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Kids With Special Needs / Re: autism spectrum disorder
« on: August 13, 2015, 12:14:47 pm »
Here's an invitation from the Dev Ped doctors of PGH

"We are inviting all family members, loved ones and interested health care professionals and teachers of our youth with developmental disabilities (YDD) in the second talk of the UP-PGH Dept of Pediatrics Transition Clinic with the theme: "FAMILY MATTERS: Caring for YDDs and their Families" this coming August 27, Thursday (8am-3pm) at the PGH Dining Hall Function Room. Please contact me (details in the poster) for slot reservations as slots are LIMITED.  See you there!"

Link for the poster -

you may send a message to ASP National at about your query.

They have a Directory of Resources / List of Therapy Centers you might want to check.


Kids With Special Needs / Re: autism spectrum disorder
« on: November 18, 2014, 07:27:59 am »
Sharing upcoming events of Autism Society Philippines

Family Support Group Meeting
November 22, 2014, Saturday, 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
ASP National Office, Room 307 ML Building No. 47 Kamias Road, Quezon City

Facilitator: Perlita So, ASP Board of Trustee

To sign up, call ASP National at 926-6941 or 929-8447. Only 15 seats available.


[Seminar on Behavior Modification
November 29, 2014, Saturday, 8:30AM - 5:00PM
Pasay SPED Center
Galvez Ave. cor. P. Villanueva St., Pasay City

Speaker : Ms. Ana "Lian" del Valle
Autism Resource Center
Autism Society Philippines Laguna chapter

Training for Early Steps volunteers and limited slots to be opened for additional participants

Seminar Fees
ASP Member - P400.00
Non - Member - P500.00

Seminar Fee is inclusive of certificate, handouts, snacks and lunch.

Text Jeng Rodriguez, Secretary ASP UP CAMP Manila for details - 0923-4080825 / 0922-8969612


Seminar on Sensory Integration in Autism
November 29 2014, Saturday, 9:30AM - 12:00PM

Quality Life Discoveries, Inc. #70 20th Avenue Brgy. San Roque, Project 4, Quezon City

Speaker: Rowena Sison Sigler

Seminar Fees

Pre-reg. until November 25
ASP Member - P400.00
Non - Member - P500.00

On-Site Registration
ASP Member - P600.00
Non - Member - P700.00

Seminar Fee is inclusive of certificate, handouts and snacks. Contact ASP National to register…/november-29-satur…

International PWD Day celebration

Seminar on "Understanding Persons with Disability: Journey with Autism"

Seminar Details

Date: December 6, 2014, Saturday
Time: 8:00AM - 5:00PM
Venue: St. Jude College-Manila Auditorium GYM, Dimasalang cor. Don Quijote Sts., Sampaloc, Manila

AM Session: Understanding Autism: A Family's Journey and a Society's Advocacy
Speaker: Erlinda “Dang” Uy Koe

PM Session: Care and Intervention Across the Autism Spectrum
Speaker: Evert L. Malapad, MA Educ SPED

Seminar fee:

Pre-reg. until December 1

Students : P350.00 (please bring school ID)
ASP Members : P400.00 (please bring ASP ID)
Non ASP Members / Professionals : P500.00

Seminar Fee is inclusive of certificate and handouts will be sent via email.

On-site registrants will be accepted depending on the availability of seats.

Please text Jeng Rodriguez, Secretary of Autism Society Philippines UP CAMP Manila chapter to register at 0922-8969612 / 0923-4080825 or Jan Peña, ASP Board of Trustee at 0920-8247636 / 0915-9857828.

January 2015

National Autism Consciousness Week celebration

Thanks! Hope to see you in our events

Kids With Special Needs / Re: autism spectrum disorder
« on: January 16, 2014, 06:15:05 am »
You are all invited to join us for the

National Autism Consciousness Week
January 19-25, 2014 in Metro Manila.

