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mga sis natry nyo na ba ang mga bagong diapers tulad ng Earth's Best, Moltex, at Safeties?

I havent tried Earths Best kasi hindi ako nakaka kuha ng L to XL for my son. however a customer of mine uses this for her new born baby. Maganda naman. no leak at comfortable.
For Moltex and Safeties, absorbent sya. Were able to use it on my son. and until now still using it. Safeties comes with a small biodegradable bags where we can dispose used diapers.

I bought some Fittie Aloe in small/medium and petpet in small for my newborn-to-be.. konting stocks lang.. yun daw highly recommended eh pero gusto ko din tignan kung okay yung mga earthsbest
As per my customer, Earths Best is good. Haven't tried it on my son kasi they dont have XL size. Fitti Aloe is also good.

Toilet Training and Diapering Essentials / Re: Cost of diapers
« on: May 05, 2010, 02:35:00 pm »
As our baby grows, makakatipid tayo if we teach them potty training. Before I started selling generic diapers, I'm spending about 2k a month for the diapers.
Na outgrow na niya and I started selling diapers, it cut me to Php800-900 a month.

I'm into soap business. Gluta, goatmilk, papaya, placenta, etc. 60 variants very affordable.

I'm using Green Tea for my body and Tea Tree on my face.
Green Tea has anti-oxidant. Tea Tree anti bacterial naman and it lessen the oil. Softens pa.
My son uses Chamomile naman.

For Shampoo I use Sunsilk Long and Straight. At times I use the Human Natures Straightening Shampoo; it lessen hair fall.

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