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Hi mommies!..:)

Can you share your experiences on how or what did you and your hubby feel when you found out your baby' s gender...hehe curious lang ako and excited to know your feeling when your OB told you "its a boy! or its a girl!"..:D..hehe

Kasi before i wanted a baby boy for my first baby..but girl ang naging baby ko..and i'm still happy and feel so blessed..:)..Ang iba rin kasi expected nila na ganito gender ng baby nila because of their physical pag medyo pangit daw ang boy hehe...tapos pag blooming naman, baby girl daw..:)..

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Hello po mga mommies
I need your suggestions on best brand of milk  for babies 6-12 mos.
Though I know that breastmilk is still d best and depende pa rin if saan mahiyang ang babies natin but I would like to know based on your experiences ano po sa tatlong brands much better?..Gain, Promil Gold and Enfapro plus.

I also do breastfeeding esp at night..pero need niya pa rin dumeded sa bote coz I am working.. I already tried Gain, at first malakas siya dumede cgro she liked d taste but then lately, humina konti pagdede niya…so am kinda worried baka nagsawa na siya sa lasa..

Im still observing if magbalik ang appetite niya sa Gain, may isang can pa kasi siya natira..gusto ko na rin sana ang Gain becoz ive heard positive feedbacks on Gain esp when it comes to mind development..

But then I also heard na ok daw ang Enfapro + becoz marami siya content ng DHA and ARA dat’s very essential to brain and eye development..

Ang promil Gold naman daw po, may lutein..

Am getting confused..hahai..

Please please..pretty please I need your suggestions..

Thank you sooo much…

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