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Well, it depends on what caused the infertility. If the reason for infertility is for example adhesions in the fallopian tubes, maybe as a result of previous infection or surgery, then no, it won't be hereditary.

If the reason is for example a hormonal problem or endometriosis, than maybe you could say it's hereditary.

But it would be more accurate to say that causes for infertility can be hereditary. It's highly unlikely that we would stop being able to conceive naturally though, IVF is still pretty rare, the majority of babies are conceived "the old fashioned way", and sometimes with IVF you have to use donated eggs or sperm.

As far as your second question goes check out this article on how to cure infertility within 60 days naturally . You can try it, i guess they talk about using Chinese herbs which can help u to cure them naturally.. I had the same problem and i cured it using Chinese herbs, proper diet and mainly yoga/meditation.. So natural methods do work..

Hope It Helps..

I looked into the normal flu vaccine a bit ago, for myself, and I decided it wasn't worth it, for me. With what I read about then, and what little I know about the H1N1 vaccine, I think you should get it.

I didn't find anything to even hint that the modern flu vaccine has any negative side effects. Talk to a doctor, but everything that I know, which isn't a ton, says that you and your babies risks are much less by getting it.

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