19 JAN 2014, SUN | 0700H Angels Walk for Autism (MOA Arena, Pasay City)   free ENTRANCE

06:30H Arena gates opened (expect long lines, especially if you have not received your ticket yet)
07:30H Showcase of Performers with Autism
08:45H AutiZm (Zumba for Autism)
09:00H Opening Program
09:30H Start of Walk
11:00H Closing Program
20 JAN 2014, MON | 1400H PWA Art Exhibit Launch (House of Representatives, QC)

21 JAN 2014, TUE | 1300H Orientation on Educational Assessment for Individuals with Autism (UL Complex, Pasig City)

23 JAN 2014, THU | MERALCO Volts PWA Basketball Clinic - tentative (MERALCO Compound, Pasig City)

24 JAN 2014, FRI | 1000H Family Support Group with Karen Davila (Bridges Foundation, Quezon City)

25 JAN 2014, SAT | 1030H CAUSEPLAY and Closing Ceremonies (SM Bacoor)

Celebrate Autism Society Philippines' 25th year!  Let's make history!  Join the biggest ever Angels Walk for Autism!  Visit our Facebook Event page for details. (For more information / details, please see the FB page of Autism Society Philippines -

Angels Walk for Autism 2014, is the kick-off event for the 18th National Autism Consciousness Week.  The event attracts thousands not only from Metro Manila, but from all over the country through simultaneous walks organized by some of ASP’s provincial chapters.


Kids With Special Needs / Re: autism spectrum disorder
« on: September 27, 2012, 04:30:45 am »
For parents here with children with autism (CWA), may I ask for your help in answering the following surveys?  I'm from Autism Society Philippines (ASP) UP CAMP Manila chapter.

We have continuously been tapped by student groups for their survey / research studies on autism. Though our parent respondents don't receive any payment for answering such questionnaires, we are able to increase autism awareness in our area through these students. We are trying to tap on every field and profession so we can have more people know about our condition and understand our family and kids' plight. Rest assured that these researchers / students will keep your personal information confidential. But final results of the study will be shared to the group so we can also be updated of the outcome of their paper. We have an agreement that they will be giving us a copy of their final paper to add to the ASP collection / library. Hoping for your support on these projects. Please see the links of the surveys below. Thank you very much!

1.  Ms. Jas Cañete is our student member,  a senior Industrial Design student from the University of Santo Tomas. The study aims to develop a home-care system / kit for children with autism. We would like to ask for your help in answering her study. Click on the link to answer the short survey. Thank you very much! 

Respondents must be parents / guardians of children with autism residing anywhere in the Philippines.  Or if you are presently out of the country, still was able to reside in the Philippines a few years back.  TY!

2.  Here's another study by one of our student members - Jonah Mikka B. Dorado, a 4th Year BA Behavioral Sciences major from the University of the Philippines Manila.

She's working on a study about the quality of life of mothers of children with autism and their relationship to their children. Specifically, this study aims to identify the feelings of the mothers toward themselves and toward their relationship with their children. By having a deeper understanding on what they are going through, this study hopes to aid in the development of the institutions and their programs regarding the mothers of children with autism.

In this regard, we would like to ask for the participation of the mothers of CWAs in this study. The mothers can be of any age but their child with autism should be 17 years old and below. They must be residing within Metro Manila.

Please click on this link to answer the survey. Thank you for your support!

3.  Another study is from the students of UST Bachelor in Elementary Education Major in Special Education. They are conducting a research entitled EXPERIENCES OF FATHERS AS A PARTNER IN GIVING CARE TO A CHILD WITH AUTISM. It is about determining the attitudes, experiences and perspective of fathers with their child with autism.

We are in need of respondents - Fathers of children with autism residing in Manila and Quezon City. They gave us a soft copy of the survey.  If interested to join, kindly email us asap at so we can send you the file. Hope the fathers here with kids with autism can participate in the study and for the mothers, hope you can encourage your husbands to answer the questionnaire. (I'm asking the students to also make a google doc for their survey questions so it'll be easier to answer.  TY!)

Hoping for your support.  Thank you very much!

Kids With Special Needs / Re: autism spectrum disorder
« on: August 25, 2011, 10:32:44 am »!/event.php?eid=167056973368360

Temple Grandin's Biopic airs on September 2, 2011 (Friday) 10pm on HBO Asia and HBO HD on Channel 54 on Sky Cable and Channel 39 on Destiny Cable. Call your local cable operator for more information.

