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Real Parenting / Re: Anong feeling ng first glimpse sa baby mo?
« on: February 15, 2011, 03:33:18 pm »
i've been there twice still i have this unfathomable feelings of joy, pride and gratitude everytime i got the 1st glimpse of our in teary eyes talaga ang show ko everytime....since CS ako in both kids..i was always excited to see them a day after am out of the recovery room....

Baby Development and Milestones / Re: happy picture ni baby
« on: October 27, 2010, 02:24:14 pm »

Real Parenting / Re: Favorite commercial ng babies nyo?
« on: October 27, 2010, 01:04:15 pm »
my 6 months old son loves the colgate commercial..yung may "brush brush brush 3x a day"..... :D

my 4yo daughter naman is gusto yung commercial ng jollibee ;)

ako din PANYO kaya like other mommies here i have wet and dry tissue in my bag always :D

Your Kid's Health and Safety / Re: Baby has sore eyes
« on: October 07, 2010, 06:21:56 pm »
thanx mommies! sorry late na reply ko. her pedia recommended eye drops.

sis, tanong ko lang ano brand ny eyedrops?

i find the word periwinkle cute and i so love the color 

Holidays / Re: My Favorite Christmas Song
« on: September 30, 2010, 03:00:38 pm »
Malamig ang simoy ng hangin na talaga...indeed christmas is in the air na and may mga stores na with christmas decors everywhere na dito sa amin ;D yehey! pasko na naman!

My favorite christmas songs

My Grown up Christmas List
It's Christmas all over the world - not sure ito ba talaga ang title :D
Tuloy tuloy pa rin ang pasko - i lili lili lyk ..its the real thing eh..
and yung song ni Garry V and his daughter Kianna na lyrics sa start ay " Not all the gifts I opened"

the ones i have, though generic, are not of plastic :D

same tayo mommy...

talagang ngpapa-cute ako dito..

Members' Kumustahan board / Re: Picture of you and your hubby
« on: September 21, 2010, 02:50:49 pm »
taken last week during our fellowship night...Hawaiian motiff pero si hubby iba ang suot ;D

thanks po... nagtataka xe ako bat ang bilis naman kung mens 'to.. e pinababalik ako ng ob ko once na magkaroon n daw ako, e ayako pa bumalik xe gastos na naman, hehe ;D salamat po..

 ;D ganyan din reaction ko, sis and correct ka rin magastos pabalikbalik sa OB ;D


Yung nakita ko sa, diaper cover lang sya. ipapatong sa lampin. P870 ang isa. super mahal!

ang mahal naman nyan sis...i bought sa baby ko and yung price range is 50-75..dito nga lang sa province namin...

Jokes and Funny Stories / Re: Kids Know Best!
« on: September 16, 2010, 05:35:53 pm »
pa share naman ha my experience sa Chloe namin...
One evening, I arrived home from work and nadatnan ko yung mother ko and my daughter singing...

     Climb up the mountain
     Point to the moon
     Look at the grasses
     Count the color of the rainbow
     Sail to the sea
     God made the whole world
     For you and me

Knowing its a song taught to them in school, i happily sung along. The following morning, i asked her to sing the song while Papa is watching. Napansin ko yung lyrics sa  2nd line was changed into Point to the sun. so, i asked her bakit SUN na naman while last night MOON yung sabi niya? Sagot niya, "Point to the SUN, mama kasi ayan si Mr. Sun oh...last night i said moon kasi si Mr. Moon was there" 8) correctness nga ;D..ayaw ko naman paawat, so i asked "What if there is no sun or moon?" sinagot ba agad "eh di Point to the SKY na lang, andyan naman palagi si SKY eh" :o ...oo nga ano!

We were answering her assignment, one weekend. At the age of 3 alam na niya how to write the alphabet and the numbers. The instruction says "Write V if the object is a Vegetable or F if it is a Fruit" . I explained to her the instruction.

Object # 1 Lettuce
                Me: What is this? (testing if she identifies the drawing which she already actually saw)
                Chloe: It's a vegetable, Mama.
                Me: ok. so you write V coz Lettuce is a vegetable. very good anak!

Object # 2 Apple
                Chloe: This an apple, Mama!
                 Me: Yes anak. very good. Apple is a fruit, diba?
                 Chloe: Yes mama.
                 Me: Ok, write letter F na.
                 Chloe: No! apple man yan. Teacher said, Apple is A. 
It took me quite sometime to convince her to write F kasi nga fruit ang apple. :D. Follow instructions nga eh.


Members' Kumustahan board / Re: I would love to have a....?
« on: September 16, 2010, 04:27:09 pm »
*fervent wish ko talaga , house and lot (kahit hulog-hulogan ;))

When i had my 1stborn, i tried EQ, Pampers, and Huggies. Sa EQ nkaka rushes siya. Then sa Pampers, ngka ka rushes din siya especially if ngkaka-sweat yung legs and bum niya, so i changed. Dito ako sa Huggies Dry contented talaga, no worries na ako sa rushes but then, every 4 hours yung palitan namin. I looked for a diaper na pwede sa overnight, i saw Huggies Dry Comfort. Until she got potty trained, we used the Huggies Dry Comfort na kasi during night time lang namin pinapagamit ng diapers.

Dito naman sa 2nd baby namin, I used Huggies Newborn (eh, very mahal) so i tried Pampers newborn (mas mahal pala :P) so i switched to Pampers Dry Comfort. Am glad hindi maarte yung skin ni baby :D unlike his Ate. :D During the day kapag nasa bahay lang kami, we use the cloth diaper. Para naman daw mbawasan yung waste na diapers sabi ni Hubby (Did you know that a disposable diaper takes 500 years to decompose?) So, at night na lang kami gumagamit ng disposable diapers :D

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