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The Balancing Act: Career and Family / Re: All About Being a SAHM/WAHM
« on: March 01, 2015, 10:56:26 pm »
Hello, mommies!

I would like to ask the WAHMs out there for a fraction of their time to participate in my survey. This is for my thesis paper entitled, "Telecommuting: Job Opportunities for Stay-at-home Mothers in the Philippines".

I, too, was a SAHM before. I had my daughter when I was young and I had to take a break from college to take care of her. When she turned 3 I went back to finish my degree and fast forward 2 years later, I'm finally graduating. :) As a SAHM, I used to read blogs of moms who worked from home. I admired them for their passion and ability to juggle everything yet still hold it together. A part of me wanted to be like them– strong, successful, yet still a hands-on mom; while the other part of me was scared and clueless. Hence, my thesis was born.

Kindly head over to this link to answer the Telecommuting Survey:

I would really appreciate your responses!  :D

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