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Real Parenting / Re: Do you allow your son/daughter to use facebook?
« on: September 19, 2014, 08:16:23 am »
My daughter is 10yrs old. She's been bugging me to have an FB account since most of her classmates (then and now) have their own FB account.  My husband and I explained to her the pro's and con's of having a FB account. One of the things we highlighted on her is the information she might see.  Although her profile will be restricted, others (esp perverts, pedophiles, et al) have made their accounts eventhough they are not added as friends they can still be seen on her news feed. Most of the things they post are for adults eyes only.  So with proper explanation and honesty she  didn't insist after that. She did insist on having us log in to our own account so she could play the games 😊

Beauty and Product Reviews / Re: Your Lipstick?
« on: July 05, 2011, 04:54:53 pm »
i use any warm tone shade of Lancome lipstick and my lips doesn't get dry and dark. unlike with Avon, my lips got dry and dark. i also discovered a lipstick 'stick'..i bought it at Beauty Bar. It's PALLADIO Herbal Lip Slix, try the rosewood color.  It really depends on your skintone. try looking at your veins in your wrist. if it's green you have warm skintone. brownish red, nude, brownish pink, apricot, peach colors would look very complementing on you. but if your vein is blue red, pink, blue colors would look great on you.  i have warm skintone so brown/nude/yellow looks best on me.

School Hunting / Re: Makati Pre-schools
« on: November 15, 2010, 03:10:32 am »
Hi mommies. A new preschool will be opening in the summer in Bgy. Palanan, Makati. It will be run by DLSU graduates. Just a heads up, ill update you once I learn more details. =)
would look forward for your update for i am currently searching for scholl for my upcoming grade 1 daughter..thanks

Romantic Relationships / Re: do you still go out on date with hubby?
« on: January 25, 2010, 03:17:45 am »
yes we still do at least twice or thrice a week kung di magawa ng every week.  we just eat outside or watch a movie together but then we would always go to our girls..saying how much we miss them kaya whenever we got home we have a midnight snack for them & share with them what we have watched or what we did..but we make sure if we have something new to try like a new resto or new activity, we make sure our girls are with us...

5 that's what textspeak means..thanks Daddy Jo

Money / Re: Is it okey to open a bank account for your kids/babies?
« on: January 25, 2010, 03:01:58 am »
Mga mommies,what's your stand regarding sa pag open ng bank account ng mga kids/babies nyo?

Me kasi I started last sept and until now parang hindi ko padin mareach un money goal for my baby and I was thinking if I could just put it in my own account nalang.
hi mommy, ako i started to give my eldest her own bank account i was like 3months away from giving birth sa kanya.  now there are two of them I did the same thing for our youngest.  it's something that i want to teach our girls that it's never too early to save money at the same time teaching our eldest that the money we spend to buy our things and to pay for our recreation is something we work hard for. early as now we want her to learn how to save on her own and just a could of days ago, she was with me at the bank & she asked me why there are 2 bank books so i told her that i'll be depositing money for her & her sister & told her that she should be able to keep saving for her & her sister..and out of nowhere she then told me "Mommy when I'm tall na I'll give you money too hehe so sweet..

Beauty and Product Reviews / Re: Beauty Tips for Glowing Face
« on: December 19, 2009, 12:52:01 am »
mga sis, may cream ba to remove kalyo? yong i-rub lang sa feet or hands?

if meron, where to buy and how much?

you know mommy Curel works for me...I used to have rough skin & cracked heels because of my stilletos, but Curel worked wonders for's available in SM supermarkets

1st of all I kept seeing textspeak! what does it mean? sorry for my ignorance :p  I came up with my username HOTMOM777 because:

HOT: I was literally hot with fever when I registered
MOM:  being my new occupation
777: plate number of my car :D

1st of all I kept seeing textspeak! what does it mean? sorry for my ignorance :p  I came up with my username HOTMOM777 because:

HOT: I was literally hot with fever when I registered
MOM:  being my new occupation
777: plate number of my car :D

Never! Dapat vice-versa rin.  The trust issue is a factor pero... one should have their own privacy
Personally, hubby & I respect each others privacy.  I give him space he gives me mine.  May be because I grew up independently & it liberated me in many ways.  When it comes to his cellphone, i only get to hold it when he asked me..i read his messages when he asked me too & the same thing with him.  He never scrutinizes me whom i talk to or text too.  We have mutual trust.  One of my principles kasi in case magloko si hubby, di naman ako niloloko niya sarili niya :D Also when he wants to go out with his friends or i want to go out with my friends, we're free to do so..our main concern is what time we'll both get home & if we're both safe okay na. we don't interview each other who's with him or who's with me, etc. 

