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Hi mga sis,

My bunso will have her 1st bday and baptism celebration on Nov. 6, 2011. Our theme is Tinkerbell for the obvious reason that I love Tinkerbell! The only thing is as much as I love Tinkerbell, I would also want it to be somewhat sacred because we are also welcoming our daughter to the Christian world...

Sa program I am thinking of letting her ninongs and ninangs say their wishes silently and all together they will release butterflies....yan palang ang naiisip ko...

How can I incorporate baptism part sa Tinkerbell Theme when it comes to:

1. Invitations
2. Giveaways
3. Thank you card
4. Tarpaulin Backdrop

I really don't have talent / creativity when it comes to this...

I know a lot of SP mommies here have creative juices flowing in your system...

Any help / ideas / suggestions are highly appreciated!

Thank you very much!

 :) :) :) :)

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