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On my 2nd CS still with Doc Mayflor bale she quoted me 49k for CS operation with Philhealth tapos NSD nasa 25k I think. Tapos natanggap sila ng HMO like Maxicare, Cocolife etc. Though pansin ko hirap tumawag sa landline nila at very strict sila sa sched tapos daming patient every Monday at Saturday.

I recommended by officemate and she gave birth sa st christiana nung 2017 via NSD mabilis at malinis and we both agree masarap ang food nila. Tsaka mabait si Doc Mayflor

Weaning, Formula and Solids transition / Re: Gain Milk Vs. Promil
« on: June 22, 2015, 11:23:05 pm »
Hi Sis,

From 0-6 months my son was drinking Similac TC kasi nagkasakit si baby nung paglabas ang since yung daddy was lactose intolerant his pedia prescribe lactose free. Hindi ko na rin pinalitan kasi hindi sya hiyang sa s26 or enfalac. Though one thing napansin ko kay baby that time hirap syang mag-poop and 1-3 days ang interval and I really have to monitor when sya huling nagpoop.
So nung 6 months na si baby I switched sa Gain Advanced and so far normal na yung poop niya. Sometimes kapag maraming nakain twice or thrice at hindi na sya hirap. Minsan talag ang gatas hiyangan lang.

Im not sure though kung nakakapagpataba sya pero I know its a complete meal.Be sure to ask your pedia before ka magpalit ng milk.

Labor and Child Birth / Re: St. Christiana Maternity Hospital Review
« on: June 22, 2015, 11:11:47 pm »
hello mommies.

ask ko lang po kung how much dito yung laboratory and ultrasound nila?
yung po kasi yung next na gagawin ko after my fist checkup last month (may).
namamahalan ako sa salve regina na 2k+ un laboratory and US. please help me po.

thank you sa sasagot po. god bless. :)

Actually medyo mura yung mga laboratory nila sa St Christiana that other big hospitals.
Yung Ultrasound cost 350 but I cant remember the rest of the labs.

Getting Pregnant / Re: Ultrasound Accuracy: Confused
« on: June 22, 2015, 11:09:02 pm »
Hi Sis,

I had the same dilemma din before.

All along I was thinking I was carrying a girl naman so I called my baby Zoe.

But on my 25th week during my CAS the sonologist confirmed it that I was carrying a boy instead.
They even took a picture of his genitalia and since birthday pa ni hubby they even put something happy bday daddy on the actual printout.

Well don't be sad if it turn out to be girl coz having a baby is a blessing.
You can still name her Imanuelle like the girl version and all you need to do is pray that she is healthy.
Remember if you worry or stress your baby can feel that too...


My 9 month old son also had that issue may phobia sya sa gamot.
I think that's the reason why he hates spoon too kasi na-associate na niya sa medicine.
Something I picked up from my pedia before sya dumedede I will give him his vitamins paiyakan to as in pero para hindi niya ilabas i will slightly press his nose. Madalas may crying session but I make sure to comfort him after.

you can also try pediasure if talagang ayaw niya.

Your Health / Re: Thickened Endometrium
« on: June 12, 2015, 11:13:17 pm »
I had thickened endometrium in February 2013, it was scary kasi walang tigil yung period ko. It was a bit late when I went back to my ob-gyne so instead of medication I end up having D&C.
Tapos 3 months akong naka-yasmin and it worked coz by August 2014 I gave birth to a healthy baby boy. 
Have you had ultrasound na rin ba? and may amoy na rin ba yung blood coming out of your va-j?

