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I have tried 3 brands.

1. Decloban
2. Balmex and
3. Sudocream

All of them are ok. Pero balmex is the one that I prefer. unfortunately, hindi available dito sa Pilipinas yun and I had to ask a friend na bilin ito para sa amin.

Birth Control / Re: all about Trust pills
« on: January 29, 2010, 02:47:08 pm »
Missing 5 brown tablets on the 28-day pack pill wouldnt do any harm or lessen the effectivity of the pill on your body. Yung 7 brown pills on each pack only serves as a "reminder" para masanay lang ang babae sa pag-take nito. It does not contain the same active hormone katulad nung sa puting pill (active pill). The brown ones are called "placebo pills" or sugar pills and are taken on the fourth week, including during your period.

Your Kid's Health and Safety / Re: Kiddie Salons and Haircut thread
« on: January 27, 2010, 10:58:02 am »
My baby ZECKIE had his first haircut last August 31, 2009. He was 10 months old then. We realized he needed a haircut because his hair is already irritating his eyes. We brought him to Cuts 4 Tots in Trinoma. It was traumatizing for the baby! He was just crying all throughout. We paid for PhP280.00 plus PhP100.00 for the tip.

Last December 29, 2009, we brought him to Headstart for his 2nd haircut. It's along McArthur Highway in Valenzuela. In fairness, the salon is quite nice. It's also near our place - we live in Malabon. Less than 10 mins. ang travel time. We paid PhP100.00 for the haircut plus PhP100.00 for the tip. Di masyado umiyak si Zeckie this time, probably because 14 months na sya compared last time na sobrang baby pa sya. Towards the end na lang sya umiyak, naiinip na siguro. Mas maganda ang gupit niya here sa salon na to than Cuts 4 Tots.  :)

Hi chiekkababes! Dun din namin dinadala si baby. Malapit lang talaga siya (I'm from Valenzuela) saka nice yung mga naggugupit. Binibigyan nila ng treat sina baby pag behave sila :)

Your Kid's Health and Safety / Re: Kiddie Salons and Haircut thread
« on: January 24, 2010, 07:50:28 am »
My baby's first and second haircut was on Headstart. The first one costs around 250, kasama na dun yung pictures ni baby at certificate at yung portions ng ginupit na buhok :) Pero lately, dun sa local barbershop na lang dinadala ni hubby si baby namin hehe, same quality ng gupit pero mas mura


Newbie here! Just wanna share, my baby learned "close-open" nung mga 5 months na siya.

@pinx_00 you don't have to worry too much kung medyo nahuhuli si baby. You always have to remember that milestones differ from one baby to another. Try to think of the things that your baby can do that might be hard for other babies to learn.  :)
cheer up don't worry too much, eventually matututo din si baby mo! :)

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