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School Hunting / Re: Christian School (for born again christian)
« on: March 24, 2012, 08:26:39 pm »
Hi sis! I attended the dedication of our pastor's new school this morning re Christian Legacy Integrated Learning and Tutorial Corp. It's a progressive school which accepts preschool to high school. It's located @ 2nd flr AMV bldg. gen estrella st cor evangelista in makati. you can contact them @ 0927-7922526/0933-608877.
God bless.

School Hunting / Re: Christian School (for born again christian)
« on: March 22, 2012, 11:26:24 pm »
Hi sis! Am also follower of Jesus. Here's my list.

Pasig Christian School in C. Raymundo, pasig
Victory Christian International School in Robinson Circle near valle verde
St. Gabriel's Christian School in palatiw, pasig
there's one also inside dona juana subd. in c.raymundo, pasig
Makati Christian Academy
Victory Christian school in the Fort

Hope this would help. God bless.

Real Parenting / Re: how to discipline a child na palasagot? help!
« on: September 07, 2011, 06:24:15 pm »
hi mumzeth! You can be of help to your pamangkin by being a friend to her/him. You can try to talk to your pamangkin as an adult, tell her about her/his mom's life story, how he/she was taken cared before her mom left  to work overseas., the reasons why she grew up with her/his dad's families. You can start from there sis, that way you would be able to know her/his sentiments as she/he opens her/his heart to you. It will not be an overnight thing but patience and gentleness will melt her/his pride and anger. Goodluck gurl! Sino pba mag gagabay sa ating mga mhal kundi rin tayo diba?

Hi to all working moms! Been in that situation already wherein I have to choose between my job or my daughter. We just have to know our priorities. Resigning from work means giving up yourself  and letting go of our luho and focusing our new life with our precious one. Am not saying to be losyang and all. It's facing motherhood and all its responsibilities. If you have faith in God and your husband, nothing to worry about. God said that we should not worry about tomorrow for He will provide and supply everything that we need. I never regret choosing my daughter because I know am giving her only a mom can provide. Fyi, am speaking for myself and am not gonna push you to resign. Talk with your husband and jot down the advantages vs disadvantages. Follow what's in your heart.  ;)

I preferred EQ Plus because it's affordable and has the same benefits like any other diaper in the market. My daughter consumed at least 4 nappies a day. It only cost 197.00 /24pcs.

Hi there! Whenever my daughter poops, I always ask the janitress to open the room for the handicapped because the child will have a privacy since it will only accomodate 1 person at a time. I never had any dilemmas when it comes to changing or washing my daughter. Thank God!

Our GOD is higher than any other...

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