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obv. your agent is just trying to make a sale from you
during sa tripping ng friend ko dati who wants to purchase sana an rfo manor townhouse, sinamahan kami ng van with an agent from twin realty group, ang napasok namin is yung lancaster village 1, kita namin mismo yung mga houses, so ang ending hinde niya tinuloy based on what she saw

try nyo din pumasok and see the conditions of the houses, hinde paninira if totoong nangyayari and there are pics to prove how poor the conditions of the houses are. join also the lancaster group in FB so you'll learn more details.

i think those who are still living the lancaster dream just don't have a choice coz they won't let go of their hard earned money, if only the payments they've made are refundable they'd take all their money in a heartbeat, and that's what I did, it's fortunate that i got a full refund coz of a lot alteration in SS7. My younger sis is waiting for the turnover of a Diana model from kensington phase 6, hoping the contractor assigned to their phase will be better at doing their job compared to others.

some phases at lancaster estates were flooded, malaki kasi ang lancaster and madami silang phases, fact and pictures at the link below:

School Hunting / Re: pre-school in cavite
« on: November 21, 2012, 04:02:56 am »
hi mommies, we'll be living in cavite hopefully next year, ano po preschool ang progressive type na ma recommend nyo that's near Imus or Kawit?
I need sana yung tutok ang mga teachers and can understand each child's personality and knows how to handle mga difficult child through various activities, medyo mahirap kasi pakisamahan sa simula yung toddler ko, maarte sya, mahiyain and mabilis magsawa at the same time. yung traditional preschool sa village namin wala pakialam sa behavior na ganyan and doesn't know how to handle and to motivate my child, help please, 2 years ko na sya try ipasok sa village school samen, hindi parin kami nakakatapos ng 1 school year, tumitigil din sya after 3 to 6 mos. 4 y.o na sya this november, feeling ko super late na ng anak ko sa academics, huhu  :(

Hi, me ang my sister reserved a unit here last Jan. 2, i've been monitoring feedbacks regarding Lancaster Estates from Pex, madami na current homeowners dun, wala naman po sila feedback na binabaha sila particularly in Lancaster Villages na phase or the one near the clubhouse. The preselling phases are currently in construction, so one can knows if binabaha yung area.

Sino na po may experience dito na binabaha ang LE, and in what particular place po? please advise, para ma update ko rin ang forum sa PEX regarding the scenario, thanks!

Single Moms / Re: A reaction also coming from a Single Mom
« on: March 16, 2012, 04:07:07 am »
my motto: It's better to be single and wishing you weren't, than to be in a relationship and wishing you were single..

single with a child in our case. I know it's hard sometimes to be single kasi you have no one to share some emo moments with, pero i've been through a 4 year relationship with my baby daddy, and i'm glad that he's out of my life,  of course case to case basis din to, i'm happy for some couples na happy and living in harmony etc, im also hoping that someday may ma meet ako na that would make me truly happy, pero if palagi nag aaway and just staying just for the sake of their children, hinde ko yun gusto mangyari saken, i don't want to be in a toxic and helpless situation which is what I felt nung nagsasama pa kami ni baby daddy, im just glad that my mom intervened  ;D although mahirap din kasama mom ko, mas kaya ko sya ma tolerate kesa kay ex.

Single Moms / Re: discriminated for being a single mom
« on: March 04, 2012, 07:32:32 pm »
in our office which is a BPO, sa male team mates ko mismo nanggaling, na single moms are most likely to be in a FuBu relationship, i'm a single mom and one of my team mate is a single mom as well, syempre major react kami. I  just think he's really stupid and ignorant kaya hinde ko na pinatulan, pero yung ka team mate ko na single mom, talagang hinde tinantanan yung topic and she's really pissed off. I just told the group that for me single moms are more mature na pag dating sa relationship and are most likely to enter in a serious relationship only.

Hi everyone, for affordable balloon decors in Bacoor Cavite and nearby areas, just pm me for details, place for meetup / pickup is very near SM Bacoor, in Remedios Extension in Andrea Subdivision. happy planning!


Party is on March 13 at Max's Sucat.  2nd Birthday ng little princess ko.
Yup, I'll definitely post pics pagkatapos :)

Hi Smillete, what time po yung event nyo with Ms lhen? mine is March 13 also 1pm-5pm slot

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