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Mga sis, nag pacheck up ako sa OB ko and told me na I have HPV. For those who don't know HPV, kindly read below:

"Human papillomaviruses (HPV) are common viruses that can cause warts. There are more than 100 types of HPV. Most are harmless, but about 30 types put you at risk for cancer. These types affect the genitals and you get them through sexual contact with an infected partner. They can be either low-risk or high-risk. Low-risk HPV can cause genital warts. High-risk HPV can lead to cancers of the cervix, vulva, vagina, and anus in women. In men, it can lead to cancers of the anus and penis. Your health care provider can treat or remove the warts. In women, Pap smears can detect changes in the cervix that might lead to cancer."

My OB told me na for sure my partner also have this. And my dilemma is, I don't know how to tell this to him kasi natatakot ako na baka ako yung  nakapagbigay sakanya ng virus. (Though, not sure if ako o sya saming dalawa ang nagsimula.) Please help me how to properly tell the situation to him. :'(

Your Health / Re: HPV/ Genital Warts
« on: September 13, 2013, 01:00:23 pm »
Mga Sis, nagpacheck up ako sa OB ko kanina and sabi niya may Genial Warts daw ako.. What to do? help.. :(

You think so mga sis? I read some case kasi sa internet and others are claiming na may mga case talaga na late nadedetect ng mga pregnancy test (home&blood test) na positive. Yung case na negative sa first until second week of missed period pero eventually mag popositive din.

Birth Control / delayed period but negative on bloodtest/PT. Am I pregnant?
« on: September 12, 2013, 06:47:16 pm »
Basahin sa Smart Parenting. Alamin ang sintomas ng buntis at kung paano hindi mabuntis. i-click ang alin mang topic para basahin ang tungkol dito.

Sintomas ng Pagbubuntis
When to Test for Pregnancy
Ovulation Calendar/Calculator
Buntis ako, paano na?
Paano Malaman Kung Safe?

Hi mga sis! Just want to know your opinion about the subject. I'm supposed to have my period on Sept 7, but right now i'm 1 week late. I had my last period on Aug30. My cycle is 34-36 days. 3 days ago, i had a blood test and it turned negative. I also took a home preg test awhile ago and result was also negative. I don't feel any signs that i will be having my period nor signs of being pregnant. Except, i had lower back ache on my left radiating to my legs and thighs. One more thing, last may, i also had a missed period but not preg. My ob then prescribed me Duphaston to have my period.

Naka-relate ka ba? Basahin ang latest comment tungkol dito o mag Reply para makapagpost ng katanungan, payo o kwento..

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