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sis happy being mom, how was your son's Minecraft themed party? san ka nakakuha ng mga suppliers mo? TIA

Mommies may nakakaalam po ba sa inyo kung san na nakalipat yung GIFT STATION dati sa Tabora side sa dating nasunog na Divi Mall?

Hello moms, does anybody knows kung may iko pa sa savemore nagtahan? Tia.

Real Parenting / Re: Do you allow your son/daughter to use facebook?
« on: December 09, 2014, 10:22:54 am »
May fb acct ang tweener ko, his school and some teachers use fb too to make same updates or emergency announcements. Mga classmates niya rin pag may mga assignments BUT i know his password and his acct is connected to my mobile phone number so I'll know everytime he uses it. He asked me once about having his privacy on the use of his fb, i told him when his old enough to discern things he'll know/learn from using fb or the internat mismo. Before, i gave him total freedom but once I accidentally read some of his conversations with his classmates and I was in shock to learn na at this age there are things they are starting to be curious of,, (alam na mga sis kung about what ;-))? That prompted me to talk to him and remind him na there are things importantly asked from parents rather than asking his peers or using the internet to know... In time, I'll stop 'spying' ..but not now.

Sometimes when its too much too take, I just hug him tight and I cry my silent tears and pray. Try to spend more time bonding, and be vocal and showy of your love. Lessen those video games. Ako rin na-observe ko yan sa tweener ko, he's irritable and aggressive after playing so I made him stop, totally no video games.

Special Occassions / Re: Wedding Coordinators & Hosts
« on: July 10, 2014, 02:08:17 pm »
We had Marianne Chua (10K) for our wedding coordinator and Richard Agtarap as our wedding host (5K) these rates were in 2011 pa.

I believe in choosing your wedding team members (as I call them), it is necessary you are comfortable with them and that they are worthy of your trust based from their work experiences, previous clients' reviews/ comments about them. You might be tempted to work with someone based on others' feel and might be because that person or team is currently raved about in wedding scenes.

You choose someone who is willing to work WITH you and not for you. Being the first, means they understands you; what you want, want you need while the latter would only go after the fee they'll be getting from you. Besides,  you are hiring people who will act as your extended body to do all the stuffs so it'll be best to have those who will be in sync with you and not to be a cause of stress.


I gave birth in Mary Chiles Hospital, 2x already for my eldest and youngest sons. It really helps that you are with a good OB rin cyemre..mababait naman ang mga staff..the building is really old though.

Hi, I have been to both worlds (SAHM & WM) but believe me I really prefer the first.

^ mommy, san ho kayo nakabili ng racing suit and racing shirt?

moms, may masa-suggests po ba kayong videographer from cavite?

hello moms, anyone can recommend a good videographer from cavite? TIa :)

Hello mommies

I want to Divi yesterday, and really, nakakaloka ang presyo ng tarp printing dun..prices range from 200-400 for a 2x3 tarp, akin pa ang layout! pero tyagaan lang at napuntahan ko yung isang shop that charged me P150.00 (own layout ko)

I also went to 801, totoo nga ang sales attendant hindi maasikaso..hayaan ka muna, nakailang tawag muna ako bago may lumapit. Their outdoor balloons (those made from Thailand) is way cheaper than those bought from lollipop pala, di palang sure sa tibay., I'll post a feedback pagkatapos kong magamit. I noticed may items rn silang mahal compared s ibang stores sa divi..bawal rin pala mag take ng pics..kukuhanan ko sana ng pic yung shop so I can share it with you guys kaso sinaway ako :)


mommies, san po nakakabili ng outdoor balloon? sa lollipop raw cherubin brand lang meron cila eh.

Hello moms question lang po especially those previous customers ng Conching's Im from Manila and gusto sana namin itry umorder ng cake sa kanila..pwede bang magpa-quote sa kanila thru email? and, ano ba ang best seller flavor ng cake nila?

hi moms, do you happen to see plastic mini trophies sa divi? mga 3-4 inches lang laki niya?

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