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Money / Discount Coupons/ Vouchers - what other sites have you tried?
« on: June 13, 2011, 11:44:29 pm »
For those tipid-sulit moms, can you share which discount sites you usually buy your vouchers/ coupons?

I usually check Ensogo for my vouchers and was able to use it thrice already. Do you know and have tried other discount sites too?

Please share  :)

I'm just curious since two from my family are planning to church wed on 2011 and 2012, but still they're deciding on what date. Some considerations were taken;

*Not to marry on Feb kasi mahal ang flowers dahil valentine's month.

*Especially not on June as a lot of women want to become June brides, venues, catering, hotels, etc. are at prime.

*Not on January dahil marami ang nagpapakasal rin, sharing the same thought, "starting the year right"

ano do you think moms? :-\


Big Kids / School Field Trips: foods to prepare and things to bring
« on: August 30, 2009, 05:07:54 pm »
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It's final, I'm the one going to accompany my son to his school's field trip. Hubby will stay home to bond with baby and same with me to my eldest.

I'm quite a 'packer'.  when I go out of town esp. with kids talaga namang mapupuno ang compartment sa dami ng bitbit ko. And now, im starting to list down the foods im going to prepare for the two of us and things i'll probably bring to make us comfy for the long drive/ travel.

help me mommies, which one I really need to bring baka kasi mamaya ako lang ang over sa bitbit nito sa araw ng field trip but what the heck, here's my load:

food since, i planned on bringing my (1"x1 1/2") cooler, coz i do not want to drink hot water during the sunny travel and the more i do not want to wait on lines to buy them on the place where we are going, hindi practical and quite inconvenient for us

-1 liter water
-3 bottles, 500ml resealable soda/juice
-6 cold chicken or tuna sandwiches
-small pack of choco/ small bunch of grapes
-chicken mac salad (in a small container for me lang, yaw ni yabu)

things this will include yabu's lunch of 1 container for rice and another for hotdogs and chix nuggets

-yabu's lunch, 2 containers
-his extra shirt/ shorts
-wet towel
-2 lampin para sa likod

im still debating with my self if i'll bring a tote pa for my personal effects like: ipod, cam, wallet, comb, hanky, rosary,wipes. my son wants to bring pa another small bag for his own things naman which will include:

-fav candies

looking at my list now, i feel overwhelmed na sa dami. what do you think mommies which ones should i leave at home or lahat dalhin ko rin, or if you would pack for your child's f.trip what will you bring rin?

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Money / 'Trade' secrets on saving from SP moms
« on: August 12, 2009, 09:49:36 am »
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I always read tips and advices on saving, with the global recession who would not want to save a peso for that additional money you can set aside for more practical use in the future.

I believe in living comfortably within our means of course, and that making our children live their lives happily and fully. Thus, an extra recourse to dining out, a toy or a movie doesn't bother me at all as long as it goes within our everyday rules on discipline. No, I am not 'kuripot' it’s just that I would like to be practical on some things and 'splurge' on others that are more viable.

I would like to know more and learn on ways how other moms save and add up to my present saving secrets/ tips/ techniques.

Here are some of mine:


1. In fast foods, if you are not particular with cold drinks, try ordering ‘drinks without ice’ since its already cold freshly out from the vacuum dispenser, or be particular at least on serving your drink with less ice. Meaning at least it would not come, half-filled with ice making your drink a cold-cola or juice flavored water.

2. My family used to order a 4- 5 servings of extra rice to go with the chicken meals. And extra rice cost P15 na and yet mas maputi pa ang rice na sinasaing ko dito sa house. So what I did, everytime my family wants to eat in a nearby McDo or Jollibee, dala ako ng baong rice and cold mineral. Therefore saving us money to buy other side dishes/ meals.

3. For the sobrang food, we always have it taken out. Kung di na kakainin at least share them to those kids on streets.


1. On food, I don’t really save, but for the leftovers I see to it they are well-stocked. I do not invest on expensive plastic wares, I find them space consuming. Therefore, my kitchen mate for this, is a roll of cling wrap. I always see to it, that left-overs are kept clean, kahit sa loob ng ref para next time na i-serve ko almost as freshly cooked pa rin or isasahog sa next meal ulam.


1. I buy by bulk for a whole month’s use especially when there is a sale or freebies to go with my main purchase, but of course I consider the manufacturing/ expiration dates. There is certain toothpaste that has a freebie of a small tube to go with the family sized tube, thus saving you a P25-P30 for the extra tube. Same with a brand of shampoo my hubby is using may freebie small bottle of the same shampoo.


