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Money / how to start apparel business (shoes and clothes)
« on: September 08, 2013, 01:32:05 am »
Hi, been thinking about opening my own line of apparel. I would like to start first with shoes then clothes.

Here are the questions that been bugging me and I really don't know what to and where to.

1. Where will I get the best deal when it comes to shoes? Most affordable, Style and Quality. Liliw Laguna? Marikina? or from china and bangkok? Was thinking of look for a supplier that will make my design for shoes in Liliw or Marikina then have my own apparel name imprinted on the shoes, where can i get this also? Or if in China/Bangkok, I'll buy RTW shoes of course then have my brand imprinted here in the philippines.
I can't decided, also, I wanted to sell my products in the most affordable price that I can give, my target prices are only 400-700 at most (slippers, sandals, shoes and heels). If I'll travel abroad, the fare, hotel, tax etc will add up to the expense and if the divisoria shoes are from china, yes really cheap, yes stylish, but the quaity is at stake. And if il get here in liliw or marikina, can they deliver me the 3 standards of affordability, stylish and quality that im looking for. And do you know suppliers that can offer me this?

2. Clothing. same as my shoe line. is it better to look for direct RTW supplier? in china? bangkok? divisoria? or get seamstress and fabric supplier? if ill get RTW where is the cheapest and most stylish? and kind of unique na hindi lahat meron. kasi sa divisoria halos pare-pareho although super mura. or if ill get a seamstress and fabric supplier, mas low cost ba?

Please help me. thanks all.  :)

Yaya Solutions / Saan pwede mag school yaya ko?and paano setup?
« on: February 20, 2013, 03:28:46 am »
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Yung yaya ni baby, mukang gusto mag aral this coming semester. tapos na sya ng 2 years course na computer ata yun. di ko alam kung gusto niya ipagpatuloy para maging 4 years or kukuha sya ng new 4 year course. may alam ba kayo or saan pwede? yung scholar, free or mura tuition fee?wala kasi ako idea talaga. and paano pala ang set-up? sino pay ng allowance niya? tuition fees? etc? saka gusto ko sana gabi or weekends lang ang school niya kasi kami ni hubby is both working. thanks. :-)

Naka-relate ka ba? Basahin ang latest comment tungkol dito o mag Reply para makapagpost ng katanungan, payo o kwento..

Hello! Im looking for a venue within Q.C, manila, san juan and makati area yung private po na pwede for pool/swimming party. 4-5 hours rental, poolside sana (not function rooms/halls) kasi set up ko sa sude ng pool tables, activities, lahat. Prefer ko sa condos & or clubhouses na affordable like 5k below rental. Yung cousin ko sa Avida binondo daw 5.5k pero refundable yung 2k. So mga 3.5k lang sya. Im looking for more options. Many thanks! :-)

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