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Hi Mommy,

There is a very helpful link I can share with you, I just read it now kasi my sister is also worried sa anak niyang 2.5 y.o. so kahit medyo matagal ko nang hindi ginagawa, nag open na naman ako ng mga autism articles etc..

Sis, you can try this:

I hope it helps.

Kids With Special Needs / Re: feedback sa Escuela de San Lorenzo Ruiz
« on: June 18, 2014, 09:44:12 pm »
This is a very good school. they are taking care of my son for 2 years now, though a little pricey but the result is quite amazing.

Even my devped commends their progress report which the school provides every quarter.

Hi mga sis, what can I say, it's good to be back!

I'm very glad this thread is still alive. when I back read, everything is slowly coming back to me, back when I was still a very confused new mom, but now I am fully equipped and I have accepted everything

My last post in this thread is in 2011, roughly 3 years ago.

My son is now 6 years old, he has been in SPED for 2 years, but thank God, this school year, his devped allowed him to mainstream, though still with once-a-week OT and once-a-week SP. Ang pinakamahirap na part is to potty train him. Ang hirrrapp!!  kaya lang hindi na talaga pwede that time because no diaper will fit him anymore and hindi na hygienic, he was 5 when he was fully potty trained.. Thank God, now he is totally independent. Naranasan ko na every hour dalhin siya sa bathroom, then i-reward ko ang yaya niya ng total amount of diaper in a month na matipid ko para lang i-reinforce niya na sanayin kapag nasa trabaho ako.

I have change job since then, luckily I found one that pays good, I need lots of money, it is very costly and high maintenance but money is nothing compared to what it did to help my son improved. I have found a good school and developmental pedia.. my son is a work in progress...

Nowadays, nobody will notice that something is wrong with him, unless if you're a doctor or therapist perhaps... He can behave in restaurant.. in children's party, he can dance, sing and ang bonus ko talaga is super talino niya... last assessment of devped in May 2014, his IQ is of an 8 year old child., though a little delay pa rin in social skills but the doctor told me it will get better with age, i really hope so...

Kaya, mga sis, wag kayong panghinaan ng loob, ASD diagnosis is not the end of the world, I have cried buckets of tears but it did not help my son, what helped was my acceptance and my determination to do what is right for my son...of course, yung pagmamahal natin sa kanila ang pinakamahalaga.

Hi to all!!  I'm glad that this thread is still alive after 2 years.
My son is 3 years & 7 months old now, a lot had happened, but this thing made me love my son even more. He's been on speech therapy for more than a year now, I can say that he has a lot of improvements. He can label almost everything now, knows a lot of things even half of kids his age do not know, minsan nga nagugulat pa ako. Yun lang he still cannot talk in sentence but at least now, he can express what he wants.

But, Just last night, It almost made me cry when I hear him call me "Mama' twice, kasi I left him in the room with only the night lamp on so he will fall asleep easily, then,  I was so surpised he called out "Mama"!  Make no mistake, he knew I am his mother and when ask where is Mama, he will point at me, but not like this, really calling out for me. That was really major for me although to some it may sound so simple and just nothing but for me it means the world.

Kids With Special Needs / Re: autism spectrum disorder
« on: April 13, 2011, 01:52:14 pm »
We as moms will be the first one to notice something amiss with our kids, no matter how we try to we deny it, we know in our hearts that something is not quite right. This was the way I feel after my son (now 3 y.o.)  turned 1 year old. He acts like a deaf, lacks social skills and can only say a word or two. I had so many sleeplessness nights and stressful days when I can't even focus on what I'm doing, I was in denial. Until finally, I dialed a Dev Ped's clinic (the one I saw in the internet) and set a schedule.

Fast forward, after 2 to 3 visits to the DevPed my son was diagnosed with mild autism, and is now undergoing OT and SP.  Even now, the word autism grates to my ears and honestly, I can't use it to label my son, I just say "he has mild ASD".

After months of therapy, I'm happy and satisfied with his significant improvements. He labels almost everything now, he knows a lot and more aware now of his surroundings. No one will notice that he is different. He's still not speaking in sentence but he's still young and from what I can see it won't be long now before he can actually learn to converse.

@ mommy sweetie, welcome to SP!
If you feel that there is really nothing wrong with your son, then why worry? according to my dev ped, as long  as your son can understand you, can follow instructions, can interact with others, then the chance that he has autism is very slim. For your peace of mind, why not seek another dev ped's opinion to be sure that your son is ok.

Kids With Special Needs / Re: autism spectrum disorder
« on: January 07, 2011, 12:20:28 pm »
sis, even NT kids can benefit from a toddler class so I see nothing wrong if you bring your kid to one. Therapists cannot exactly diagnose autism. my son's therapist also said the same thing, that my son's symptoms did not amount to ASD but what now?

I don't think that lining up cars is enough to say that your kid has ASD. It's more than that, there are 3 factors that you have to observe. 1) Language development 2) Social Interaction 3) Stereo-type behavior or repetitive behavior. If I will really to be honest with myself, I can say that my son has them all but Milder on number 1 and Mildest on Number 3. My concern is number 2 - social interaction which he is really lacking.

