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Here are the most viewed topics and frequently asked questions on pregnancy. Click or tap any topic title listed below to join the discussion.

General Pregnancy Discussion
how to get pregnant / trying to conceive
What are the early signs of pregnancy?
How early can I take pregnancy test?
negative on test result but feeling signs of pregnancy.
All about ultrasound 2D, 3D, 4D.
movement (pag galaw) ni baby sa tummy
experiences / unusual behavior while pregnant
masama ba talaga magcoke kapag buntis?
pregnancy test accuracy
sex during pregnancy
When will I know my baby's gender?/ Signs that determine a baby's sex / can it be planned?
SSS maternity related questions
All About Having a Baby Shower

Baby Names
names you like to give to your baby in the future?
What did you name your baby and the reason behind?

pamahiin and old sayings na connected sa pagbubuntis
All About "Paglilihi"

Miscarriage Support Group
All About D and C (Dilation and Curettage or Raspa)
pag nag miscarriage ba at hindi niraspa what are the disadvantage?
ectopic pregnancy

Health and Nutrition
Eveprim (Evening Primrose Oil)
Recommended remedies and meds for coughs, colds or flu during pregnancy
after manganak, kelan pwede magpa rebond/perm/hair color?
How to rid of flubby belly / bilbil after manganak?
Duphaston and duvadilan
Congenital Anomaly Scan: What, why and how much, how to deal with result?
Hair Treatments During Pregnancy
All about Placenta Previa

Baby Blues / Post-partum Depression
All About Post-Partum Depression
depression during pregnancy

Labor and Childbirth
signs na malapit na manganak
Hospital Rates and Maternity packages
Recommended OB and Rates
How much is your birthing cost?
All about CS - insights, fear, care, tips, scheduled & emergency, repeat CS
Philhealth Qs related to pregnancy and delivery
Sobrang tigas ng tiyan pero walang hilab, am i having contractions?
breech / transverse lie / suhi. What to do?
All about menstruation after giving birth (both for normal and CS)
kailan pwedeng maligo after giving birth?
Lying in clinics vs. Hospitals
All About Maternity Leave (Benefits and Best Time to Take It)
baby is due due, no signs of labor
Pregnancy and labor fears, cheers and worries
Induced Labor
To search for a hospital name or city/province, type the word here:_____

How to Increase Breastmilk Production
Breast pumps - manual or electric? pros, cons and brands?
sick Mommy, medicines and breastfeeding
Storing and expiration of expressed breastmilk
hair treatment/coloring/rebond while breastfeeding
is it ok to take glutathione while breastfeeding?
Malunggay Supplement

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Birth Control / FAQs on Birth Control
« on: June 01, 2019, 09:51:47 am »
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Buntis ba ako o delayed lang?
delayed period but negative on bloodtest/PT. Am I pregnant?
Calendar Method

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