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Food / Creamy Sardines in Oil (Let's give Sardinas a twist!)
« on: July 03, 2012, 04:51:39 pm »
Hi mommies!

My husband and I usually eat less in the evening. Usually mga fish nalang, or canned goods kasi kami lang namang 2 kakain. When I discovered 555 Sardines Spanish Style, we both super loved it! And because it is in Oil, i thought maraming ibang recipes na pwedeng mgawa sa Sardinas para din maging special yung dinner namin kahit sardinas lang! I made it extra special by giving it a twist! So here's one of my easy yet yummy recipe for 555 Sardines Spanish Style:

Creamy Sardines in Oil

1 teaspoon butter
1/4 cup All purpose Nestle Cream OR Evaporated milk
1 can of 555 Sardines - Spanish Style
Cheese (optional)
Basil (optional)

1. Open 1 can of 555 Sardines - Spanish Style. Seperate the fish from the oil.
2. Mash the sardines and set aside.
3. On a heated pan, melt the butter. Remember, do not put too much butter because it will interfere with the sardines' taste.
4. Put the mashed Sardines.
5. After a while, pour the oil that was separated from the sardines in the can.
6. Afterwhich, pour the Nestle Cream or Evaporated Milk. (Mine, I use Nestle Cream!)
7. Let it simmer a little.
8. Serve it with cheese and basil on top. (optional)

I top mine with cheese because i love cheese! It really adds to the creamy taste of the dish! But you can opt not to if you're not a cheese lover. :) but i tell you, it really is more yummy with cheese!!

VOILA!! You're Creamy Sardines in Oil is done in an instant! :) Easy right? I think all in all this approximately costs 100 pesos only.

Try it!

You can also use this as a pasta sauce! Just mix it with your pasta, top with cheese and basil. :)

Food / Easy Dessert Recipes for First Timers
« on: June 20, 2012, 03:22:25 am »
Hi mommies!

I have been reading a lot of yummy desserts that requires less or no equipments. Such are Cake Pops, Oreo Pops, Marie Balls etc! So I am just wondering if you still know other dessert recipes that are easy to make and bake without oven.

Post your recipes mommies! :)

Hi mommies! I'm currently planning on my son's first birthday on December 6, 2012. I have chosen my theme already. Royal Carnival Theme Party for my son sa Shakey's sana. I have gathered images as inspirations for my centerpieces, my piņata, my set up, my souvenir etc. I'm just so excite and i wonder how are other mom's preparation coming? Share them and if you have some pics of your party inspiration post ahead! :)

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Labor and Child Birth / Lying-in or Maternity Clinic in Manila please!!!!
« on: November 25, 2011, 11:38:42 am »
Hi mommmies! I've been asking some mommies sa ibang thread if they know some maternity clinic or lying-in around manila or sampaloc area. But my query doesn't strike their attention.

So please, does anyone of you know some lying-in in manila or sampaloc area? im 37 weeks and 4 days pregannt now. I really need to have an idea kung saan merong lying0in kasi sobrang tight budget kami ng husband ko. Please, help me!

Thank you!

Also please include the address, and contact no of the lying in and if you know an OB their. Also please state the price. Thanks ulet\!
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