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Money / Re: paano mag budget
« on: February 10, 2013, 08:29:51 pm »
This is what my husband and I do every month. We practice this motto/equation:
income - savings/investment = expenses.
Then we had spreadsheet of all our expenses. With our remaining money after removing savings and investments (peso bond mutual fund and stock market), we prepared schedule on allotment of money on each expense based on our salary schedule.

Then we practice envelope system for recurring expenses and pay at once system for once a month expenses. We pay at once salary is received on the 15th the following once a month expenses --- electricity, telephone, internet, cable tv, salaries of house helps and monthly dues with water. Then the remaining money for recurring expenses such as food, water, diaper, baby's milk, etc., we place each in an envelope with corresponding label that is good for a month's consumption. Take for example groceries/food, we allot STICTLY 2T per week budget (so for a month we place 8T) in the groceries envelope.

Eh bad trip starting last November monthly dues in condo may VAT na. When we computed our usual dues with VAT, it will go over our budget. So what we did since included ang water bill in monthly dues, what we try to control the flow of water from faucet. So I told our house helps to slowly open the faucet para hindi mabilis ang metro ng tubig. So far this tipid style helps. As we are paying same amount that we paid before VAT. So na-maintain namin within our budget.

Even though we have much expenses, we don't go over-budget. Surprisingly, we always have sobra or sukli in each envelope. Yung sobra we deposit to our savings every end of the monthly cycle. So lumalabas na may additional savings pa kami every month even after removing the savings/investment from the start. Laking tipid. At wala kaming na mimiss out na babayaran at nabibili namin lahat ng mga needs namin. Ang ending pa nga we get to reward ourselves with luho sa sobra/sukli ng mga expenses namin. We do not get our luho from our original savings. Instead we get it from sukli in our expenses.   

subscribing  :D

Party Planning: Birthdays and Baptism / Re: School Party
« on: September 29, 2012, 06:17:18 pm »
Thanks sis EmPao and sis sweet&spice  :D
The kids had so much fun kahit na snack time lang. My son's preschool does not allow games and entertainment so talagang kainan lang.
Sa theme naman, grabe talagang inikot ko ang divi mall para makakita ng items na swak sa safari theme at the same time swak din sa budget ko.

Sharing my son's birthday cakes

This is made by The Cake Shack. This was for our family's simple birthday party for my son yesterday. Super yummy nung rainbow cake. Highly recommended!

This is made by Cakes by Alyanna. The cake and cupcakes were for his school party early today. Super yummy din! Highly recommended!

Party Planning: Birthdays and Baptism / Re: School Party
« on: September 24, 2012, 05:42:17 pm »
More pics on my son's 3rd birthday party

Party Planning: Birthdays and Baptism / Re: School Party
« on: September 24, 2012, 05:39:44 pm »
Hi. My son had his 3rd birthday party in his school today. The school only allotted 30 minutes for the party. The theme was safari. My son's cake and cupcakes were from Cakes by Alyanna. Super yummy ng cake and cupcakes. Yung cupcakes with 2D topper I gave to the kids. Yung cupcakes with 3D topper I gave to the teachers and staff. I bought cool animal shades in Divisoria at 25pesos each as replacement for the usual party hats. Hit na hit sa mga babies and kids yung shades. Then I ordered pizza-spaghetti snack from Greenwich at 59pesos each meal and added Sunkist juice. For the lootbags, I bought  in Divisoria- ecobags at 8pesos each, animal glitter foam stickers at 9pesos, pencil with animal eraser at 6pesos, animal coin purses at 8pesos- and added candies, cookies na lang.

My baby had so much fun :)

Sharing pics of my son's party


Calpol eversince pagkapanganak. May libre kasi sa Medical City nursery ng calpol kaya nung vaccine niya 2months after birth calpol pinainom ko ok naman. Pero one time yung husband ko ang nabili instead of calpol eh tempra mabagal ang effect sa baby ko. I never tried biogesic.

Other Relationships / Re: Office Politics
« on: June 11, 2012, 09:01:23 pm »
Hay naku kakainis talaga yung mga co-workers na
1. ingitera
2. sulsulera/tsismosa
3. backstabber
4. reklamo ng reklamo sa trabaho

Pero usually these people are the laziest, most engot at sobrang palpak sa trabaho na co-workers. Kakainis nga lang minsan parang ang sarap patulan pero I don't. Talagang grabeng pigil sa sarili ang ginagawa ko kasi it is like stooping to their level. I am not like them. I learn to choose my battles. If these people make false stories about me usually they do it bulong-bulongan tapos once I enter biglang hihinto, I just tell myself it is not always about me. Also I tell myself it is for the better that they focus more on me than their work because sa sobrang inggit at kaka-back stab nila the more they commit mistakes in work and get reprimanded by the boss. So indirectly vindicated ako hahaha...

School Hunting / Re: Where is your Kid's School?
« on: May 13, 2012, 10:06:26 pm »
My 2 years and 8 months old son is enrolled in Schola Progressio Makati. This summer, he is in ABC Fun! class. This coming school year, he will be in nursery. He started in this school when he was 1 year and 9 months last school year. He had speech delay but after months of school he has already caught up with children his age and was able to recite and recognize even at random letters and numbers. Vocabulary increased from none to a lot of words.

School Hunting / Re: Makati Pre-schools
« on: February 02, 2012, 07:44:29 pm »
Hi mommies :)
It's been awhile since my last post. I tried summer classes last year. Ok naman but my hubby and I were worried baka too early pa for my baby Miel. Pero eventually we enrolled him last August 2011 in Schola Progressio Makati. He was only 1 year and 11months. During that time he can only say Mama (that's me) and Nana (our yaya). He has speech delay maybe because of little interaction at home (only with his yaya and all-around helper most of the time) since both hubby and I work. We even transferred residence here in Makati para malapit sa office so we have more time to interact with our son. Pero still he needs to interact with other children.

