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Hi Mommies,

Just want to know your secret lang on how to make your child obey you without bribing anything or even threatening them? I have my 3yr old daughter and it's always a battle how to make No to Yes ng walang bribe or di kaya kelangan pa sya takutin.

I hope to know your inputs baka pwede ko ma-apply in my current situation:)

Thank you.

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Your Child Misbehaves. You Discipline Her. She Does It Again. What's Wrong?

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Yaya Solutions / How to deal with yaya na pabalang sumagot
« on: June 26, 2012, 09:18:36 am »
Yung yaya ko maayos naman kaya lang may pagkamasungit at kagabi nga nainis asawa ko sa kanya kasi lately lagi na lang sya pabalang kung sumagot. For these past situations, pinapalampas namin pero i think it need to be stopped. Pag pinagsasabihan in a nice way kahit di niya sabihin pero it seems she take it against us. Maayos naman sya sa bahay at sa bata pero itong ugali niya na pabalang sumagot gusto ko sana makorek in a way na hindi sya nagagalit. Kayo sisses, how do you deal with them?

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