1. kids', this too I buy in bulk. I keep a shortlist of their needs on the important pieces of clothes like pants and shorts, which I prefer to buy yong may mga adjust-san sa sides ng pants/ shorts (brands like gap and guess have this), polos and shirts I buy nalang whenever there is of fancy but on sale, especially on my favorite brands hehe, pm me mga mommies marami akong alam!), my philosophy here is that, since my kids outgrow their clothes almost every month, yong mga damit hindi naluluma, therefore, pwede pang mapakinabangan ng iba and hindi mahirap i-‘let go’ kasi hindi rin naman kasi ganun kamahal.

Here are some of the places I frequent for kids clothes;
GUESS Harrizon Plaza, laging sale dito.
SM Quiapo, the clearance outlet of all sm dept. stores.
SM Manila, during sales esp. polo and bossini brands

Share yours' naman para we get to learn other means of saving.  ;) ;D

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I admit in my 33 years of existence more often than not I am mistaken as suplada, masungit, mataray, matigas, astig, bato, or any word that can be associated with being hard to please. has been like that since gradeschool  :'(

But honestly, I was  since 2 years ago.

I tried to be that, just so I won't be hurt with my much expectations on true friendships and relationships. Typical of somebody born under a Leo sign, I am much loyal to my friends and fiercest to my enemies, but hey, like I said it was 2 years ago.

Life made me see that, I am responsible as well in making everybody around me to feel comfortable with me. Dati kasi ang prinsipyo ko "care ko! kung ayaw nila sa akin yoko rin sa kanila" and that I believed I am self-sufficient.

However, astig as i am, I am quite embarrassed when new friends tell me "kala ko talaga ang sungit mo!", or "ganyan ka pala, akala ko...", such remarks as these made me realize what time i have wasted in knowing new friends earlier.

And so, as a prelude to the upcoming EBs and to help us put down the first barriers of impressions, as I have proven that first impressions do not last, here are some I would like my possible new friends to know about me:

1. I do NOT bite.  ;D, I may be stone-faced but hey wait til you see me smile, pang-close up!
2. I am easily pleased. hindi ako pihikan whether sa food, clothes, place, people..
3. I am loyal as your dog..uu true yan.  ;)
4. I enjoy the company of happy people.
5. I have my word of honor.
6. I like people who are not overbearing, cool ba? and sincere of course.

i'll assess my other traits muna baka mapahiya.

kayo mga mommies, tell and share naman.  ;)


Romantic Relationships / Your bonding moment with hubby alone
« on: July 17, 2009, 04:51:30 pm »
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When couples were still childless it is easy to plan out-of-town trips, dinners for two, movies, or any spontaneous, random interesting activity that comes to mind. But when children are already in the family, these activities came to rarity.

Like us, before the children came we love to go on movie marathon and hopping from one movie house to another, or dining out anywhere we take our fancy, (the most memorable one for me, was when we ate the orange egg sa kalye, kasi we were curious how it tasted and we end up having diarrhea, yes both of us  :D). Those simple things that reminds us how it felt falling in love with each other at the very first, never actually caring for other things but us.

And now after three kids, our bonding moments got better though a lot simpler.

Things/ activities I like doing with him:

1. coffee during midnight, when everybody's asleep only the two of us left to reminisce, plan, or discuss..
2. shopping. I love shopping with hubby, not just because he gets to pay my purchases but we love to explore the mall for unique, hard to find items, or good buys.
3. taking a bath. yup with my fats and all..we love to talk about the day's happenings..
4. watch a movie. he likes tagalog romance movie (uu, tapos ookrayin ko lang siya), me naman horror (tatakutin ako, gugulatin) but we get to enjoy each other's company though not the movie.

I cherish and look forward to these bonding moments alone with him. When times turn awry, it helps us renew or recharge ourselves by knowing we have each other and the kids. :D

and how about you?

PS. took me to Mario's the following week after the orange egg episode. ;D ;)

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Sexuality / Intimate moment with hubby caught by kids
« on: June 26, 2009, 06:54:30 pm »
how did you handle such situation?

It was really a very embarrassing situation for me. We were still living with my parents, and we only have our eldest palang. He was 3 then. It was past midnight na, we assumed nobody was awake. My hubby and I were in the middle of fore playing when our eldest came barging in the door, I was  about to 'dive' buti nalang we were covered by a comforter, it was thick kaya hindi obvious na we were half-naked. Our son asked "ano ginagawa niyo dyan huh?", It was mu hubby who quickly gained his composure and said,..mina-massage ako ni mommy sa body, kasi nahihirapan huminga si daddy eh" and my son replied, "ahh", he was there to get his scooby slippers, he cant sleep without them on eh. He went back to my mom's room (na nasa kabila lang ng room namin, I heard my mom asking "gising pa sila?, ano ginagawa nila..., my son replied,.."nagkikiss."  :o, we didn't fool him pala. I got mad at my hubby for forgetting to lock the door.

Since then, we have to sked an intimate date for us, para walang magbabarge in at iwas sa embarrassing situation.

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