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tamang kain
Baby-led weaning

he is using nido jr and it seems like ang lakas nyang magmilk..medyo namumulubi na kami..haha..yung 1 kilo is 5 days na lang niya ngayon from 1 week use before..what do you think na maganda ipalit..planning to switch to bear brand jr. ok lang din ba yun?or is it ok to shift na to nido 3+?


Real Parenting / learning how to read and write. When and how?
« on: August 19, 2009, 07:21:53 pm »
my almost 5 daughter is in prep now and she cant still write and read.she can draw circles and squares, but still cant write her name...when usually a child learns this stuff?i wanted to enroll her to kumon or enopi's but we cant still afford right now.should i be alarmed?i know she cant go to grade 1 if she still cant do this things..what will i do?im worried ??? :-[

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