Getting Pregnant / Re: BABY SHOWER
« on: June 12, 2015, 11:09:47 pm »
Hi Ellabear sorry was not able to get back sooner anyway the rooms are okay but not as big nung sa Linden or Discovery. We did not cook din so I guess you can bring the food na lang and cook it sa house.
And be sure may program and games para masaya...

sis try cherifer and ceelin+plus effective na pampatangkad

Hi Sis,

You may want to try St Christiana along Karangalan Village Gate 5. Maliit din syang hospital and a good alternative for the pricey big one. I paid 43K when I gave birth via CS operation with Philhealth ofcourse. Syempre mas mura kung NSD.
Meron akong nabasa na negative comment here sa SP but so far after almost a year I have not experience anything bad. The nurse are always helpful, even the staff pati yung mga doctors were nice. 
And one thing I like about Dra Rodriguez hindi ka minamadali kapag check-up kahit na naka-HMO ka which I felt when I had an emergency sa Medical City. ;)

I had PCOS on both ovaries, so March 2013 I had D&C. It was scary kasi akala ko mahihirapan na kaming magka-baby. So after that my OB asked me to take pills for 3 months (Yasmin) to correct my hormones.

May 2013 we got married sakto katatapos lang nung pills we gave it a try to start a family but to no avail. We tried for the next 3 months and ang dami kong nasayang na stick.

By August 2013 ayan na bumabalik na naman yung non-stop bleeding at first brownish lang tapos nagiging reddish. I guess it was the stress and puyat from work. So by mid-October sabi ko sa mister ko before ako bumalik sa OB babalik ulit ako sa pills. But as I do take my daily medication we also tried reflexology.

Last week of November, I had the worst period akala ko this is it balik na naman ako sa OR. But good thing after 3 days tumigil naman. Then we tried once again as prescribed every other day at na-complete ko rin yung 9 mornings ng simbang gabi with a wish na sana bigyan kami ni Lord ng baby.

Little that I know before ako nagsimula yung simbang gabi buntis na pala ako by mid-January confirmed I was 5 weeks pregnant and now I am a mom of a happy, healthy little boy.

So aside from Science, you can also try alternative medicine and syempre pray. Wala naman mawawala eh if hihingi ka sa taas, di ba?

Party Planning: Birthdays and Baptism / Re: Baptismal Budget
« on: May 12, 2015, 08:54:11 pm »
We had our son baptized sa St John Paul II in Eastwood and since it was Saturday morning mahirap maghanap ng resto willing to cater kasi most are on buffet breakfast. Alanganin kasi yung binyag 9 am and the buffet ends at 10 am but good thing sa Seafood Island pwede. Libre yung place just booked ahead.
So we booked for 45 people and only 25 arrived mostly family members and college friends. We spent around 10K sa food and drinks.
Tapos we had brownies as give-away na bake namin nung MIL ko. We placed it sa transparent box tied with blue ribbon and thank you note. Sayang hindi umabot yung ref magnet na pinagawa ko. Yung photographer ninong ni baby at afterwards ako na rin since I have a dslr.
All in all including the church, clothes namin, give-aways and yung food we spent around 15K. Super tipid pero at least na-iraos naman yung binyag. On the flipside, nabawi din yun sa regalo lalo na sa cash.... hehe

I think so too... Yung parents ko kasi medyo mahigpit nung bata pa kami we have curfew ng 6 pm at bawal maglaro between 2pm till 4pm kung walang pasok. Maraming bawal at isang sutsot lang nila behave na kami.

Punishment doesn't mean you don't love your kid but you are just trying to instill discipline. As I look at the kids nowadays wala ng disiplina, sa simbahan na lang takbo ditto takbo doon which in my time a big NO-NO. So now that I am a mom I guess I would also used the same thing to my boy.

Getting Pregnant / Re: How to conceive a baby boy?
« on: May 07, 2015, 07:01:22 pm »
From highschool Biology I remember all sex chromosomes are XX or female at start what is a game changer is the sperm's tail. The sperm tail will create enough heat upon reaching the egg that can actually change the chromosome from XX to XY.
Some says it is the position or physiology but for me what make sense is that if the fertilization happened on the early part of the cycle then chances are it will conceive a boy since the acid level is not as much as the latter part so the sperm will travel faster and stronger...

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