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The In-Laws / MIL, BIL and his firs, second and third wife
« on: January 07, 2015, 04:18:28 pm »
Warning: Complicated

Mommies, please help me validate my feelings. My BIL had first and second wife, eventually, settled down with the third wife. The third wife is his "other woman" while he is living with the second one, eventually, got her (3rd) pregnant, left second wife (with two kids) and lived with this 3rd one in my MIL's house!

To give you brief background, he is married to his first wife, had a child and then the first wife had an affair so they separated, 3months later, BIL pregnated wife no. 2 (live-in) and had 2 kids. He claims that wife no. 2 has attitude problems which resulted to him finding another woman. So...that would be wife no. 3. Sorry, very very complicated.

My problem is, i was really affected by this. Lahat kasi ng nangyari kay BIL, nakita ko kung pano nila niresolve yung problem. Kung paano nila itinago si BIL sa second wife nung si BIL ay sumama kay 3rd wife. Kung paano nila sinabi kay 2nd wife na " hindi lang kasalanan ng anak ko kaya ka niya iniwan, may problema ka kasi sa ugali". Naisip ko kasi, pag si husband ko pala ang gumawa non, malamang ganon din gagawin nila sa akin. i know its unfair na icompare ko husband ko sa brother niya, pero naisip ko na pwedeng pwede nilang gawin din sa akin un. Im not a perfect wife, may mga clashes kami ng husband ko. Ang kinalulungkot ko, valid ba yung nararamdaman ko na i have ill feelings  with my IL's dahil dun?

FYI din pala, nung si 3rd wife at BIL ay nammroblema financially, dahil nawalan si BIL ng work on the height of this love triangle, ang ginawa nila MIL, gumawa sila ng paraan na may matirahan si 3rd wife at BIL, instead of telling BIL na "mali kasi anak, umuwi ka na sa anak mo at asawa mo (2nd), ayusin mo. at ikaw 3rd girl, mali ang pinapatulan mong lalake". Also, my FIL's advise to BIL? "anak, kung saan ka masaya, dun ka " i dont think this advise will still apply kung may mga anak kayo.

As of the moment, BIL is not even supporting his children from the first and second. MIL would not even give the phone or text messages to BIL when first kid texts about the her needs.

Im scared na kung sakin mangyari un, ganon din ba gagawin nila sakin? :(

The Balancing Act: Career and Family / Is it worth the stress?
« on: December 01, 2014, 11:32:05 am »
mommies, is it worth it to stay working if your salary is around 6digit pero sobrang stress? as in malaking responsibility? you always get scared na pag may mali kang desisyon o mangyaring out of your control, ikaw sisishin at bigla kang tanggalin sa trabaho? Financially, i cant deny that the salary helps a lot sa family. pero sobrang stress lang :( ive been doing this for more than 10years already ...dont get me wrong mommies, i feel so blessed and im not complaining...napapaisip lang ako...

Romantic Relationships / Husband pushed me
« on: September 12, 2014, 04:15:11 pm »
My husband pushed me last night.  My kid has a fever last night and wont take medicine, we tried but he is spitting out. My husband got mad at my kid and forced the kid to take the med again 3x, until he swallowed it. husband was shouting, punching the door para matakot ang bata at uminom. I interfered very very calmly, saying "daddy, may lagnat, baka naman mabinat..." over and over, but he pushed me and said " hindi matuto uminom ng gamot yang batang yan kung ganyan ka". After that, while im cleaning the mess, he approached my older son, and said sorry explaining why he needs to be like that. After that, he approached me naman saying in an irate tone " sorry ha kung natulak kita, hindi ko sinasadya, pero wag kang gagawa ng issue na sinasaktan kita dahil hindi. Hindi ko sinasadya un". Whats your thought on this? :(

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