is important to just surround the child, with a good mentor/male role model to look up to, rather than 'force' the child to see and be with a father that would do more harm than good.

If the child is interested, and the father is interested.

Romantic Relationships / Re: Sexual Harassment
« on: April 04, 2013, 09:48:34 am »
For You:  Gather as much objective information about the case, like how did the 'letter to explain' was worded out. How did they describe the incidence/s of sexual harrassment if at all.  It is better that you know exactly what they have, as against what your husband has. Not all complaints for sexual harrassment is embedded with evidence. The employer is mandated to always hear the case out, in instances of a SH report. It is best that you know objectively what the others may fail to disclose to you. Start with the complaint sheet/letter to explain. During the administrative hearing naman, they will get a transcript of the hearing. You will get a word per word transcription of the event, or request for it, for your peace of mind na din.

For Your Marriage:  You are in a shock, but as a partner, just say that you will support the right thing. If he needs you to be around the hearing, then so be it, be there. Be ready for what you might hear. Be ready for what you might discover. This might not be a simple 'harrassment' but a continued 'flirtation'.  Green jokes are never casual, they are full of inuendos, of repressed sexual tension. I get your point, it is never proper. Kahit nga sa spouse mo, you might 'pick' the right words, para yung sexual flirtation thru jokes, eh hindi naman vulgar.

Moving on, tell him that you are not comfortable with him joking like that with any girl. It is always trouble, and not everybody views them as harmless, and that it hurts your feeling as a girl, and as his wife. You wouldn't want him to learn that you were throwing those kind of jokes to 'married co-workers' as well, right?

Last, prayers talaga for enlightenment, courage, and the quest for truth, mercy and forgiveness. God bless. It is a combination of your love and your faith that would spell how you will respond to this.

School Hunting / Re: pre-school in cavite
« on: April 01, 2013, 05:49:03 pm »
^I'm not sure though, parang hindi for all subjects. I remember the comment of his teacher in Reading, that when the teacher was giving the instructions in English, only baby understood and nodded, and the other kids were blank-faced. Although when I talk with the other kids naman, they do understand, but I haven't been there long enough to really 'observe'. What's important for me though is for them to learn good English and good Tagalog, no slang words in between.

School Hunting / Re: pre-school in cavite
« on: April 01, 2013, 05:33:04 pm »
^mejhez: Unfortunately, hindi EOP sa DLA. I thought english on campus din sila, but no. I just didn't take that to heart, because my son will be at Prep next year, and he needs to know Tagalog for Sibika classes, kesa naman ipa-tutor ko pa sya for that lang di ba?

Mas English only policy ata sa Statesfield, I'm just not sure, but its a progressive-method school. It's a good school as well. High in academic ranking as well.

EOP sa St. Edward Integrated, inside Lancaster Estate near Kawit. I know they have schoolbuses for Imus area. From the nun that I talked with at DLSU-Taft, it is the only La-Salle supervised school in Cavite. They have a cheaper tuition fee than DLA and Statesfield.  Try to inquire, at least, may time ka pa.

School Hunting / Re: pre-school in cavite
« on: March 26, 2013, 07:20:13 am »
^ yes, i heard good feedbacks from harrel horne from those who inquired even last year pa. the school does indeed sound promising. they are 'progressive' in a sense that they are 'updated' to the other learning structures. i think they even have business classes in highschool, and mandarin in highschool as well. not sure though.

we would love to hear personal school experience with harrel horne. sayang din yung matitipid ng mga mommies, and for us to be acquianted personally with how they teach.  8)

i hope your child blooms amazingly there at harrel horne.  :)

Romantic Relationships / Re: Wedding kasi pregnant?
« on: March 16, 2013, 07:38:59 am »
^ sis, question:  If you found out that your fears were right, or that your ugali are incompatible, is it okay for you not to marry the father of your child? Are you willing to marry someone else, and have to fathers to parent your child?

If you are brave enough, seek a marriage counsellor. They have this seminar about pre-cana. Maganda na rin yan, para ma-address yung feelings nyo. Unresolved issues, will just be carried over to the marriage and it's harder to get out of one, and more painful on the parties. Mas maganda na yan, para there is a third person helping you filter through your feelings and the facts, based on faith. I recommend the counsellors at Ateneo Loyola and Don Bosco Makati, they're good under Center for Family Ministries.

Before you embark on something so final, please seek professional help. Love can only stretch so far.  Marriage is not just about feelings, it is a commitment and decision, but it should also be mutually strong.

School Hunting / Re: Summer Classes/Workshops in Cavite 2013
« on: March 12, 2013, 02:46:38 pm »
Perpetual-Molino: They have summer classes, but at this point, have no schedules nor fees yet, as they have not yet ended their schoolyear. Try to call them at the end of the March. Last year when we had our summer swimming class, the rate was about P3500/10 sessions at 2 hours each. There were other classes like guitar etc., which was cheaper at P1500/10 sessions. Roughly the classes were from P1500-3500.

Statesfield:  There was a site that I saw at the internet that said they hold their ballet classes at Statesfield. I just don't know if they still do, and if it will be open to non-SSI students. Please contact them at this number: 09195295478. The link is here:

Divine Light Academy: Apart from the academic classes that I posted, I have yet to see if there are non-academic summer activities whose tarp hung on the walls of the school.

RFC-Molino:  I know there are taekwondo classes at the top floor of RFC, which are open not only on summer. Please visit if interested.

School Hunting / Re: Summer Classes/Workshops in Cavite 2013
« on: March 12, 2013, 02:14:54 pm »
Thanks for the links mommy! It's really great that you were able to list down all the 'popular' summer programs. In as much as we would like to join these, it's just too far from where we are and the question on who will bring our kids there is a problem.

OT: My mom has dissuaded me from having my son enrol in advanced math classes, considering that he is just 5yo. Baka daw 'makurta' yung utak ng anak ko. Let him be a kid daw and enjoy summer. I might just have him attend enriching classes, like arts or sports to be a different experience from school. :)

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