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Hi Mommies please help! My baby is STILL 11.5kg since he turned 1 last January! And my pedia wanted to switch brands for him to gain weight na. Ngayon I've tried what she recommended Enfapro A+ and Progress Gold... Sad thing - naghuhunger strike si Pio kapag nalalasahan na niya and just wants to eat rice and adult food instead. :( So we've discovered he isn't allergic na kasi wala naman rashes - its just that mukhang ayaw niya ng matamis na milk. Parang when he eats, he doesn't like choco drinks and would prefer juice and calamansi juice instead. He'd take sugar lang kapag coco crunch, or chocolate talaga but not drinks.

I am hesistant to try Nan Pro kasi baka di rin mag-gain ng weight - pero mukhang kasing lasa nito ang NAN HA. Ano pa ba ang hindi matamis na milk sa market pero nakakagain ng weight? I checked the carbs sa milks mababa carbs ng NAN brands.. huhuhu.


Breastfeeding / All About Expressing/Pumping Breastmilk
« on: February 21, 2011, 06:22:29 pm »
Hi! okay lang po ba magpump ng 30mins to 40mins.. or kunwari 1 hour ang pagitan instead of 2 to 3hours? minsan kasi dami ko milk nakakahinayang magleak lang and ofcourse masakit din kapag engorged. exclusively pumping po pala ako by the way.

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Nursing 101: How to Hand Express Breast Milk

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