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Hi mum_£$$ !

Like "happiemommie" to "chillaxmom"... when I saw your post, feel ko ako yung dinedscribe mo!

To add:
12. takot ako ma-OP
13. suplada sa personal pero front lang yun, mahiyain kasi talaga ako
14. more of a listerner than a talker
15. don't like to be in situations na may away, but kung naka-charged-up" ako or natimingan na mainit narin ulo ko, Sasali ako sa away...
- kaya hindi pa ako ready makipag-EB... but hopefully soon ma-overcome ko ito...  :)
- mum_£$$, maybe magkakasudo tayo kasi very similar ang personality natin?

I AM ...
1. timid and sensitive ---> i've always wanted to change/overcome that --- still trying.
2. friendly and sincere
3. i want to get along with all kinds of people. kahit minsan hindi ako makasakay agad dahil tahimik ako and some takes me for granted because of that.
4. i have strong personal views but sometimes i choose to keep it to myself or rather i do it in writing.
5. i am a different person when i am with dada. tigre ako pag nagalit but i cant be like that to other people.
6. sometimes it's hard for me to say NO or decline (verbally)
7. i used to be vibrant, bubbly and active ... but i guess i easily gets affected when people criticize me
8. i love to be with people who are optimistic. it helps me shun negative vibes.
9. i love compliments
10. i am mysterious (daw). maybe because i am a private person. though i tend to pour my heart out when i get very emotional.  ;)
11. i do believe that my intuitions are correct and im usually right in reading people's personality (even if i had just met them)

would love to meet you all mommies!

Your Health / Re: sagging breasts
« on: January 30, 2010, 11:09:39 am »
in my case naman.. sana wag na bumalik sa dating size! hehe para mag mukha akong girl na girl.. 32 before, 34 na ngayon...yehey! ;D

Hi juneL!  Good for you!  ;)

Hi Bebeko!

My kids take baths before retiring sa gabi, para comfortable ang tulog nila.  Si bunso, who is almost 1 year old na rin, ni-shower ko rin siya sa gabi kapag mainit ang panahon, otherwise, punas lang.

Yung kung sisipunin, depends na rin sa overall health ng mga bata.  May mga kids na mahina ang resistensya.  But sometimes sanayan lang din at nabi-build ang immune system nila dahil na e-exposed sila ng maaga sa mga ganun.  But as I said, each child is different.

Your Health / Re: cure for falling hair
« on: January 28, 2010, 07:03:56 pm »
Should we have to have ourselves checked sa OB (or any doctor) para ma-confirm if we need to take medications for our hair loss/fall?  Or to what extent should we wait?  Meaning, how soon (baka mawala rin in the long run), or how much hair fall is too much hair fall?

Health and Nutrition / Re: All About Post-Partum Hair Loss
« on: January 28, 2010, 06:05:11 pm »
Same problem here.  Ngayon lang ako nagka-falling hair, but it started 6 months after kong manganak.  They say kasi daw nanganak ako, but diba it should stop by the 6 month ng birth?  Sa first 2 kids ko di naman nangyari ito.  Manipis pa naman hair ko, baka maubos na ito!  :)

I'm also using Pantene Hair Fall, pero parang hindi rin masyadong effective.  Maybe I'll try the black beauty gold shampoo... but never heard ko pa ito.

Your Health / Re: sagging breasts
« on: January 28, 2010, 05:55:22 pm »
Is there anything you can do to at least maibalik sa dating size/shape (that is, if you want to)?  Yun lang di ko maintindihan why nagkakaganun... sa genes narin siguro?  :-\

Baby Development and Milestones / Re: recommended brand of sterilizer?
« on: January 28, 2010, 09:31:11 am »
I had mine for 10 years now... nagamit lahat ng 3 kids ko!  Pigeon ang brand (electric siya).  Subok na matibay... obvious ba?  :) 

1st Child - 27 yrs old (and I turned 28 the following day!  :) )

Baby Development and Milestones / Re: Moms' Most Useless Baby Gear Item
« on: January 26, 2010, 05:14:47 pm »
Never Used Items:
- Shirts na long sleeves, PJ style na may hood
- Nipple Protector
- yung triangular na bolster which is supposed assist the baby to lay on his side (naka 3 kids ako, pero ni minsan di nagamit)
- bonnets

Seldom Used:
- mittens, booties
- long sleeves PJs

Getting Pregnant / Re: nahirapan ba kayo magconceived sa 2nd baby?
« on: January 22, 2010, 03:48:14 pm »
By the way, I now have 3 kids, My 3rd child is unplanned, or lets say, not planned this early ;D  Inisip ko nalang, ok na rin since I'm not getting any younger, baka mahirapan na ako ng tuluyan if pinatagal ko pa!

Anyway, last na siya, ligated na ako!

Getting Pregnant / Re: nahirapan ba kayo magconceived sa 2nd baby?
« on: January 22, 2010, 03:42:19 pm »
Ako nahirapan.  Yung first born (son) ko was conceived after our 2nd try which was 4 months after ng kasal namin.  After him, nag control kami for about 3 years before we tried again. (Withdrawal method lang kami)

Hindi na ganun kadali.  Nagpatingin pa nga ako sa OB ko after 1 year of trying without sucess.  May mga test siyang ginawas sa akin (FSH test) then she gave me clomid (I'm not sure if this is the medicine's name, matagal na kasi) which is quite expensive and I have to take it for 6 months, starting from 1x a day for a month, then 2x up to 3x.  Then Stop.  Exactly the month after na nag stop ako, nabuntis ako.  I was 33-34 years old nung nabuntis ako.  May effect din daw kasi ang age sa pag bubuntis.  So, 6 years ang age gap ng first born ko sa 2nd.

The advise is to keep trying (or rather have frequent contact every other day during your fertile days - according to my OB) for a year, and if wala parin, go see your OB.

@ Pinx

Don't worry too much, as you said, you thought it will just come naturally, your baby will learn faster if you teach her.

Teach her one skill at a time.  Maybe for now yung close/open, then gradually introduce other like "dance" (rocking movement), clap, or what I taught my son, "MCDO" (both hands on top of the head... or rather, back of his neck, kasi hindi pa niya maabot ang top ng head niya!  ;D

For me, hindi rin.  Actually, gusto pa nga niyang akong patabain! Baka daw sabihin ng parents and friends ko na di daw niya ako pinapakain.

Ang weight ko ay around 98 lbs. lang (never above 100 lbs, only nung buntis ako)  The fact na 3 na babies ko.  Siguro sa genes ko na talaga yun.

Ang nakakatawa eh siya yung tumataba.  Kaya siya ngayon ang nagpapapayat para di daw siya magmukhang matanda.  Kaya ayun, from the time na nakilala ko siya, lumaki siya from 210 lbs to 224 lbs then after 6 months of workout/gym, he is now 196 lbs.  Hindi naman nagbago ang tingin ko sa kanya even nung time na lumaki siya...! Ay sorry, baligtad! maling topic! hehe... ;D  ;)

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