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Special Occassions / Re: Civil Wedding requirements and procedures
« on: January 07, 2015, 10:20:10 am »
Hi jaymitch20...

2 weeks is not enough time to get married sis, kahit sa civil... need nyo pa kasi ng  BIRTH CERTIFICATE and CENOMAR (original copy from NSO), and MARRIAGE LICENSE which is released in 10days after your application..  madali lang naman mag-apply ng Marriage License as long as ready ang requirements nyo,... you'll also need to attend a 1-hour (or less depende sa nag-conduct) Marriage Counselling Seminar sa City Hall. Plus, in your case, since your only 23 y.o, i think you need parental advice to marry, and sa pagkaka-alala ko, may isa ka pang seminar na aattendan since below 25 y.o ka...

Good luck sis... =)

Hi Mommies.. first time mom here, I'm at 38 weeks na, had my IE last monday (Jan. 5), until now my brown discharge pa rin ako, is that normal? I also noticed this morning na may jelly like din yung discharge ko, checked on the net and it looks like yung mucus plug nga... pero wala pa ako na-raramdamang hilab or pain... Last check up ko, my OB said that i'm at 2cm na daw, pero hindi pa naka-center yung ulo ni baby (nasa bandang right pa daw).. when i sleep or lay down, dapat naka lean ako lagi sa left para bumaba si baby, and lakad lakad din para matagtag...

so excited for my baby, and also scared, sana makaya ko normal delivery...

Good luck satin mga mommies....  ;D

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