A comment from one of my co-parents:
"THIS IS A MUST SEE MOVIE not only for families with members affected by the Autism Spectrum Disorder but for neurotypicals as well. This will give everyone a glimpse of the world of people with ASD. This film shows how they think and how great their minds work where the neurotypicals could not see nor imagine how and why things happen and how people/animals react in certain ways."

Kids With Special Needs / Re: Global Developmental Delay
« on: June 09, 2011, 02:26:56 pm »
Hi everyone!

May I ask for your help? Dra. Edna Gonzaga of PGH is conducting a study about Gastro Intestinal Issues on ASD Kids. Hope we can ask for respondents from this forum. Kindly PM me your email address if interested to participate in this study so I can email you back the survey form. Hope to get responses from parents of kids diagnosed with ASD, GDD, PDD-NOS or Aspergers, 3-18 years old.

You may also email me at

Hoping for your favorable response. Thanks!

Jeng Rodriguez
Secretary, Autism Society Phils
UP CAMP Manila chapter

Kids With Special Needs / Re: autism spectrum disorder
« on: June 09, 2011, 02:17:15 pm »
Hi everyone!

May I ask for your help? Dra. Edna Gonzaga of PGH is conducting a study about Gastro Intestinal Issues on ASD Kids. Hope we can ask for respondents from this forum. Kindly PM me your email address if interested to participate in this study so I can email you back the survey form. Hope to get responses from parents of kids diagnosed with ASD, GDD, PDD-NOS or Aspergers, 3-18 years old.

You may also email me at

Hoping for your favorable response. Thanks!

Kids With Special Needs / Re: autism spectrum disorder
« on: June 06, 2011, 03:29:10 am »

Video on Mercury in vaccines

I remembered before, I was able to organize a surprise birthday party for my husband by asking help from our common friends. In less than a week of preparation and no personal meetings with those friends before the big day, just through texting, we were able to put together a birthday party that I hope my husband would not forget. Potluck of food and decorations from each of our friends made the party complete and successful.   

I thought of organizing that birthday party for Romeo (my husband) before, for the simple reason of making him experience how it is to be given a surprise party.  Because he said he was never able to experience one yet.

Now I wonder if I can do the same for the birthday of my son? But now the reason behind is different.  My son, Romeo Angelo Rodriguez or Rolo, will turn 8 years old on May 23, 2011, Monday.  Now having a special son (Rolo has Autism), we were able to experience how hard it is, not to mention how expensive it is, to bring up a child with autism (CWA).  And now that I am an officer in our support group (Autism Society Philippines, UP CAMP Manila chapter), I am able to take a look at the lives of other families also trying to go through the autism journey.  I am able to meet different people from all walks of life, with relatives or not in the autism spectrum but have the heart for these special kids.

If only I can connect them all together to bring joy to more CWAs.  May I ask for help from you friends?

Teaching a child in the autism spectrum requires different therapies-occupational and speech therapies.  And toys and other materials are used in teaching them.  May I knock on your generous hearts?  If you have toys, not being used already by your kids or siblings, extra art materials or school supplies, clothes or shoes for kids, my son would be very happy to accept them as your gifts for him on his birthday. This is not only for my son’s use but more so for other children in the spectrum. 

Right now, in our ASP chapter here in Manila, we are doing Parent Education activities and Home Visits to indigent members. And seeing how hard it is for them to sustain their livelihood, we can’t expect them to buy toys first for their kids when even money to buy food is an everyday problem.  Through your gifts, we can help these families, for toys and other items we will be receiving from you will be used in our sessions with them.  We would like to teach them managing their child’s problem behaviors through play and regular sessions with their kids.

We also are dreaming of having a play center especially for kids with autism here in Manila, for we have already talked to people willing to volunteer but while there is no place available yet, at least we can already start collecting materials / equipments we shall need.  Early intervention is the key for these children’s development so we can’t just wait.  We need to use what resources are available and maximize their use.

Below are just some of the things we need:
Toys – shape sorter, balls of different sizes and colors, puzzles, flashcards, cars, kitchen utensils, tools sets, bubbles, spray bottles

Books especially those with lots of pictures

School supplies / Art materials – crayons, pencils (both big and small), scissors, paper, notebooks, clay, sand paper, water color, brushes, etc.

