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Your Health / What are your pre-menstrual symptoms (PMS)?
« on: May 12, 2012, 10:46:17 pm »
Just curious... since I can't deny that I'm already aging.  I just want to know if your undergoing changes in your pre-menstrual symptoms also.

On my 20s, I'd only know my period is coming because of bulging breasts and a little headache hours before my menstruation would arrive.

When I've reached my 30s, after giving birth twice, I'd suffer severe lower abdominal cramps, headache, painful breasts, and lower back pain.

How about you, sissies?


i've never hired a tutor since day one in preschool.   i know the lessons well, but how can i inculcate these to my daughter who's in Grade 1 now?  she's been raised in English language; she only learned some our dialect (Ilonggo) at preschool; she also know some tagalog words when they had a filipino subject in Prep.

i just needed more tips on effective teaching.


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Home / cost-cutting measures
« on: June 25, 2009, 10:21:24 am »
Basahin sa Smart Parenting:
Yasmien Kurdi, Sa Palengke Pa Din Namimili. Heto ang Kanyang 7 Wais Tips
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mommies, share ko lang some of the cost-cutting measures we practice at home.
share niyo rin sa inyo para marami tayong matutunan.

1.  we prepare a grocery list, which includes the current price based on our previous grocery.  we do the grocery every month and we stick to the list.  that way we don't pick up unnecessary supplies.  our groceries includes, canned foods, noodles, seasonings, toiletries, cleaning materials, etc.

2.  i do the ironing,  because we are using electric iron and we iron all the laundries.  i can finish the whole week laundry in one hour.  kung helper kasi mag-iron, minsan nakatunganga pa sa text while ironing.  they just fold the clothes beside me while i iron para mabilis.

3.  we do the laundry once a week.  that way we can save water and energy.  we use washing machine.  we just handwash all the delicates, like my hubby's barongs, mine and micah's uniforms, etc.  the helper do it on friday afternoon, para rest na siya in the evening.  that way hindi siya masyadong pagod.

4.  i reuse the hot water used for sterilizing milk bottles for bath.  para maka-save sa gasul

5.  we do the marketing at the wet market every saturday.  that includes fish, poultry, meat, eggs, fruits and vegetables.  that would save us the gasoline and time.  we also prepare a weekly menu

6.  we cook our lunch viands that we bring to our office in the morning.  that includes viands for the kids and helpers at home, mine, and my hubby's office.  hubby doesn't buy viand there because it costs too much and their staff is included in their lunch expenses.

7.  hubby brings the car, while i commute.  i used to bring a car before, but the gasoline costs thrice than my fares.  plus, i cannot relax because of the traffic. 

8.  we only go to the mall occasionally.  we used to be at the malls every other weekend.

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