Kids With Special Needs / Re: autism spectrum disorder
« on: January 07, 2011, 11:31:52 am »
^Accdg to the doctor, although my son can talk and has pre-academic knowledge, but still 2 characteristics of ASD are manifested in him 1) delayed language 2) Lacking in Social Interaction. My son knows the name to almost all common things, animals, parts of the body, some verbs, all letters and numbers but he still don't know how to express his needs or communicate what he wants and also he has poor imitation skills and inconsistent eye contact.   The doctor said that my son's language is between 12-18 months and if she's going to push it by the number of words he can say, it could reach up to 24 months. She advised us to put my son in a Toddler class or play school to develop Social interaction and continue OT even once a week and start ST asap.
Mommy, how is your kid na ba? I think dapat ibalik mo pa sya sa Devped , kasi it's not anough that a kid can talk. he must learn to communicate.

Kids With Special Needs / Re: autism spectrum disorder
« on: January 06, 2011, 02:06:07 pm »
Well, just yesterday my son was diagnosed with mild autism, just writing the word hurts so much. Though I see it coming, I still don't know how to react upon hearing the confirmation from the doctor for the first time. The doctor tried to give us something to be thankful about by saying "he's on the mild side, mommy", but for me mild or not, it's still autism and did I say I hate that word. What made me so depress is thinking how my son will cope when he grows old.
But, I have to go on, for my son.
I told myself this morning, I will live one day at a time. Right now what my son need is more therapy- speech this time. Good thing even before the diagnosis he was on OT for 6 months which has helped him improve so much. Next week is the start of his speech therapy. My goal is to help my son live a normal or near normal life as possible.
There is hope.

Your Kid's Health and Safety / Ang hirap pagupitan ng buhok ng anak ko.
« on: December 29, 2010, 01:33:46 pm »
Paano ko kaya mapapatino ang anak ko pag ginugupitan ng buhok?
 4 - 5 times niya nagpagupit once lang sya naging ok, yun yung 1st haircut niya when he was 1 y.o. sa kiddie salon, nung 2nd haircut niya, ayun makulit at umiiyak na. Yung 3rd nag try na ko sa iba, lalong nag worse, ayaw na talaga at hindi natapos ang gupitan as in hindi pantay kasi nagwawala na sya, kahit anung laruan ang ibigay. until last Monday, he badly needs haircut na, so talagang pinilit na namin, sa awa ng Diyos nagupitan naman, pero puro buhok ang tatay niya kasi nakayakap sa kanya para pigilan sya habang ginugupitan. Ang hirap dibale kung girl sya, pahabain ko na lang buhok niya.

^^Sis buurp,  I felt that way sa panganay ko, kaya nag leave ako agad thinking that I probably  would give birth that week kasi talagang parang nakaharang na yung ulo ng baby  which made walking very difficult for me, para akong mapapaanak sa hirap at nahihiya na rin ako sa mister ko sa kakasundo sa akin, kaya I then decided to take my ML, but sadly, it took a month pa before I finally gave birth at ang tagal pa ng labor maybe because I took my ML  too early.

Pag may VSD (or may butas sa puso) talagang sipunin at ubuhin plus other symptoms, of course, and it can only be confirmed by  a doctor.

Kids With Special Needs / Re: autism spectrum disorder
« on: December 22, 2010, 01:58:45 pm »
Mommies who are in dilemma, I feel for you. Right now, with my son's 2nd visit to his Devped is fast approaching (Jan 2011), I can't help but feel nervous because no matter how I tried to deny it, deep inside me I know, something is wrong.

My son was initially diagnosed with Communication disorder 6 months ago and still, he cannot communicate his wants and needs. Although I can say that he has improved so much during OT and learned all about letters, numbers, shapes, animals, nursery rhymes but  the very thing I want to see is him communicating and interacting.

How I wish that if miracles do happen, let it be on my son. At night, I usually watch my son sleeping and feel so down in not being able to help him open himself or express what he wants. Whenever I see kids his age and hear them talking, I feel envy and anger as to why my son, of all the kids, why my son whom I love and waited all my life have to be like this.

Just to give you an update to my son's condition. He is 2y.o and 10 months. During our recent visit to his Cardiologist, his 2d echo showed a lot of positive improvements. the most impressive was the reduced pressure. His heart is very healthy and no other problems beside the inborn narrowed pulmonary valve. his next  test is on June 2011, ECG only. God really answers prayers.

Your Kid's Health and Safety / Re: SM Haircut salon for Kids
« on: December 20, 2010, 03:28:09 pm »
Sa cuts for tots in Alabang town center

The Balancing Act: Career and Family / Re: An Open Letter for You.. Boss...
« on: December 08, 2010, 01:32:38 pm »
Kung hindi ka lang kapatid ng may-ari ewan ko lang kung kahit clerk ay makapasa ka kasi wala kang kaalam alam kundi mag kuripot. Ang favorite word mo ay "pagtitipid", puro lang kikitain at matitipid na company ang iniisip mo, I hope you can be considerate sa tao at wag masyadong bossing na pati personal needs mo utos pa rin sa tauhan. Mag-aral ka naman mag-computer para may alam ka. Wag masyadong mukhang pera, pahalagahan mo din ang mga tao kasi kung wala sila, matagal ng bagsak ang negosyo na ito at ikaw saan ka kaya pupulutin pag nagkaganon?

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