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mga Mommies, in case naghahanap pa kyo costume for your little boy, may nakita ko sa customizing a onesie for kid's birthdays. official site is but her items can be bought via etsy. cute ng mga designs niya and they are very comfy for baby  :D

Hi mga mommies! My son's first birthday will be at Don Henricos Festival Mall next month. Excited na kami for the party. Konting preparations na lang kulang. Kinakabahan lang ako sa decorations kasi minimal lang kinuha ko service di kasi kaya ng Don Hen yung party theme ko which is Sesame Street so DIY half of the decors. Wish me luck  :D

I will post some pic and review of the part venue ;)

yup City Square nga daw sila lumipat sabi nung suki ko sa tabora pero di ko na-try pa pumunta. galing ako divi last Thursday kaya nalaman ko. yung iba daw nagkalat sa banketa or sa lucky Chinatown mall lumipat.

Single Moms / Re: 10 commandments of solo motherhood
« on: July 08, 2013, 11:47:41 pm »
thanks for sharing! very inspiring  :)

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