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Single Moms / discriminated for being a single mom
« on: February 14, 2012, 10:19:25 am »
hi mommies.. please post here any experience you might have on being discriminated for being a single mom..with micro blogging sites nowadays, it's easier to reach congresswomen & senators..maybe, just maybe they'd be able to hear our plight when i present proof..i know there's a law against discrimination against us but it still happens..

here's my story:

i have been discriminated in two interviews already..i am currently looking for work but i am very particular with the companies i apply to..sad to say, some of them are also told me that everything is okay - the result of my exams, my communication skills, my experience except that i'm a single mom and i shouldn't have my hopes high because it could be a major factor why i wouldn't be hired. the hr manager said they are a very conservative company and their president is a lay minister and she'd have a very hard time justifying her endorsing of me..

that was the first time i was discriminated at all..when i heard that, i felt like i was slapped..i couldn't function for a while..i am not a judgmental person..i always keep in mind that every face has a story so experiencing that is something of a shock to me..and then i was discriminated again - the president of another (different) company told me during an interview, "i like single parents because they are very hardworking..i just don't want them to get involved in not-so-ideal situations in the company (then looked intently at me)"..well, that was implied but discrimination nonetheless..

this is how some view us - when you're a single mom, you automatically earn a questionable character and that you are predisposed to do something wrong more than the average person..i feel really bad..i'll admit, until now i am still hurt for the way i was treated..

mommies, please share your experience..although, i wouldn't really wish for anyone to be discriminated but if you have been, please share the details..

anyway, happy valentine!  ;)

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