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Hi mga sis, I just want to share with you my bad experiences with The Medical City. Please bear with me as this is quite long. We just got home today from the hospital and I'm writing now so that the parents out there will take note of what we have experienced.

My 2 years old daughter was admitted last Thursday at TMC, Ortigas. She was supposed to be confined at St. Luke's hospital kaso sa ER pa lang 30 kids na yung naghihintay ng room so I called my pedia and told her the scenario.  Luckily, she has a patient na padischarge na so she told us to go straight to TMC and we will just take the room of her patient.  I also asked her if I can use my maxicare card since she's not affiliated with the said HMO.  I did the same thing when my daughter got confined at St. Luke's.  Maxicare shouldered the hospital bills and I just paid separately the PF of my pedia. She told me to ask from the admission and that she already left a note to one of the admitting officers to have my daughter admitted.  And so here's where my nightmares started:
1.  We were at the admission office, I told the admitting officer if I can use my HMO and just pay my pedia separately.  She told us that it was not possible because they don't allow that.  She told us to go to the ER and have another admission slip under a maxicare doctor.  Mind you, my daughter's fever is already 40 degrees celsius that time.  She had us assisted by one of the personnels going to the ER.  I called my pedia and told her what's happening so she told us to wait for her call.
2. We went to the ER full with kids and adults that are coughing and sneezing.  It was really uncomfortable for me and I'm really scared. I think it's just normal for a mother to protect her child.. pano kung mas malala pa pala yung sakit nung mga nasa ER and I am exposing my already sick child.  Then we heard the nurse told the attending doctor that if they have a patient whose name is blah blah (secret na lang muna), they need to send them back to the admission. Ayos.. pababalikin na naman kami sa admission.  That time my pedia called and told me that she already spoke with a maxicare pedia and she'll just have internal arrangements dahil kailangan na daw talaga madextrose ng anak ko.. I'm so glad my pedia is accommodating and she really helped us. So we went back to the admission office and finally got the room that was reserved by my pedia.
3. We went up to the room.  Resident doctors were already checking on my daughter.  It's already 9PM that time.  The male resident doctor injected the syringe of the IV initially at the right hand of my baby... Unluckily, he told us the the veins collapsed and he needs to do another insertion on the left hand.. Fine dahil nga kailangan ng 2 years old ko na anak pumayag ako.. again nagcollapse na naman daw ang veins.. OMG!!! my daughter is already crying and I can't bear it. I told the doctor if we can have her rested first dahil parang mamamatay na ang anak ko sa iyak.. My husband is furious already.. syempre ikaw ba naman makita mo na parang tinatrial and error ang anak mo sa syringe.  So finally another female doctor went to our room and she inserted the IV on the right foot of my daughter. Ayun isang beses lang kuha na agad and my kid didn't even cry that much.
4. It's getting late and we want to rest.  They gave us a room na private and walang ref na 2400 a day ang charge na halos hindi ka na makagalaw sa sikip kasi yun na lang daw ang available even if my coverage is for a large private room.  So sabi ko magpapalipat na lang ako ng room pag nabakante na yung de luxe room nila na 4k a day!!! We asked for an extra pillow and blanket kasi para naman sa asawa ko na matutulog sa couch.  We do the same thing kasi sa St. Luke's kasi and free of charge sha.  Nagulat na lang kami when they informed us na may bayad daw ang extra pillow and second request of blanket. 190 pesos ang unan! Napailing na lang ako pero sige kumuha pa ren kami kasi syempre matigas yung couch. I can't help but compare, sa St. Luke's yung room ko na 3k a day is a large private room na and with refrigerator pa and the tv is like 21 inch colour tv.  Sa TMC, hello lang, 15 inch colour tv na ubod ng taas na magkakastiff neck ka... haaayyy... sige ok lang pagtiisan para kay baby.. Plus the fact that they served us for 5 straight days champorado for breakfast and fish fillet for lunch and dinner!!! Malamang magka-kaliskis at magkulay champorado na ren kami!
5. I have to go to my office the following day for the Philhealth and go home to get some stuffs for us and also to check on my other younger child. I paid 190 sa parking.. wow!!! nakaconfine na nga ang anak mo may bayad pa sa parking. Okay so yun pinalagpas ko na... then Sunday I went home again kasi nga may anak pa ako na isa.. eto na talaga muntik na akong atakihin.. 310 and parking ko!!! SHOCKS!!! So eto na ako nagrereklamo at nagkukumpara na naman.. kasi sa St. Luke's libre na ang parking mo pati visitors mo basta may patient na nakaconfine ipapavalidate lang sa admission.  So I told the parking attendant na ipapavalidate ko na lang ang sagot sa akin "Ma'am kayo po ang bahala pero 30 pesos lang naman po ang mababawas sa parking fee nyo." WHAT?!?!?!?! So sige binayaran ko nalang kasi no choice ka na ren pero masama talaga ang loob ko kasi imagine parking pa lang taga na! Imagine tinanong ko talaga yung mga guards sa basement parking bkit ganun kamahal parking fees nila ang sagot sa akin iba daw may-ari ng parking slots... hello lang?!!! kaninong bldg ba iyun? TMC pa ren naman!
6. So last Saturday nakalipat na kami ng room.. medyo mas malaki na sha.  Guess what allowed lang pala kami ng 3 outgoing calls na free pag nagamit mo na lahat ng outgoing calls mo may bayad na!! Hindi ba dapat kasama na yun sa room mo considering na hindi naman long distance calls ang tinatawagan ko??? Sa ibang hospitals pag private room libre na yung tawag... Grabe na talaga!!! Lahat na lang sa ospital na toh may bayad!!!
7. We were discharged kanina lang and guess what pinavalidate ng asawa ko yung parking ticket niya and ayun siningil pa ren kami ng 390 kasi daw lagpas 24 hours na yung car... haaay imagine we spent more than 1000 pesos just for parking alone na pwede ng pambili ng gamot ng anak ko?

Ewan ko mga sis pero sa nangyari na ito, ayaw na namin bumalik sa hospital na yun for confinement.  Lagas ang pera mo and ang ganda pa ng motto nila ha.. Where patients are partners!!! Partners nga para mapalaki ang kita nila.  Pasensiya na talaga medyo mahaba toh ha masama lang talaga ang loob ko..

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