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Weaning, Formula and Solids transition / Farlin bottles
« on: November 15, 2012, 04:55:21 pm »
Mommies, pa.share naman ng reviews nio bout this brand. Ito kasi binili namin ng asawa ko for our coming baby :) nagle.leak ba siya? Or nakaka.colic? May mga nagsasabi kasi na hindi mganda, eh 7 na 8oz bottles p naman binili namin. TIA mommies!

Sexuality / Hubby watches porn before "doing" it with me
« on: September 07, 2012, 01:45:22 pm »
Hi mommies, advice naman. This just happened last night, or I dont know if kahit before pa, kasi natutulog na ako kagabi, then si hubby nangalabit, so long story short, the deed happened, kaya lang while i was trying to get some sleep na after we did it, i heard moans under my pillow, taz when i checked it was his phone playing a video of a girl in a porn clip. Nakakainis kasi why does he have to watch it pa, I asked him sabi niya pampagana lang daw, then tinanong ko siya kung hindi na ba siya natturn on sken, hindi naman daw sa ganon. Mommies, help please, I dont know if it's because I'm 6 months preggy that he's turned off by my appearance or what, I really don't know what to do TIA po sa mga mag-aadvice.

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