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Dear son had problems with spitting up too when he was just infant, lalo nung yung first quarter niya until mga 4-5 months niya, as in kada dede, lungad tapos pagdating ng 6th month onwards, tumigil na yung paglulungad, as long as we don't forget to put Biobita on his milk. I'd say nakatulong talaga ng malaki yung Biobita kasi it's a probiotic supplement. Kung sino-sinong pedia ang kinonsult namin that could help us sa paglulungad niya. We've also tried different brands of milk like NAN HW, Enfalac Gentlease and even Nutramigen. The one that really helped ease and lessen yung paglulungad ni Dear Son is Biobita and his milk was Enfalac A+ Lactose free. Napansin kasi namin noon kapag hindi nalalagyan ng Biobita, naglulungad ulit sya. Now that he's turning 8 months, continue pa din ang Biobita and hindi na siya naglulungad. I hope this helps kasi we were all worried nung nagkakaganyan si Baby.

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