Mats, Puzzle Mats, Cushions, Pillows, Linoleum

Beads, marbles, sand or pebbles

Clothespin, popsicle sticks with different colors

Board games, dominoes

Pocket charts

Musical instruments (toy piano, flute, tambourine, maracas, etc.)

Lotion or oils for their massage therapy everyday

Massagers, stress balls, fidget toys

Clothes / Shoes- ages 4 years and up, for boys or girls

Blankets / towels of different textures

Any other toy or materials you think will be helpful for Play therapy

Can we dream further?  You might have extra of these too:
Educational CDs


Vestibular balls – the Big Inflatable ball in the gyms


Swing, even the cloth one


Balance beams

Cabinets, boxes, orocan shelves to store toys

Chairs and tables

CD players

Used computers

Or you know somebody from Manila who’s willing to let us use an extra space to put up our play center?

We also have fund raising activities like ukay ukay and zero basura projects, so you may also donate clothes, bags, plastic bottles, cans we can sell for additional fund for our chapter.  You can donate practically anything and we'll make sure we use it wisely for the sake of the children we are helping.

PM me (facebook - or email address – if you have donations so we can meet with you.  You may also text me at 0922-8969612.

Even if my son’s birthday is already on the 23rd, we can continue to accept your donations until May 31 (or maybe even after). My son doesn’t have to have a party because he is already happy when we give him his favorite fried chicken meal but I would like to make his birthday a chance for us to help other people, children like him who needs all the special care and attention we could give. And in doing so, we make more people happy instead.  We can also give some of the equipments to PGH Ward 7 where our kids are having their Occupational Therapy sessions.  But mostly the donations will be for each individual kid we are helping now in our group for use at their own homes. Or if ever in the Play center we are dreaming of.

Search for Rolo in facebook – Romeo Angelo Rodriguez

Don’t hesitate to pass on this message to others for us to reach more people. Thanks in advance for all those who are willing to help us in this project. Your simple contributions will be a big help in the lives of our children. You are our angels!  God bless you!

Jeng Rodriguez
Rolo’s mother

PS.  If you know any other family in Manila having a kid with autism and also need our help, don’t hesitate to contact and refer them to us too.  Thanks!

Kids With Special Needs / Re: autism spectrum disorder
« on: May 03, 2011, 02:36:57 am »
For parents with kids diagnosed with Autism and are living in Manila, the Autism Society Philippines UP CAMP Manila chapter will have their Family Support Group (FSG) meeting on May 6, 2011, Friday at UP CTS A.A. Section Room, Padre Faura, Taft Avenue, Manila,  1-4 p.m.  You may contact me at 0922-8969612 for questions or confirmation.  The FSG meeting is limited to 10-15 parents only so confirm your attendance asap. It's free and it's open for both ASP and non ASP members. Thanks!

Kids With Special Needs / Re: autism spectrum disorder
« on: January 15, 2011, 05:35:59 am »
Just want to invite everyone for the....

15th National Autism Consciousness Week Celebration
January 16-23, 2011
Theme: “AUTISMO PAGHANDAAN: Maagap na Deteksyon at Interbensyon Isakatuparan”


16 Jan-Sun 6AM
ANGELS WALK for Autism
Music Hall, SM MOA

17 Jan-Mon
8AM NAPOCOR Autism Talk
NAPOCOR, Quezon City

8AM On the Spot Painting Contest
Social Hall DENR Office, Visayas Avenue, QC

1PM Sem. on Early Detection of Autism
Day Care Center
Proj. 6 QC

18 Jan-Tues
6:30AM CBR Field Visit
Los Banos, Laguna and Carmona, Cavite

19 Jan-Wed
10AM - Dialogue with DSWD-NCR and NVRC
NVRC Proj 4 QC

1PM - Sem on Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), Multi Sensory Environment
and Aqua Therapy/Watsu
Quality Life Discoveries, 20th Ave., Project 4, QC

20 Jan-Thurs
9AM - Quiz A
Conference Room, House of Reps

21 Jan-Fri
9AM-12NN - Family Power Forum
Sky Dome, SM North EDSA

1:30-5PM - Roles of Professionals in the Management of Autism
Sky Dome, SM North EDSA

22 Jan-Sat
1PM - Family Support Group. Mtg
ASP Office

3PM Talent Show
SM Fairview

23 Jan-Sun
9AM - Holy Mass
Atrium, The Block SM North EDSA

10AM Family Day
Sky Dome, SM North EDSA


For details, please call Autism Society Philippines (ASP) Office at 929-8447 / 926-6941.  Email at or visit

For Manila residents, you may text me at 0922-8969612 (Secretary, ASP UP CAMP Manila chapter) for any inquiries. 

