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very early yung sa baby ko. she started at 10 mos, 3 weeks.  pero I noticed talaga na she's very early kasi pag dinadala ko siya sa park, yung mga mas matandang toddler eh di pa naglalakad. most of the people I know, their kids started walking at 12 months. meron tumindig pa lang ng 14 months.

Real Parenting / Re: When did your baby learn/recognized the Alphabet?
« on: January 19, 2014, 11:04:26 pm »
18 months but not perfect...

play with the hose po o sprinkler kung meron sa yard. para lang masanay sa tubig. o kaya sa batya sa yard. ayaw din po ng baby ko ng shower pero inaantay ko po na siya ang lumapit sa shower. meron din siyang bath toys... kahit ano, kahit cup, at sandok, imbudo, bote, na pwedeng punuin ng tubig. I avoid muna ang soap sa face. di naman po masyadong madumi ang face ng baby.  minsan po ay play lang muna kayo puro play lang sa tubig. ganon po ang gawa namin minsan. I dilute po ang shampoo para konting buhos lang ay mabanlawan na. I know po na mahirap pag ayaw talaga ng baby... sobrang iiyak siya. my baby kasi is afraid of the doctor naman,

Big Kids / Re: communicating with kids in english
« on: January 15, 2014, 11:17:19 pm »
In my opinion, English and tagalog are both important. We live in Canada and my baby just started talking. She's talking in English because that's what she hears everywhere. But, I talk to her in two languages. It sounds silly but, I say the English first then the tagalog translation... all the time.

Wow! I'm so happy to read about those activities. They seem to be so and fun.  Thank you  so much for helping me.

I have a 19 month old toddler and I am a stay at home mom. I'm wondering if you know some activities and indoor games that you can share to me. So I can try it with my toddler. She is already walking and talking in phrases. Thank you very much!

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Big Kids / Re: Just Sharing: From Short-Tempered to Cheerful Kid
« on: January 11, 2014, 04:07:16 am »
thank you for sharing your beautiful experience with your child. I think I will try to do this. My toddler is 19 months. Very smart but quite passionate. She is a very active kid. Sometimes she follows, sometimes she doesn't.   It is a good idea to talk to her and explain to her why than just say No.  I think she would really benefit more from that! Thanks again.

Baby Names / Re: how did you choose your baby's name?
« on: May 08, 2013, 01:57:23 am »
We wanted a Saint's name because we want our baby to have a special feast day that she can celebrate every year. also having a Saint's name, our baby can have one good role model to get to know.  We searched the internet for the alphabetical listing of baby's name and we found none that we liked. Then we thought about different saints that we like and have devotion to. So, we remember one Saint who's always been an inspiration to both of us. Me and my husband are both devotees of Mama Mary and every year we do a 33 day Consecration to Jesus Through Mary -- the author of this prayer is St. Louis Marie de Monfort! He is a saint, priest, missionary, Marian devotee and author of many Marian books from France.  So we thought about naming our baby girl to his honor since he has always brought so many blessings to me and my husband, even before we got married. With that, we named our baby girl LOUISA MARIE. Our family celebrates the feast day of St. Louis Marie de Monfort every year on April 28 for our dear child Louisa Marie..

I understand. At 6 months ang primary food niya ay milk pa din. Yung solids na binibigay natin ay para lang masanay yung taste buds niya. Yung baby ko halos lahat ayaw niya ang lasa ng food exept yung cereals nung 6 months siya. pinaka ayaw niya yung patatas. nagsuka pa nga nung pinakain namin ng patatas. pero 11 months na siya ngayon, at lahat kinakain na niya. hindi pa din kumakain ng madami ang 6 months. usually 1-2tsp lang ang bigay ng food. Better go to the doctor as soon as possible for a check up dahil baka bumaba ang timbang ni baby.

Hi my baby is 11 months and 2 weeks old. ang breakfast niya yung pinaka easy lang: baby cereals with mashed banana o kaya apple sauce (o pureed apple lang sa blender), o kaya yogurt with mashed banana or apple sauce again. Lunch and dinner, I always have a veggie (bite size pcs of boiled until soft carrots, broccoli, zuccini, green peas na mashed, any veggie na bite size at kaya niya I chew) tapos yung chicken breast pcs o kaya cheese o lentils o beans for her protein at may carbohydrates like boiled potato or sweet potato, squash.  She also eats pansit na rice noodle. I give her rice cracker din.  lugaw din is nice. pag 1 yr old na siya I ll give her spaghetti, bread, tofu, almost all foods na.

Real Parenting / Re: how to discipline a toddler (1-3yo) Bawal nang mamalo?
« on: February 23, 2013, 01:51:41 am »
I have an 8 mos old daughter and I'm wondering how I can teach her about NO--Don't touch--Danger--Dirty etc. At what age should I expect her to understand those words.   

39 yo :-)

Water is not bad but it is also NOT NEcessary because it doesnt have any nutrients in it--that's what doc said. I didnt give my baby water until 6 mos. It's our decision din coz we want to maximize the nutrients she is getting.... I read that it is ok to give water if it is too hot, she needs more hydration...but again you, can always give milk instead. 

Hello!Your doctor is right. you dont need to give water before solid foods.  My baby started solid food at 6 mos too. I never gave her water until 6 mos. Yung water, I just give it to her after the solid food. I put the water in a cute pink training cup. She likes the cup. At first she just had one sip. Ok na yun. Mas madami pa yung niluwa niya kesa sa nainom pero ok na yun.  She is 8 mos na. I just give her a few sips of water after the solid foods. Dont give honey. Specially Unpasteurized honey. They can have bacteria na di pa kayang labanan ni baby. I also dont like to put sugar kc bad naman yun sa teeth niya.

We used Phililps Avent. Ok naman. Walang problema. It is easy to clean bec it is short and it got a wider shape.I didn't use any steamer. To sterilize, our doctor adviced us to boil the bottles for 5 mins. Doc also adviced us that we can stop sterilizing once she is 3 mos old. I stopped sterilizing the bottles when she reached 4 mos. My baby is now 8.5 mos.

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