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« on: July 07, 2009, 09:49:09 pm »
ako rin. thanks to them, we could never have survived our marriage kung di dahil sa kanila. lalo na ngayong may kids na kami.

pero at first, we were not that ok. actually it depends on a person's meaning of OK. kasi the word OK is relative. pero para sakin OK means, nagchichikahan and all.pero nung mga panahong yon i assured my husband that "hindi man kami chika, pero for sure hindi ko sila babastusin.andun yung respeto ko."

pero habang nagtatagal i proved to them that i am worth their love also.ngayon we call each other from time to mas madalas pa kaming nagkakausap kesa sila ng husband ko.hehe

God bless us all!

thank God for loving in laws

Labor and Child Birth / Re: When and where kayo manganganak?
« on: August 01, 2008, 07:55:46 am »
hi preggy mommies! i will be giving birth on the last week of january. latest na yung first week of february. ang ob ko sa ust, so i will give birth din doon. i also gave birth sa ust nung 1st baby ko. this is my 2nd.
God bless us all!

The Balancing Act: Career and Family / Re: any tips on managing time?
« on: July 10, 2008, 09:11:13 am »
thanks youngmom.good thing tayong mga girls e kayang mag multitask.

The Balancing Act: Career and Family / All About Being a SAHM/WAHM
« on: July 09, 2008, 09:19:20 pm »
Basahin sa Smart Parenting:
Sinukuan Ko Na Ang Traffic, Dito Na Lang Ako Sa Bahay
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i am a stay at home mom.for 16mos i have been with a maid who does all the chores and i taking care of my 16months old son.just recently my maid for 5months left for the province.she did not come back.we are now staying with my inlaws so that i can have help in looking after my son.but then my mom in law said that we should try living on our own.meaning having no maid at all.she told me that i can learn to balance my time in taking care of my son, my husband, and our house.i am a bit scared of the situation because i havent tried it before but i am willing to face the challenge.
can you give me some tips on how i can manage well my time.i maybe 2 months on the way also.please give me pieces of advice on how i can take care of my preggy self while taking care of my super likot son.thanks!

Naka-relate ka ba? Mag post ng katanungan o payo dito
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hi.yung maid ko for 5months umuwi ng province.she promised to come back pero nung day na dapat e lumuwas na siya,hindi siya dumating.after 5days of waiting,sinabi sa amin nung nagrefer sa kanya na hindi na nga raw babalik for reasons na hindi niya alam.
i really need a househelp.hindi ko naman kelangan ng yaya kasi i am a stay at home mom.kelangan ko lang yung gagawa ng house chores kasi hindi ko kayang pagsabayin ang maging homemaker at nanny to my son.
may alam ba kayong agency na makukuhanan ng ok na maid?

Breastfeeding / Re: Breastfeeding/nursing room in malls
« on: May 21, 2008, 08:06:26 pm »
hi sunmom.before gumagamit din ako ng feeding bib which i bought from SM.owen yata yung brand.ok siya coz mesh yung top so makikita mo si baby habang feed siya.good thing pa nung time na binili ko siya may promo sila na may kasamang feeding pillow.kaso i was not able to use it for a long time kasi ang baby ko pag nacover ng feeding bib, feeling niya naglalaro kami ng tinatanggal lang niya.

Breastfeeding / Re: Breastfeeding/nursing room in malls
« on: May 21, 2008, 10:46:22 am »
thanks mommy jazz.please inform me of other organizations when you get to know one.God bless!

Breastfeeding / Re: Breastfeeding/nursing room in malls
« on: May 20, 2008, 10:26:32 pm »
is there any organization for breastfeeding moms? thanks.

Breastfeeding / Re: Breastfeeding/nursing room in malls
« on: May 20, 2008, 10:23:26 pm »
hi! i am a newbie and i am glad that i took a friend's suggestion to join the forum.
i've already browsed through some topics and i think i would be having a nice time reading them.
but what really caught my attention is the topic on breastfeeding in malls.
i am a first time mom and i've opted on breastfeeding my son. i resigned from work. i am a preschool teacher. tho i am planning to go back to work after 3 or 4 years. i just want to spend as much time with my son while i still can.
whenever i go to the mall, the first thing that i would look for is a breatfeeding station. if the mall doesn't have any, unfortunately, i use their bathrooms to breastfeed (inside one of the cubicles) or the disabled area, if it isnt occupied. but like what others have been experiencing, i have to stop my baby from feeding because of the people waiting outside.
im glad that some malls have breastfeeding areas now. here in SM san lazaro, their breastfeeding area is clean and well lit. i have used the breatfeeding station in MOA for several times. not very suitable for breastfeeding. broken blinds, dirty sink, overflowing trashbin, located near an atm station (where people look at you while waiting in line). yes, i agree with one of the members that it was just placed there without having thought much about it.
im glad rustan's provided a breastfeeding station. i wish more malls would provide one. because like what my mom in law said, breastfeeding now is the IN THING. before when you learn that one is breastfeeding, you would say that it is because of economic reasons. "poor ka" when you are breastfeeding. but now it is different. moms breastfeed because it is the BEST for their babies.

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