For parents of newly diagnosed kids with autism, don't lose hope.  You are not alone on this autism journey.  Early intervention is important for our kids so start it now.  Contact us and we will guide and support you on the steps to take. God bless us all.  Thanks!

Getting Pregnant / Re: OB GYNE horror stories
« on: November 07, 2010, 11:58:07 pm »

bakit need ka pa gupitan? niraspa din ako 2004 pero alam ko may ininject lang sa akin na pang dilate ng pwerta ko. inantay lang na mag effect and nung tama na yung laki, saka ako ininjectan naman ng pampatulog para magawa na pag raspa.  Sa tagal nga lang antayin yung pag buka, ang tagal ko din nakahiga lang sa OR, sakit sa likod.  And gagamitan ka din nung speculum

Kids With Special Needs / Re: autism spectrum disorder
« on: October 12, 2010, 10:04:10 pm »
@iristacey, I agree ang bilis ng development ng pamangkin mo, for 3 months dami niya ng improvements.  malaking tulong talaga if the family continues the lessons being taught in the therapy center at home.  Consistency is a must para mas madaling matandaan ng bata yung tinuturo.

GDD is still under the autism spectrum kaya baka it's better you don't concentrate on the labelling or what the doctor calls the disorder of your nephew but be concerned more on how to continue with the kid's therapies. 

How much milk does your nephew consume in a day?  If you can't totally stop giving him milk, at least try to lessen it.  I have observed that my son was able to take other foods when I stopped his milk.  Parang addicted kasi sya dati sa milk kaya ayaw niya ng ibang pagkain.  Kaya nung inalis ko, nagtanggap (or napilitan?) syang kumain ng ibang food.

Try to attend seminars on taking care of ASD kids or orientations of other interventions available.  Makakuha kayo ng iba pang tips on how to manage the kids, kahit kayo lang. Iba iba sila ng behaviours kaya kayo ang makakapagsabi ng effective style on managing them.

Sa mga parents here, please join Autism Society Philippines (ASP).  Let's help each other.  Let's be advocates of Autism Awareness in our country.  It's also important to have a support group when you have a kid on the spectrum.  And mas maraming parents in a group, mas marami po tayong magagawa para mahingi sa gobyerno natin tulong na kailangan ng mga anak natin.

PM me anytime for questions in joining.  I'm from Manila chapter, but we also have other chapters all over the Philippines (46 chapters).

Hope it's ok that I post upcoming ASP events here para you can attend.  Thanks!

Pamahiin / Re: San nyo pinaglihi babies nyo?
« on: August 29, 2010, 12:12:09 am »
Wow dami ng nagreply sa thread na ginawa ko.  Ang sarap mag share ng mga nakakatuwang nangyayari pag buntis no?

Sa mga naglilihi sa mga asawa nila or kahit sa ibang tao, usually kasi magkakasakit yung tao na yun e, para daw maalis na yung effect sa kanila, need nyo daw paliguan asawa nyo.  Need na
buhusan nyo ng tubig mula ulo hanggang paa, as in dapat mula sa 1st na buhos.  Nangyari kasi yun sa isang barkada ko.  Napaglihihan niya asawa niya, yung guy tuloy ang lagi inaantok kung di man talagang walang energy para mag trabaho and hanap ng hanap ng kung ano anong food.  After niya paliguan asawa niya, nawala na lahat yun.  =)

Congrats sa mga hindi masyado naging maselan ang paglilihi.  Sa mga nahirapan naman sa kanilang cravings, ok lang yun, it's part of your experience of having your baby.

Keep on posting.     =)

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