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Hi SP Mommies!

I am new here in SP and will really love to get you thoughts...

on Nov 13 I will be flying to Malaysia for 3weeks business trip.. ibig sabihin iiwan ko si baby.. :(

Please dont judge me! Yes, I do have a choice and I choose to go because of opportunities that may come dahil dito. Out of hundreds of employee ako ang first choice nila and sobrang laking deal non. but, I feel so gulity. :( 9 months na si baby and mix feeding sya..mostly BF.. i still plan to pump para inde mawala yung milk ko.. ngaun palang nag iipon na ako ng frozen milk para may madede si baby..magstay din sya with my relatives & hubbieh..

Sobrang bad ko ba sa desisyon ko? Nalulungkot ako isipin na baka pagbalik ko ayaw na ni baby mag BF sakin.. :( naiiyak ako isipin un dahil i am so attached to our BF bonding.. may mga mommies ba dito na may same xperience?

pls help.

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