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Preschooler Age / Re: bullying, how to deal with it?
« on: December 17, 2012, 05:13:38 pm »
thank you for taking the time to research on  this.
I Have a hard copy of this with me during 2  meetings
that we had in the school. First one was with a "School
Consultant" who I Assume is part of the Admin,which blatantly
admitted he was not aware of the Policy.2nd time wap with
the Principal,Discipline Prefect and head teachers who totally
disregarded the document. Did not even take a look. Btw,there
is no Organizational Chart in any part,area or handout of the
school. Therefore it was very confusing and quite absurd to actually
recognize who is responsible for what...of all the documents that
they have provided,no protocols/policies are stated on how to report,
manage and handle incident/bullying cases. I Dont think they even have
a Guidance Counselor. I Have already wrote a letter along with documentations
and a statement from my son to Deped. Hopefully,resolution will be prompt
and raise awareness of the Child Protection Policy..

To Whom it may concern:

        My 6th grader son has been bullied in school...his short pants has been pulled down in public twice by a girl classmatmd. He was so humiliated to go to school and was absent for 9days... I wanted to seek advice on how to go about this. Supposedly DepEd has child protection policy but they clearly stated that they are not aware.. dialogue has been done in school,sanction they offered was a day of suspension only! This saddened and angered us more so. We appealed their resolution.
             Eto sana demands namin:written and verbal apology from the grls involved, promisory notes na di iprovoke my son in any way.That the grl who pulled down his shorts ilipat ng section then if may magawa na another offense to anyone,she will be excluded/delisted na. This is also the suggestion of the principal. For the girls in conspiracy must be sanctioned with a warning and suspended on the next violation nila. Want dn namin masuspend yung grl at least 3 days dahl if mgrefer sa list nila e 3 violations nagawa niya.Then dapat mgstay away from my son at all times.2 sections only with 15students each per level. wdm Wanted  a written documentation from the school of all sanctions given as proof. But as of now we are still prompting ang waiting for it. Imagine,ang konti na nga ng students,may cctv pa in classsooms and this still happened... Trust them is what they tell us. Just to have proper reassurance especially for our son that's why we came up with our demands/conditions.And it would be better to have everything in black and white. Sadly,all of our conditions/demands were DENIED. According to the letter from M. I.i-Administrator and W. I.-President,who are the owners as well that their statements are final and they will not entertain any more queries regardng the matter...i almost had a breakdown. What should be my next best move? Incident happened last Nov.21  and the supposedly "FINAL LETTER" was given last Dec.6...I Will appreciate any advice,pls. I Am almost breaking down emotionally...

Wellness / Re: Anybody who can refer a manghihilot,pasig area pls?
« on: December 08, 2012, 01:22:49 pm »
Ako sana pahilot sis..baka pwede ko makuha
contact details?

Wellness / Re: Anybody who can refer a manghihilot,pasig area pls?
« on: December 07, 2012, 01:12:48 pm »
@sis macon

parkwood sis,ok ba sya and how much rate niya?

Wellness / Anybody who can refer a manghihilot,pasig area pls?
« on: November 21, 2012, 04:31:05 pm »
hopefully may marecommend kayo!


Travel / Re: Misibis Bay, Albay-Think twice!!!!
« on: November 13, 2012, 09:00:18 pm »

thanks for the kind words sis! To emphasize on your point,
i relay this story not to ruin the resort but to be able to advise
beforehand mga future guests nila. Especially sa mga moms and wives
dahil tayo talaga usually nagpplan at nagbbudget ng mga vacations
diba? Nagpost na din ako review on other forums and other platforms
na malawak ang exposure. Sa TripAdvisor hindi lang ako ang may mga
negative reviews! Tsk tsk...just hope this helps kahit in setting
expectations lang.
Sis,may I suggest Peacock Garden in Bohol? What you see on the website
is what you'll get and even more! Yun talaga sulit n sulit every centavo.:)

Travel / Misibis Bay, Albay-Think twice!!!!
« on: November 13, 2012, 04:40:40 pm »
Hi mga sis!

Share ko lang ang opinion ko based on experience regarding this "small luxury hotel"...

To start it off,our toilet stinks. It has this funky smell that doesnt disappear. This was distinct even when we just checked in. Add to that,the pool was swarmed with frogs throughout the night,making it unhygienic and unswimmable. The double lock on the door is broken and so is the safe. Our room does not live up to the standard that this is supposedly a "luxury resort hotel". Our request to be transferred was denied due to Garden View rooms are full. We are just so disappointed and sad...this was an Anniversary/Birthday celebration for our family and we did not expect this.

Most Restaurant staff are inattentive. We have suffered yesterday's lunch and this morning's buffet. Food took so long yesterday! We already arrived late and were very hungry. This morning,we had to ALWAYS ask for water and coffee while others didnt have to! Waiter even informed us that since we are 2 adults and 2 kids having breakfast today,we have to pay for tomorrow's breakfast! I Dont think that's fair.  I Know my 5yr old is free and my 11yr old is half price so why would they tell me that??

Smoking being allowed near the bar on the pool-such a sad,sad and bothersome situation. We have kids and non-smokers. We dont expect to bear second-hand smoke while on vacation! We love the infinity pool but rowdy and smoking guests have ruined it for us. I Know that I really dont have to lecture regarding the health hazards of smoking especially SECOND-HAND SMOKE.