More so, there are times that he brings me with him when going out with his friends & i do the same.  That's one thing I learned from my dad, that when a guy does that I have nothing to fear or vice-versa. kasi nga naman once kilala niya mga friends ko madami makakakita sa kanya pag nagloko sya, heheh..seriously, that only means you're someone he's proud to introduce to everybody :)

Big Kids / Re: How do u prepare ur kids for the coming examination week
« on: August 25, 2009, 07:46:22 pm »
my eldest is in Kinder and they always have quizzes every friday. so when she gets home on Monday i already study what they have studied & from ther gumagawa na ko reviewer.  Often I do reviewrs in advance para before the quiz day comes sagot na lang sya ng sagot sa reviewer ko.

Last week they had their quarterly exam.  so two weeks before that i started reviewing her na. casual lang, minsan i just ask her a certain object, she'll answer if living or non-living thing.  sa dining table i put things together and answers me if it's equal or non-equal or less than or greater than. everyday yun, several times a day kahit naliligo sya :D

Yaya Solutions / Re: May SSS po ba si yaya?
« on: June 05, 2009, 02:11:39 am »
as an employer, whether a yaya or maid, basta after a month nagcocontribute na kami. in fact lahat ng naging maid at yaya namin kami nagstart ng SSS nila, because all of them have no idea what's it about.  imagine our yaya now who worked abroad for 6years, never nagkaroon ng contribution, only then coming here with us that she understood what's SSS is all about, too bad nga she could have used her benefits na sana for her dad. :-\

Travel / Re: where to stay @ BORACAY?
« on: April 20, 2009, 10:00:01 pm »
We have stayed at Boracay Regency & Patio Pacific (2x)...both are nice.  Oooops, don't forget to visit Joan's..they have the best mango shake there  :D

Family Fun / Re: bad experience sa mga resto, food chain etc....
« on: April 20, 2009, 09:55:50 pm »
CROWNE REGENCY, CEBU - is by far the WORST HOTEL I've ever been to.

This is the hotel that features a so called edge ride on top of the building & skywalk.  That's the only thing they're good at but their staff are a disappointment.  We were there during the sinulog festival.  they are fully booked & their attraction is open to the public.  We are located on the 26th floor of the hotel.  from the ground floor we would have to ride up to 19th floor then transfer to another elevator to get to designated room.  simple right? WRONG!

the elevator's capacity is up to 10people max.  only 2 are working, so not only we are competing for the guests of the hotel but also for those going to rooftop for the rides.  We have a disabled person with us (our brother in law) & yet he wasn;t given a priority.  it was a very frustrating time for us & to think, according to one of their staff, this is the normal happening in their hotel even without sinulog.  why can't Angelo King do something about it?!

their water system is terrible.  you're taking a shower & suddenly the water would just go off and you would have to wait for it to come back.  all in all that hotel itself was probably build in haste.  Second, their staff is unbelievable.  Since it was sinulog, we just walked to Ayala by foot which is okay, then we asked our designated driver to pick us up there.  When we were at the driveway of the hotel, there were chairs & some tables so we asked the security if we could pass.  They're not letting us pass & they're not even willing to remove the chairs even just to move it a little so our vehicle could pass.  We were even accused that we are not a guest to that hotel.  so I went down & looked for the Front Desk Manager.  They said he's not on duty so I asked the staff there to help us out. She just radio the security to let us pass but to no avail.  I went back the 2nd time, this time I was furious because we were all tired & their incompetence adds up to our exhaustion.  I was already raising my voice & lo & behold the front desk manager appeared! & it was then we were allowed to pass.  Mind you, they are not letting our vehicle pass for reason they said they cannot move the chairs & tables because it was sinulog.  but when I went to the front desk to complain, there were 2cars parked at the entrance of the hotel, even blocking the disabled ramp & who owns it?  politicians...galing noh?!  considering their basement parking has lot of vacancy.

We even have to look where they prepared their breakfast.  THey don't even inform their guests where they would serve their breakfast, in our stay there of 3 days, we have tol look for the breakfast venue everytime.  they don't even bother or informing their guests.

NOT RECOMMENDABLE AT ALL!!! >:(  I enjoy staying at Days Hotel more.  They may be old but it's nice there

Jokes and Funny Stories / Re: It came from the mouth of children
« on: April 16, 2009, 12:33:18 am »
FOr some strange reason, the wife of my uncle & her sisters have nicknames like Cha or Chi.  When we were at Baguio, we met one of her sister who's also familiar with me & my family.  While in our car, I told hubby "sana makasunod sila tita Chu"..then my 5yr old suddenly said "where's Pikachu?!"  :D

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