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Money / Opening a Salon
« on: February 06, 2014, 04:23:22 pm »

I'm opening up a small hair salon. location is just at home...

My question is, do I have to go through the full process from registering my business name up until the last step (BIR registration complete with receipts and books of account)?

I'm done with DTI and Barangay Clearance and now processing for Mayor's permit.... can we stop after we have the permit and just continue with BIR application once the salon is stable?

I'm already getting frustrated and scared at whatever additional cost I have to pay for all the permits, not to mention, "necessary red-tape" and of course the time and pagod spent to finish the process.... I am currently employed so I cannot just stop work just to finish all the paper works...

Any adivse/help would be greatly appreciated...


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I need your opinions/comments.

I left my old job (which I have been employed with for over a decade) to a less stressful job in a smaller family owed company.  The reason for this change is due to:
1. Hubby and I are having more and more arguments/misunderstandings (my time is spent more in the office than at home - OT pa, if needed.  Hindi na naaasikaso ang mga kids)
2. This smaller company's offer, salary wise, is very attractive & I (or we?) need this additional funding to help pay my 3 kid's schooling (and my 2 son's theraphies)

1. The current work is not as fulfilling as I had expected - different from the industry I was used to, in addition to "culture shock", difficult colleagues and different views on things.
2. My former work was fulfilling, but too much pressure (time and energy needed for the work versus with hubby) is getting out of hand.

1.  due to low sales, the company is starting to lay-off employees, starting with agency contractuals  (not sure how they plan to go about regulars and if I may also be affected)
2.  I have an offer to go back to my former line of work - different company (but definitely the salary would not be a good as I'm currently enjoying, therefore, we may not be able to make ends meet.)

Should I stay and wait or should I go? Which is the lesser evil of the 2?

Tweens and Teens / How to raise a Teenager with ASD
« on: July 24, 2013, 12:50:33 pm »

My son will be turning 13 end of this month.  He has mild ASD.

Anyone has any advise on how to raise a teenager with mild ASD?  I understand that kids under the autism umbrella have emotions, but do they know about "love" or "crushes"?  My son currently has a "crush" (he calls it "love") daw..  She's his classmate.  He wants to "call" her up and say good night daw, and tries to send her text messages (I have a spare one he can use, but the SIM has to be re-activated). I think he got her number from another classmate of his... not sure if it was "given" to him or if he asked for it...


Romantic Relationships / Material Obsessions
« on: March 05, 2013, 10:04:33 am »
Hubby is obsessed with branded BIG FACED (i really mean huge as in malaki) wrist watches.  He frequently looks in the internet and when he finds on he likes, hahanapin niya at bibilhin niya (kapag may 13th month or bonus siyang makukuha)

Anyone here has a hubby with an expensive hobby?  ;)  How do you tell him to control (or maybe stop) this kind of obsession?  Sana kung mayaman kayo, pwede pa siguro i-spoil niya sarili niya.  But what if your monthly income is just barely enough for your monthly expenses... sabi ko nga, why not just spend a vacation with his kids (3 sila) somewhere (hongkong?) at least the kids will cherish the memories... but his reply is hindi ko raw siya maintindihan, he wants something for himself na pinagpaguran niya... he always gets what he wants kasi... this time hindi ko na siya pinayagan.

Mali ba ako?

Kids With Special Needs / 2nd Son, also with ASD
« on: February 04, 2013, 04:46:10 pm »
Hi Moms (and Dads),

I haven't been in this chat room/forum for quite sometime now (a few years)... I just want to vent out my frustration...

My 3rd child (youngest of 3 kids - boy 12.5, girl 6, boy 3.5 yr old) was just diagnosed by Dra. Jocelyn Eusebio to have ASD (mild), same with my eldest son...

He was first assessed by Dra. C. Malijan when he was 2 yrs & 9 months at that time.  I didn't go to Dra. Eusebio at that time because of the long waiting list.  Atat na ako, I can no longer wait for my son to get assessed since I have a gut feeling that his is not as normal as his sister, but not as "special" as his brother.

Dra Malijan's assessment just shows that he just seems to be delayed specially on the language side.. but still within the normal range.  We were asked to return after 6 months.  During this time, I decided to have my son started in OT and SP,  just in case - better safe than sorry.

 We went back, but the result came back the same and this time, I was not able to get the formal assessment report despite 2 follow ups made... that prompted me to go back to Dra. Eusebio (6 months after)

When the formal diagnosis came, nagunaw na mundo ko... the first thing na pumasok sa utak ko...."daughter, I'm so sorry! So sorry that you have to take over the responsibility of taking care of your 2 brothers when the time comes na wala na kami ni Papa mo...".  It also crossed my mind na sana hindi ko na sila pinanganak sa mundong ito... ang sama kong ina, to let them grow up experiencing the difficulties of a person with ASD!

Now, I am just hoping, na sana, mag improve nalang si bunso, improve ng napakalaki to the point that he will almost be as normal as anyone of us... I can't say that I'm in denial, but I'm not also saying that I am not!

 :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

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