Sadly, I Have to add that our request for fresh towels came after an hour and 4 follow-up calls! Hot water was a dismal amenity! It was either so hot or too cold...we have never encountered these kinds of concern with resorts of supposedly lower calibre and cost.

So disappointing that with all the expenses we could have gone to Puerto Princesa, Coron or Boracay instead! I never imagined that this could happen but it did. So just to be safe:  LOWER YOUR EXPECTATIONS AND PREPARE TO SPEND A LOT.

3 days 2 nights kami dun and nung 1st day pa lang e nagrequest na kami for another room kaso nga fully booked daw. so no choice talaga. The following day I emailed na their Manila Office and nagrerespond naman agad. Tumawag ang Assoc Front Desk Manager kaso we were snorkeling pa nun, hindi naman tumawag ulit. The Last day, morning pa lang I had to set up an appointment pa just to talk to the so-called Manager. Wghen she called eh sinabi na lang din ng husband ko na useless naman na din magreklamo dahil the almost the whole time naman e alam na niya mga concerns namin. Kung may gagawin sya e di sana nagawa na. Paalis na kami ng resort ano pa magagawa diba? Upon check-out ayn apologetic naman at nagbigay ng 20% discount sa food na naconsume namin. 1000php worth. Hay, ewan ko mga sis pero hinayang na hinayang ako sa stay namin dito!
Add mo pa yung fact na nagtravel pa kami by bus ng almost 12 hours just to get to the place! Transpo by bus pa was an additional 6400php pa nga! With all that we've spent just to spend 3 days at Misibis Bay, we could have gone somewhere better, cheaper and well-worth it!

Sorry sa ranting pero hindi ko talaga kaya i-charge lang to experience and not share this with anyone. We all have our own opinions...sana lang di nyo maexperience ang nangyari samin dito. Pero kayo, if you have the money to burn why not diba? Very disappointing lang na pinagipunan at pinaghandaan ng family namin ang dream vacation na ito. Who would'nt dream about going there, just take a look at the website diba?

Thanks for letting me share and good luck sa future guests na lang...

Pregnancy Health and Nutrition / Re: Effective ba ang binder esp sa CS?
« on: November 13, 2012, 04:06:03 pm »

Ako din binder talaga ginamit ko on the first day na tumatayo ako...CS din ako, twice :)
Big babies kasi...nakakatulong sya in a way na psychologically nababawasan ang fear ko na baka bumuka tahi ko! Yung feeling na nagsneeze o naubo o samid ka e nakahawak ka agad sa tahi mo. Ayun medyo dagdag feeling of security. Mas nakakagalaw ako at napadali recovery ko. Add to that, I wear it hanggang 6 months after along with dieting para bumalik ulit sa dati tummy ko...So far, I think nakatulong talaga. Napakalaki ko pag pregnant pero I'm happy to say na hindi naman nalalayo sa dalaga ang katawan ko now :)

School Hunting / Re: Preschool in Pasig
« on: May 21, 2012, 03:34:55 pm »
Good day!

Great news coz we've already enrolled our 5yr old daughter-Prep and 11yr old son-6th grade at Inocencio Monteptqsori. I Am very impressed that they have CCTV everywhere including classrooms.  Security is of utmost importance for us. Here's hoping to a fruitful year ahead!
Thank you fellow moms for the feedback that really helped in our decision :)

@Sis emz :D c

i totally agree with you sis. But to be better off let's just
smile graciously,hold our heads up high and be happy.
Whether they admit it or not,there is a tinge of jealousy behind
their criticisms and judgment. Most of the time,they wouldn't really
know how it is coz they've never experienced what and how we go
through this path of life that we SAHM/WAHMs chose..

Travel / Re: Affordable batangas resort in laiya?
« on: March 09, 2012, 11:33:50 am »
Hi sis!
You can try Kabayan Beach Resort...Its one of the least expensive pero amenities and facilities are good naman :)

Members' Kumustahan board / Re: SP summer vacation/lamyerda
« on: March 05, 2012, 07:36:54 pm »
Carry na kahit ano na date manalo  :)

I Highly recommend the binder sissies...
I Used to only remove it for bath time and 'love time'
ONLY.Less than a month halos wala na :)
Mahirap and uncomfy but effective!

Your Kid's Health and Safety / Re: All about Heraclene (dibencozide)
« on: December 13, 2011, 01:25:26 pm »
HI FEllow mommies!

Share ko lang my experience with was prescribed for my son when he was
3mos.old. It wasnt for him to gain weight/increase his appetite,it was to get him to sleep
straight thru the night.  My son was very healthy and chubby kasi very matakaw. Kaya di
ko din masabi if effective sya in that sense..true naman na umayos pagsleep niya at night.
Kaya sa 2nd baby ko,ganun din ginawa ko...i guess hiyangan lang din sa mga babies..

Family Fun / Re: Re: Mommy Bonding Moments
« on: December 06, 2011, 08:24:12 pm »
I bond with my 5 yr old daughter by going out on "dates"...It would be usually a movie, trip to the Bookstore and Shopping! :)

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