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Hello Mommies!

We'd like to invite you to a Live Chat here in SP Parent Chat on Friday, October 17, 1-4pm. All your baby skin concerns will be answered by a Baby Skin Expert, Dra. Palmero, A PediaDerma.

Visit this thread to know more details and post your questions even before the chat on Friday!

Please tell your mommy friends as well to join!


Hello Mommies! For tonight's #TanongNiMommy, we'd like to know your thoughts on using powder on your babies.

There are some who say that using powder may cause asthma, lung problems etc. Are you pro or anti powder? Have you consulted your pedia about the use of powder before actually using it on your baby?

Share your thoughts, reactions, or concerns! We'd love to hear your inputs (or maybe some research you have found online?)


Baby Development and Milestones / Bath Products to Try
« on: September 05, 2014, 03:14:06 pm »
Good Afternoon Mommies!

What are the bath products that should be part of your baby's bath time? Why do you like them? How are they effective?

Are you more of a Shampoo/Soap type or Baby Wash type?


Baby Development and Milestones / How to handle a newborn when bathing
« on: September 03, 2014, 03:27:05 pm »
Hello Mommies!

Share your bath stories and tips on how to handle your newborn when giving him/her a bath here. Soon to be mommies, feel free to post your questions!

Here's a tip:
1. for newborns, make sure to gently support their necks!
2. to avoid startling your baby, gently pour the water, either on their head or on their body.
3. water shouldn't be too hot or too cold.

Share your own tips or stories!


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Moms Share 'Oops' Moments the First Time They Gave Their Newborn a Bath

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