After 6 months of enrollment, he can now say his name Miel, my name, "tatay", his tatay's name, the names of people he usually interact, can recite numbers 1 to 10 (and identify them at random), recite ABC (identify at random letters A, B, C, D, E, F, K, M, O, P, S, T, W, X, Y and the sounds of each), can identify objects and animals. He cannot still talk in sentences but he can now say in phrases.

I like his teachers there esp his main Toddler teacher, Teacher Carol. She gives nice and informative PTCs. PTCs with her (same with all teachers of course) are very detailed such as what skills toddlers his age should have. She identifies the skills already present, emerging and not yet present. She gives us advice on what activities to do at home to help our son develop skills that are not yet present and are emerging. She also gives advice on how to help to lengthen Miel's very short attention span.

At times I peek in their classroom (which is bawal ha pasaway lang ako hehe), the kids are singing, dancing, doing arts and craft, story telling pero my son, most of the time, roams around the room hahaha...but when you ask him about the lessons, he knows. Kasi every Friday Teacher Carol writes all the parents a very long letter of what they discussed/learned in school for a week. So I ask him just to check pero mind you  alam ng anak ko. He is not stressed out pa. Every time I go and fetch him, of course he is happy to see me pero he keeps coming back  or looking back  to the school and says almost endless bye-bye to everybody (his teachers, staff and guards) and gives them all flying kisses.
So I think good move nga kami in choosing Schola Progressio Makati. lang the tuition fee medyo pricy pero what the heck.

Baby Names / Re: names you like to give to your baby in the future?
« on: July 18, 2011, 09:16:14 pm »
My hubby wants French names. Our first (and only so far) is named Emile Olivier.

So if ever the next baby is a girl, we will name her Amelie Sophie. But if the baby is a boy, hehe di pa kami nakaisip.

Makalat siya sobra. Yung polos, slacks, shirts niya naka-hanger yan sa closet namin. Aba naman kukunin lang ang damit tapos ang hanger iiwan lang dun nakasabit di man lang ilabas at ilagay sa lalagyan ng mga hanger para gamitin ulit ng plantsadora. Tapos parang ahas kung maghubad ng damit. Iiwan lang sa sahig sa room namin. Sabi pa sa akin hahaha dyan naman ako para pumulot.

Mabutingting. Kahit anong sira kukumpunihin.

Mahilig mamalengke at grocery hahaha

Ayaw ng chocolates. Pero gusto ang kahit anong luto basta may sabaw.

Matipid sa pera. As in sobrang masinop.

Parang ngang mas gusto niya pa now ang figure ko after having a baby 2 years ago. Kasi before super skinny ako so walang napipisil at walang nakukurot. Now na nagkalaman, may napipisil at nakukurot sa mga right places hahaha. Although ang tummy ko talaga grr di na bumalik sa dati pero it does not bother him.

ten things i love about my honey

1. He loves me and our son very much. He puts his needs aside for us.

2. He is a good provider. All our needs checked. Bills paid.

3. He is very responsible at home and work. Kaya nga every year he brings home plaques/certificates of recognition from work for being the most performing employee :)

4. Walang bisyo. He stopped smoking when I became his girlfriend  year 1998 kasi raw may asthma ako. As for drinking, he always asks permission from me (since bf-gf pa until now) and always home at the time he tells me. Mind you I don't require him to do this but he does it always. This drinking session with friends only happens once in a blue moon. hahaha

5. He is our resident handyman. Lahat kaya nyang ayusin. Madiskarte.

6. He is my confidante. He gives sound advice and is very level-headed.

7. He is very down-to-earth. Sobrang simple hindi maangas pero magaling.

8. He is very loyal to me. He loves me so much eh. Kahit d na ako sexy gaya ng dati hahaha

9. He is very patient with me. Opposite kasi kami ng ugali. Ako masyadong madaldal at makwela, sya quiet lang. Stubborn pa ako. So every time we have an argument, he waits for me to cool down then talks to me in a nice way. Kaya kapag magka-away kami waah ang tahimik namin. Tapos d tumatagal ang argument.

10. Kahit busy sya sa trabaho because great ang demand sa work, he always makes time for me and our baby. If ever gagabihin sya dahil nag-overtime, pagdating ng Saturday ilalabas niya si Miel pupunta sa park para maglaro ng ball tapos sunduin nila ako sa work after. Tapos sa Sunday we go to mass and after nag-bonding kaming family.

My hubby has a lot of things that I don't like or parang I hate nga eh. But I can take them all because of these 10 important things and some pa. Miel and I are lucky to have him. We are proud of Tatay! We love you too!

Beauty and Product Reviews / Re: hair care down there
« on: June 27, 2011, 06:32:18 pm »
Nagpa-brazilian wax ako last Sunday for the first time sa Lay Bare Katipunan 2. Sinunod ko yung advise sa website to drink mefenamic  at least 30mins before session.Malaking natulong yung Ponstan 500mg hahaha. Kasi natiis ko naman yung pain. Ok naman sa front part kapag hinihila na pero yung lower part medyo manipis na yung skin waah ang sakit. Buti na lang nilalagyan ni Ate ng powder kapag yung area na tinanggalan niya sinabi ko masakit kaya nawawala kaagad yung pain. Almost an hour din ako dun. Babalik ako next 2-3 weeks after hehe. By that time siguro bawas na ang pain  ;D

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