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I dont think may connection yung maaga naglakad ang baby boy sa pagiging delayed talker. My first born is a boy, walked independently when he was only 12 mos old but as early as 10 mos old lang may mga words na syang nasasabi..before he turned 2, fully conversant na..he was the only kid din sa house, but full time mom ako so i made sure na i talked to him can help your kid by talking to him often, limit tv time and read books na lang instead of letting him watch tv. I agree na you use one language or dialect lang muna so as not to confuse the kid..what i did pa pala, when i talk to him, i made sure na eye level kami at nakikita niya movement ng lips ko, easier for him to imitate the words. Tapos everytime may new word sya, i praise him or showed my appreciation para mas maencourage sya..

My daughter had this when she was few months old.. It was a firm lump under her nipples, parang developing breast (or breast buds) first worried ako, i thought she was having precocious puberty so dinala ko sa pedia..pedia explained that it is not uncommon for babies to have this, kahit boys minsan nagkakaron nito..avoid touching it lang and eventually it will gradually shrink din but will take several months..true enough, yung sa daughter ko nag-flatten na,  dati para talaga syang tinutubuan na ng boobs..but for your peace mind,  bring her to her pedia para macheck pa din.

Real Parenting / Re: When did your baby learn/recognized the Alphabet?
« on: February 23, 2015, 12:28:16 pm »
My daughter is already 1 yr and 7 mos old now and she can recite the alphabet from a to z na, clear na kasi sya magsalita.she can identify letters na din kahit random and has mastered counting from 1 to 10.  Aside from counting and alphabet, she can name body parts from head to toe, animal sounds and  knows at least 8 shapes.. Now, tinituruan ko naman ng colors, so far 4 colors pa lang alam niya

Baby Development and Milestones / Re: ano first word ni baby nyo?
« on: September 16, 2014, 09:44:49 am »
"yayay" at 6 mos old, that time may rashes sya sa bum at super iyak, but i think it's tsamba lang..then she said "apir" at 10-11 mos ata, eto di na tsamba coz consistent niya na nasasabi with matching hand gesture pa

she started cruising inside the crib at around 8 mos, then had her first steps unasssisted when she was 11 mos at 13 mos, steady na maglakad at nililibot na ang bahay ;D

Yaya Solutions / Re: Mas mabuti ng matakaw, wag Lang magnanakaw
« on: August 11, 2014, 07:10:19 pm »
i agree sis :) mas ok na yan kesa magnanakaw...share ko lang set up namin with our helpers..naka-separate ang snacks nila, most of the time naman kasi di kami kumakain ng snacks ni hubby, so we just provide food for them..included sa grocery list namin coffee (3 in 1 kasi mas controlled), juice in sachet, loaves of bread, sandwich spread, cookies/crackers plus toiletries. good for 2 weeks na yung supply nila although madalas di nila nauubos talaga, minsan may mga di pa sila nabubuksan eh. pag naubos naman nila agad, they have to buy their own na.  twice a month lang ang grocery shopping namin, so more or less kabisado na namin yung dami ng nacoconsume..btw, they eat the same food that we eat and  pag may food pa sa ref like cake, ice cream etc, they are free to get naman, except yung food ng son ko ;D

Preschooler Age / Re: buhay nursery
« on: July 08, 2014, 02:59:55 pm »
naku sis ako hinayaan ko lang, magastos sa sketch pad kasi puno din agad, at first parang isang guhit kada page ang ginagawa haha...unti-unti natututo sya kay ok na din ;D

Preschooler Age / Re: buhay nursery
« on: July 08, 2014, 10:06:43 am »
hi sis, my son was also 2 years old when he started going to school, october born din. sya ang youngest sa class, actually buti na lang tinanggap sya sa nursery 1 since cut off age is 3..and since bata pa, at first ikot ng ikot sa classroom, minsan nagpaparticipate, minsan hindi and like your son, di pa din sya masyado marunong magsulat..but eventually, nag-improve din, anlaki nga ng improvement according to his teacher, umuupo na sya ng matagal like his classmates, di na malikot and before sya natapos ng nursery 1, marunong na sya magsulat ng full name niya ng walang kokopyahan. di ko sya prinessure actually, it was his own initiative na matuto magsulat and what i did lang was binilhan ko sya ng activity books, guided him na mag-trace ng letters, kung ayaw hinahayaan ko lang...sya mismo nagsasabi kung mag-write na daw sya ;D he's in nursery 2 now, he can even write both uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet na walang kopya ;)

Health and Nutrition / Re: Payatot si baby sa loob ng tummy. help!
« on: June 13, 2014, 07:40:51 pm »
yung OB mo mismo sis ang mag-eevaluate if you need some additional tests and not the one who performed the scan...your OB will base din kasi sa history mo, physical examination etc, so sya talaga makakaalam if you need to undergo additional tests pa to confirm the findings on your ultrasound.

