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Real Parenting / Re: Super tigas na ulo ng bata anong dapat gawin
« on: March 02, 2012, 10:21:11 am »
I'm having the same problem with my son. He's turning 4y/o in April and he started behaving arrogantly when he had this bastos yaya. It really breaks my heart to see how he's changed, partly, nagsisisi ako na hindi ko nalaman na pangit pala ang trato sa kanya ng dati nyang yaya. Nagsimula syang mamalo, manakit, manigaw. I feel all those 2.5 years that we were teaching him good manners are wasted nung nagpalit kami ng yaya. Hirap kami ngayon na i-correct ang attitude na nakasanayan niya. Iba na ang yaya niya ngayon, pero dala-dala pa rin niya yung pangit na ugali na natutunan niya sa dati nyang yaya.

Yung payo ni sis peppergurl, that's what I did just the other night. HInayaan ko lang ngumawa ng ngumawa ang anak ko, nevermind if our neighbors' dogs were barking sa sobrang ingay ng anak ko. HIndi ko sya pinansin talaga after niya ako paluin at sipain. Hanggang sa napagod sya, iyak pa rin ng iyak at nakatulog na. Kinabukasan, hindi na niya ako masyado pinalo-palo. Sabi lang niya agad sa akin, "Mommy, hindi na kita aawayin para love mo na ako." Kagabi pinagsabihan ko sya ulit kasi nagstart na naman mamalo, tumigil sya agad tapos yumakap na lang until he fell asleep.

Sana maging effective ito. I know I just have to be firm and consistent. 

Money / Re: help about "pagbukod"
« on: January 19, 2012, 02:58:37 pm »
considerations of living on your own (i mean with your immediate family-- hubby, kids, caregiver) in no particular order:

1. shelter- house rent/mortgage (if loaned)
2. food- weekly groceries (i.e. baby's milk, diapers, canned goods, toiletries, cooking must-haves, condiments, etc.), viand every meal (i.e. fresh produce, meat/poultry, fish), rice
3. utilities- water and electric bill
4. transportation- gas (if you own a car) or fares (if commuter)

that's just the basics. wala pa dyan yung for leisure. i guess if the budget is enough, pleasure should be in the budget list, but if the money that comes in is just meager, you have to cut on expenditures. in our case, we don't have a cable nor a landline. we rely on our mobile phones, but our mom provided us with PLDT landline plus SIM card (i guess she only pays P200/month for that on top of their monthly phone bill) so we could check on my son while at work.

i must say that a dual income household is the trend nowadays, with the increasing cost of living. it also helps to have supportive family. although we are already living on our own since my son is born, our parents still assist us in little ways that they can, like what my mom did with the PLDT line, and my in-laws' ration of rice from the province.

while it's true that moving out gives you the liberty to be the parent that you want to be to your kid/s and to be the partner that you want to be to your better half, you have so many things to consider. the most important part of which is your financial capability to support your family's daily needs so you can peacefully live on your own.

Meron palang topic na ganito...E di sana last year nakipost na agad ako. :-)

My/Our reasons for remaining technically single:
1. We have so many issues to settle among ourselves.
When we got pregnant, everybody was very much against it. People did not understand that we are old enough to decide for ourselves, that whatever choice we made, we gladly accept the consequence/challenge that comes with it. Naapektuhan na kami ng kaliwa't kanang batuhan ng issue--- sumbat from each party, judgmental people (surprisingly friends and family members pa sila), isama na rin natin ang financial issues.

2. We need more time for adjustment.
We are both freedom-loving individuals. I don't know if we can attribute it to the fact that we are both Sagittarians (you know, zodiac stuff), but we really need to adapt to our situation, and learn that as parents, our individual hobbies and interests take a backseat sometimes. Hindi pwede na palaging parang buhay-binata. Mas applicable ito sa kanya kasi mas mataas yung desire niya to still pursue the same things he does when he was still very much single. Pati sa pag-uugali, ideals in life, nakita namin na magkaiba kami sa maraming aspeto. I can say that though we've been living with each other for 4 years now, it is only now that we are moving towards understanding each other for what we are, what we want, and what we need.

3. Budget
At first , we thought that this is our only probloem. Later on, as the days passed by na magkasama kami sa bahay, hindi lang pala ito ang tunay na problema namin. May #1 and #2 pa (abovestated).

