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Hello Mommies!

Camping site that you may want to visit, mag eenjoy mga kids!

Happy camping!!!

Travel / Re: boracay activities
« on: June 05, 2017, 07:18:15 am »

Hello mga sis! Share ko lang ang recent travel namin ng family, with my kids (5 and 12). Remember always mommies not to over pack things. hindi naman masyado malyo ang price if you want to buys errands. Enjoy!!!

To those living in the South... Please visit my newest post. A birthday celebration at the Fig Tree Southwoods.

Share ko lang mommies ang recent Coron escapade ko at mga details ng trip,,, super fun! Visit kayo sa Coron, palawan!

just came back to blogosphere after a terrible accident... =(

Just sharing...

Something worth sharing... really sad... you can click on the link at the end of my article so that you can see for yourselves what the real score is in Panatag Shaol...

Just wanting to share with you guys... what happened in Tacloban, year 1912...

Baby Development and Milestones / Re: what age nagsalita baby nyo?
« on: November 16, 2013, 06:50:05 pm »
Hi Mommies, I have posted about 2 months back and I was dead worried about my youngest who was  then 2 years old. He is now 26 months old about almost half to his 27th month and he just started to say small words like mommy, daddy, tay, nay, en (short for his kuya's name Kenn), buy pop (short for lollipop) and some more short words. To think na at his age he should be speaking in phrases na pero i don't mind as long as he is on his way to talking, its okay. Like some of you, sobra din ang panic ko which subsided just last week. Tama nga, let us not expect too much tutal dun din naman sila papunta... in time, i'm sure he will be as talkative as his big bro...  ;D

Sharing with you po, a very nice place where you can take your kids... especially this coming Christmas Vacation! =)

Hi Sis, just to add, we are on the same boat... Si hubby wala ding work eversince I gave birth sa 2nd baby namin. He used to work sa resto pero I take care of all our expenses. Pagod na talaga ako whenever I get home pero I make sure na I cook for them. Ang guys talaga hindi kasing galing natin as a homemaker kaya mother pa rin ang aasahan. Marami akong pwedeng ipintas din kay hubby pero I chose not to kasi naniniwala akong ang magiging attitude niya towards the family can be brought about by the things na itinatanim natin sa kanila. For me kasi I dont have the perfect family but we are still happy kasi buo kami. Try not to overlook yung mga simple things na ginagawa niya for the family kasi sa isang ama, mahirap din ang nasa bahay. Si hubby hindi ko force para magwork since I need someone to take care of the baby pero I make sure to thank him kasi lumaking mababait ang mga bata. Mas maganda kasi for me na ivoerlook yung mga negatives para happy ang family. Alam ko mahirap kaya don't forget to pray, it always helps lalo na in trying times like this...

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