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Sexuality / Re: sex is important in a relationship
« on: August 02, 2013, 01:10:30 pm »
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You're welcome sis  ;)

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Thank you and happy posting mommies!  ;)

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^sis smart.momi, in what other situation do you find your daughter having a hard time obeying?

In my case, my child is also very makulit at malikot --- as in sobra. Hindi siya nakukuha sa "Anak, wag kang takbo ng takbo, madadapa ka", "Anak, don't go upstairs alone, baka ma-miss mo yung step", etc. It seems that my child doesn't hear me.

So what I did, I followed my friend's advice and fortunately, as for my kid, it worked! Instead of using the word "Huwag" or "No" or "Don't" ang sinasabi ko every time di na naman siya maawat kakatakbo "Sige tumakbo ka pa.. nakahanda na yung alcohol" bigla hihinto ang anak ko.. tapos sasagot siya "Hindi na nga po.." effective naman so far.  ;D Pero parang nananakot din  ;D But I find the style helpful instead of me saying "Huwag" for like 5x.

Aside from that reverse psychology effect, I also bought a set of kiddie stamp na katulad ng ginagamit ng mga teachers sa school. Everytime na may good deed ang anak ko like just for simply not forgetting to use "po" and "opo", for returning the toys used, for finishing his homework, nilalagyan ko sya ng "star" sa kamay. At ang effect naman non, dahil may star siya, ime-maintain niya yung pagiging "very good" niya.

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I agree on the idea that your salaries be combined. Then itemize all your expenses and deduct the total from your combined salaries.

For me kase, kapag combined ang salaries, mawawala na yung bilangan sa pera. Because in this case, money is being well-distributed and you can no longer trace whose money went to this or that. Less ang tanong.  ;D

In the first place, money should never be an issue in a marriage.  ;)

Labor and Child Birth / Re: Lying in clinics vs. Hospitals
« on: May 22, 2013, 11:39:51 am »
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Getting Pregnant / Re: How did you tell him he's already a daddy?
« on: May 21, 2013, 09:47:54 am »
Hi mommies!

Did you know that there are also things to be considered in announcing your pregnancy? Find out here:

Iím Pregnant! When Should I Tell?

Hi mommies!

Did you know that there are also things to be considered in announcing your pregnancy? Find out here:

Iím Pregnant! When Should I Tell?

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Romantic Relationships / Re: Who is the dad?
« on: April 12, 2013, 04:51:59 pm »
If I were in your shoes sis, siguro I would advise my friend to forgive herself.

I think kaya siya umiiyak kase hindi pa niya siguro matanggap na nakagawa siya ng ganong pagkakamali. Kase tingin ko, napatawad na siya ni God.

Oo, kasalanan na yung may nangyari sa kanila ng HS friend niya. Pero mas magiging magulo kase ang sitwasyon kung aamin siya. Eh dahil hindi naman kamo siya sure, pwede rin naman na yung baby eh biological child ng husband niya di ba?

I'm not sure how ideal it is to be honest at this kind of situation. Na pwedeng ma-risk pati yung relationship ng husband ng friend mo at ng baby nila (ayan, claim ko na talaga na si hubby niya ang father  ;) )

You said, mahal na mahal ni husband ang baby, so why break that bond di ba? Pati pamilya nila baka masira pa. Eh sabi mo nga wala nang paki yung HS friend... so why bother that guy?

At sana, wala nang ibang makaalam. Kase hindi natin alam ang bibig ng mga tao. Pwedeng ang intention eh humingi lang ng payo, pero baka ipagkalat na yun at makarating pa sa husband ng friend mo di ba? Baka imbis na mapabuti, eh mapasama pa.

You may help your friend accept the fact na tapos na yun. Nangyari na yun. Ngayon, patawarin na niya ang sarili niya. I'm sure, may dahilan rin ang Dyos kung bakit nangyari ito.

POV ko lang po.

Some husbands are so involved they even accompany their respective wives in the delivery room! These fathers reveal their thoughts and emotions stepping into the said unfamiliar territory...

Dads in the Labor Room

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