Actually, the trick to facing questions on our being single is choosing smart answers. With smart, hindi ko naman sinasabing dapat intellectual reply, but more of a reply that would make them back off, without us being mean. Example, pag tinatanong ako bakit hindi pa kasal, una kong sinasabi: "Bakit?" or "Why do you wanna know?" Eh di mag-iisip na sila agad kung anong isasagot nila. Pag sinabi na dapat magpakasal na kayo para sa bata, ang sinasabi ko naman, ang kasal formality lang yan. Hindi nga yan para sa bata eh, para yan gawing lehitimo ang pagsasama ng dalawang indibidwal, pero hindi kailangan minamadali, may anak ka man o wala. Pero gusto ko yung sagot na napagkasunduan namin ng partner ko: Darating din tayo dyan. :-)

Breastfeeding / Re: baby not getting enough milk - how to re-lactate?
« on: September 01, 2011, 04:03:25 pm »
@sis Kermy:

i sought the home service massage of fabella hospital midwives. usually it's 3 sessions (an hour a day, if i remember it right). they massaged my whole body to help me relax and to stimulate blood circulation. i felt "emancipated" from all the stress that time. i really don't know if that's FACT or myth, but my milk production improved after that. i only availed a day of their service though. i also took natalac (malunggay capsule) and took lots of fluid-- milk, water, soup, broth (in viands). expressing milk through breastpumps also stimulates milk production, but the best is to have your baby latch on. without sounding "bastos," our lamaze instructor told me to let hubby "latch on" because his force of sucking is greater than our baby's.  you can try hot compress (wet towel with warm water but not so warm to burn your skin) on your chest. it sort of "unclogs" those milk ducts. milk just drips from my nips afterwards. ;D

believe it or not, it took almost a year before my body ceased producing milk. i breastfed my son until he was two years old, and it was only when he turned three that i lost the uncomfy feeling of slightly engorged breasts, and there were times that i tried to squeeze milk from my breasts to see if i still have them (milk) and i was surprised i still do.  ;D

goodluck, mommy. hope you'd "revive" your milk production soon.   

There's no proven way to permanently remove stretchmarks but lotion can help reduce its visibility. My friend who lost 40 lbs. uses any type of lotion she purchases in beauty shops/groceries and she said her stretchmarks became less visible although still present on her skin. One of my officemates recommend Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil--- she even used it for her underarms and she's happy with the result.

I guess it really depends on our genes-- if our skin type is prone to stretchmarks or not. I got a friend who's skinny but she has lots of stretchmarks on her upper arm. She even underwent treatment but to her disappointment, the marks prevail.

I see no harm in applying lotion everyday, just be wary of chemicals (especially for preggy/nursing moms). Choose organic products, if possible.

Try Vandol ointment. My son's case is kinda differenf from the rest because his poop is kinda "acidic" thus caused irritation on his butt. It was the one prescribed to us, and luckily, my son's rashes disappeared.

The most useless baby item/s for me, at least, are the following:

We never got to set this up in our house. Besides, the pedia does not approve of it.

-Munchkins food net
I bought this because a friend recommended it, but it turned out that it's kinda not hygienic/not really safe to use. I was having a hard time cleaning it everytime I put seedless grapes inside it. I also realized that this item could probably make a baby "lazy" to eat. I don't know if other moms who tried it would share the same sentiment. It was just my experience anyway.

My son ended up using socks instead. They don't fell off his tiny feet.

-My son hated restrictions in his movement, such as being swaddled. I ended up stashing them in the closet, for future use. If there would still be. :-D

Modess since I was 14. Yung Ultra Thin Cottony Soft Cover, with wings. :-)

Recommended Reads / Re: Books by Filipino Authors
« on: May 17, 2011, 02:08:32 pm »
I've always been fond of writings by F. Sionil Jose---serious but with humor. For reality check with comic relief, I go for Bob Ong's.

Books by Adarna and Hiyas are good, too. Their books from various authors touch different aspects of our life as a Filipino. There is one book that I really related to, and it's titled "Papa's House, Mama's House" by Jean lee Patindol. I had an exchange of e-mails with the author in the past, and I really commended her for illustrating such a delicate topic (broken home) in a children's point of view.

I read various books to my son before he sleeps. Mostly by Filipino authors because I want him to appreciate our culture's creativity. He loves "Araw sa Palengke," "Pilong Patagu-tago," "Ang Mabait na Kalabaw," and "Ching na Takot sa  Dilim." He also has faves from foreign authors like "Jack and the Beanstalk" (it's the fee-fi-fo-fum giant's sound), "Rumpelstiltskin," and "Gingerbreadman."

Party Planning: Birthdays and Baptism / Re: max's kids party..
« on: March 16, 2011, 02:40:10 pm »
Meron po bang nag-avail ng in-house host ng Max's?  Kamusta naman?

Medyo tight budget kasi, kaya I was thinking if OK lang na di na kumuha ng host sa labas.  Sa Max's Sucat kasi, 2 hours lang ang free use of venue.  So we got the 11AM - 1PM slot para luncheon party.

For kiddie parties, ok naman ba ang host ng Max's?

