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It Feels Like Everyone Can Raise My Son Better Than Me, His Mom
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My baby is 7 month old and I am very happy with his development and things that he has learned on his own, but his Lola always compare him with his cousins, it's sad because she would say to my baby "Ay di marunong" when she'd ask my baby to do something things that his cousins already mastered, we tried teaching it to him to but he seems to be uninterested because he loves practicing other skills, like crawling and sitting down, and grunting, we think he's trying to talk and still don't know how. I guess I'm just sad that his lola does not see the things that he does that his cousins could not.

Babies develop differently and I don't think its fair to compare them.

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Home / Rainy season is Mosquito season! help!
« on: June 18, 2010, 11:06:05 am »
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since the rain came pouring, more and more mosquitoes are in action. Im scared that my baby gets bitten by a dengue carrying mosquito. I don't know what to put on my baby's skin to prevent mosquito bites, very sensitive kasi. 

what do I need to do, aside from the usual bugs spray, or clean the surroundings and throw containers that may collect water?  i have 2 rechargeable electric swatters, so that when the other one gets low batt, i have another one I can readily use.

Any suggestions SP Moms and Dads?

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