Health and Nutrition / Re: Payatot si baby sa loob ng tummy. help!
« on: June 13, 2014, 02:16:20 pm »
this is just my opinion sis ha..yes pwede mo patabain na lang baby mo paglabas as what the other mommies here said, pwede to basta within the normal range pa din ang fetal weight..but, if the fetal weight falls below the 10th percentile sa gestational age, may tinatawag po tayong IUGR/ intrauterine fetal growth restriction  and may neonatal complications po associated sa IUGR thing to do is consult your OB, she might ask you to undergo some tests to determine the cause and/or properly diagnose if it is indeed IUGR...another thing, ultrasound done in the latter part of pregnancy is no longer accurate in dating, so kung mapapansin mo, di na tugma or iba-iba yung EDD kasi depende po yan sa size ng baby, and the baby's size is actually influenced by a lot of factors-nutrition, genetics, medical conditions etc, so pwedeng mas malaki or mas maliit sya than the average..the most accurate and reliable one is the early or 1st trimester ultrasound or kung wala naman, calculation of EDD  through LMP (kung sure ka sa last period mo and with regular cycle)...

Yaya Solutions / Re: how to deal with yaya when dining out?
« on: June 06, 2014, 09:45:42 am »
we have 2 kids na so pag lumalabas kami, kasama namin 2 yaya kaya medyo magastos na...but just the same, an g rule namin ni hubby, basta isinama namin sila kahit sa hotel resto/buffte pa yan, kakain sila kasama namin...super no-no yan esp kay hubby na kumakain kami tapos sila hindi...

Labor and Child Birth / Re: 9weeks3days pregnant no heartbeat
« on: April 29, 2014, 11:33:58 am »
ask for a repeat ultrasound if you're in doubt..yes, it is possible na may error in dating etc, although in ultrasound kasi, they take measurements of the baby so more or less, malalaman yung gestational age which is important esp if you have an irregular menstrual cycle. as early as 6 weeks, fetal cardiac activity can be detected thru transvaginal 9 weeks with no heart beat, medyo alarming na nga, but still para sure lang, pa-repeat scan ka na lang and/or request for hCG level determination to check kung bumababa ba if it is indeed early demise...btw, mas accurate po ultrasound than kapa-kapa lang, kasi for all you know, baka yung sinasabi nilang may pumipintig eh blood vessel mo lang yun and not the baby's heart beat..

Home / Re: Achieving your Dream Home
« on: March 13, 2014, 02:59:11 pm »
ongoing pa ang house construction namin pero malapit na matapos, kakatuwa kasi every weekend may site visit kami and super happy and fulfilling na unti-unting nabubuo ang dream house namin..ours is a 3-storey, modern type, 5-bedroom house with 4 t&b ( 2 rooms for the kids, 1 guest room, master bedroom and 1 maid's room), plus family room and a small ground floor syempre may living room, dining, kitchen, service area and a 2-car garage..initially the plan was to build a 2-storey house lang sana, but since medyo small ang lot, we decided na 3-storey na lang to maximize the space..but then, we were able to acquire yung katabing lot pero late na to revise the house plan pa, but the good part is lumaki ang garden/paygound for the kids..this weekend, we'll scout for tiles na, we have to finalize na what tiles to use, pati colors ng paint etc...canvassing pa kami sa gagawa ng kitchen and walk-in closet, our target is to move in before our daughter's 1st bday on june..hopefully, matapos na para party preps naman ang aasikasuhin ko :)

Big Kids / Re: communicating with kids in english
« on: March 05, 2014, 08:54:55 am »
my son is 3 years old. we speak to him in Filipino, yun ang gusto namin ni hubby, na matuto muna sya ng Filipino para di sya mahirapan sa school. sa school naman, medium of instruction nila is english na and most of his classmates are english-speaking, so easier na for him to learn the language. i have a brother in law kasi na nasanay sa english and nung nag-school na halos bumagsak naman sa Filipino subjects niya, hirap na hirap sya kaya need pa nila ipa-tutor, sa schoool kasi nila, sobrang important ang native language...ayaw naman namin matulad sya kay bro in law na nag-eexcel sa ibang subjects tapos puro pasang-awa sa Filipino, eh pinoy naman kami ;D

Weaning, Formula and Solids transition / Re: How to Prep Promilgold?
« on: February 06, 2014, 10:07:27 pm »
ok lang sis..same sa baby ko, saktong 6 mos nagpalit kami ng milk niya from S26 to promil gold :)

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