We held our son's first birthday party in Max's Orosa Branch (cor. U.N. Avenue, Manila) in April 2008. I must say it was a blast, and I have to compliment the in-house host/magician for that. We paid P3,000 for his services inclusive of hosting, magic tricks, balloon twisting. Nagulat rin ako na sya na rin ang nag-DJ kasi sya ang nagcontrol sa sound system, sa music tuwing nagpapa-games sya and during the magic show.

RapRap the Magician is his name. I would have gotten him again for my son's 3rd b-day party next month, but sad to say, Jollibee does not permit external hosts. If my son had not requested for Jollibee, I would prefer holding his party again in Max's. Madali sila kausap, walang bawal-bawal masyado. They even created 2 balloon pillars for us, for free kasi nakita nila na may sobrang balloons ako. I just gave them the excess balloons, pa-consuelo na lang. They didn't even charge me for the additional lootbags that I got.

My son has been drinking Nido Jr. since he turned two last April. So far, so good. He's not HUGE nor constipated, whatsoever. He was formerly using NAN.

It's really important to check the label. We may not notice it but we could be exceeding the recommended servings of milk they should take in a day. In my son's case, the pedia said we should give him milk 2-3 times a day, the rest of his meals should already be solid food. I see to it that the number of scoops is tantamount to the volume of water, everytime I prepare his milk.   

Baby Development and Milestones / Re: what age nagsalita baby nyo?
« on: November 11, 2010, 11:03:02 am »
Nice post from sis krishna.

Sometimes, parents expect a lot from their kids, perhaps because of the inevitable "competition" among themselves-- syempre pag matatas magsalita ang baby mo, the impression is that he/she is an intelligent child. Ergo, you are an intelligent parent, too. You will earn kudos for raising a child who can already converse beside the fact that they haven't gone to school yet.

This topic actually makes me think a lot a bout the ironies of parenthood-- while moms on this particular thread are worried about their barely 3-year olds who couldn't converse yet, I am worried about my 2.7 month old son who mimics every word he hears. The sad part is that he blurts these unpleasant words ("buang"-- an expression of surprise/shock by her Visayan yaya, "bading" and the tagalog word for the male genitalia--what he hears from  the kids who play near our house) unpredictably, in public. I always tell him these words are not really bad, but he shouldn't be speaking those words at his age. I call it "adult words."

I think it's best to consult a developmental pedia, to be able to assess the real case of the child than just merely relying on the expectations of our relatives. Avoid reacting without assuring your child's situation. May ibang bata na delayed talaga makapagsalita, like my friend who spoke when she was already 6y/o. Ngayon naman sobrang daldal niya, di na sya mapigilan.

Your Health / Re: cure for falling hair
« on: November 11, 2010, 09:36:04 am »
I didn't know that one day, I'd be so concerned about my hair.

My hair has never been a problem until today. I was blessed with a straight, shiny hair. My friends call it "virgin hair" kasi never na-rebond, never na-relax, never na-cellophane, never na-hair dye. I tried hot oil prolly about 5 times in my existence (turning 28 na ako). Di rin ako nagamit ng conditioner. Just when I am ready to lose the "virginity" of my hair, saka ko naman napansin na numinipis nga at nalalagas ito.

I wear my hair long, like it reaches the half of my back, kasi I plan to try digi-perm before the year ends. Kaso dahil sa "changes" na napansin ko, postpone muna. I'm not sure if it's stress or what, kasi ang stress ko in the form of my allergies, not manifested by hair fall. Pati nanay ko napansin na kaya nagpapanic na ako sa mga oras na ito. Pano ba naman, mas makapal pa ang buhok niya kesa sa akin.

It's almost 3 years since I gave birth, and it really bothers me that I'm having hair fall now kasi di ko naman ito naranasan noon. Iniwasan ko nga maglagay ng kung ano-ano sa hair kasi ayoko makalbo, yun pala ganon pa rin mangyayari. :-(

What's the most natural way to prevent it kaya? Sad na ako.  :'(

Beauty and Product Reviews / Re: Human Nature Products users how is it??
« on: November 04, 2010, 03:28:17 pm »
I think I already mentioned in one of my posts good things about the Human Nature products that I've tried. Ulitin ko na lang ulit for sis lizstateresa. :)

I tried the following:

Citronella Bug Spray- ok sya; sabi ng isa kong officemate, hindi niya spray directly sa skin ng pamangkin niya, but he sprays it on the sides of the bed, effective naman din daw. kasi dati nilalamok yung niece niya, ngayon hindi na.

Hand Sanitizer- smells good; ok naman gamitin. my son also likes this.

Hand and Foot Salve (Banana and Carrot scent)- it's quite warm when you apply--medyo mainit sa pakiramdam especially if you are not in an airconditioned room, pero ok naman, in fairness, medyo lumambot ang talampakan ko. hehe.

Calendula Facial Wash- my face feels smooth after using it.

Tomato Toner- eto yata ang the best sa nasubukan ko. feeling flawless ang face afterwards. hehe.

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