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Special Occassions / Re: Civil Wedding requirements and procedures
« on: May 15, 2011, 04:03:14 pm »
 :) We consulted ManilaCivilWeddings for our wedding last February. Very trusthworthy named john took care of pretty much everything for us.  I 'm based here in Malaysia but my employer is in Eastwood Libis.My hubby is in Canada and a Filipino as well.. We really dont have ample time for everything as I was only given 5 days of vacation. I'm 4 months .  I already set an appointment the day before of my arrival  to deliver all the necessary Forms on our house residence in Q.C. So when i get home from the airport, Everything was set and all we need is to fill-up and signed the Marriage License Form. We attached the Copies of our  Birth Certificates and by the end of the day,  A courier (Xend) pick up the documents for processing. At my 4th day of vacation. We had our wedding in our house at Q.C.  :-*
Everything runs perfectly as we wished.  The most important things that you need to secure is a Clear Photocopy of Birth Certificate. and your signature sa  Marriage License Application Form , I remember we never had to attend to any seminars at all and was never asked for any other documents than listed above..
We paid P4,500 for everything and i guess that includes the delivery of the Marriage Contract to my house 15 days after the wedding.  :) :) :) We never mentioned that we are working abroad  :)  As advised by john
Now I'm  bound to Canada this end of the month ! ;)

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