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The Balancing Act: Career and Family / Re: No Payslip
« on: December 03, 2013, 12:35:15 pm »
Hi SheIsErika, ☆♥♡unica hija☆♥♡,

Same here.  Current employer ko hindi nagbibigay ng payslip (family corporation/business)... former employer ko which is a multinational company does...

But since the agreement I had with my current employer is maayos naman (net pay or takehome pay ang negotiated salary ko sa kanya, bahala na siya sa mga deductions) monitored ko kung magkano dapat makukuhaho ko every payday.... I also check if hinuhulugan nila SSS/Pag-ibig, they do naman.

Both my boys were diagnosed with mild ASD. It is true that this adds burden to the unfulfillment sa work.  Not to mention that hubbys is also currently experiencing the same thing!  :(

Being in a different work culture from what you are used to is something one has to adpat to.  I know I can adapt well, but I have to make sacrifices by "unlearning" what I have learned.  In a familiy corporation I was told "sumunod ka na lang"  kasi yan ang gusto ni boss (kahit na alam mo ng mali si boss).

Currently, I am "making the difference"  I may not convince them to "change" but I do not totally allow myself to be swallowed up by their system.  I'm setting myself as example and hope that someday, they can see why it has to be this way.

Hi Mommyjazz,

Thank you for enlightening me.  Before I read your reply, I was almost at the brink of giving up my current job.  You also reminded me why I changed jobs in the first place... I think I need to be constantly reminded of that.

My hubby does earn more than I do, but his salary alone cannot compensate for the additional expenses of the kids, otherwise, we may have to give up some or all their therapies in order to make ends meet....

There have been times that I wished that my sons were all normal kids nalang, so that hindi ganun kahirap ang cost of living namin, but I immediately brushed this thought off and thank HIM nalang at he is helping us get through - we have jobs that pays enough to fund their therapies and schooling.  Ito rin malamang ang dahilan kung bakit sila ibinigay sa amin... HE knows we will take good care of them.... :'(

I need your opinions/comments.

I left my old job (which I have been employed with for over a decade) to a less stressful job in a smaller family owed company.  The reason for this change is due to:
1. Hubby and I are having more and more arguments/misunderstandings (my time is spent more in the office than at home - OT pa, if needed.  Hindi na naaasikaso ang mga kids)
2. This smaller company's offer, salary wise, is very attractive & I (or we?) need this additional funding to help pay my 3 kid's schooling (and my 2 son's theraphies)

1. The current work is not as fulfilling as I had expected - different from the industry I was used to, in addition to "culture shock", difficult colleagues and different views on things.
2. My former work was fulfilling, but too much pressure (time and energy needed for the work versus with hubby) is getting out of hand.

1.  due to low sales, the company is starting to lay-off employees, starting with agency contractuals  (not sure how they plan to go about regulars and if I may also be affected)
2.  I have an offer to go back to my former line of work - different company (but definitely the salary would not be a good as I'm currently enjoying, therefore, we may not be able to make ends meet.)

Should I stay and wait or should I go? Which is the lesser evil of the 2?

1. To keep my mind working/to keep my sanity (afraid na baka mabobo ako - have been with work ever since I graduated)
2. To support the expenses of my kids (I have 3 kids, 2 of them has mild ASD) and all 3 kids are already schooling
3. Not meant to be a SAHM.  I feel drained at home.

Stroller for bag na may rubber na tali..

I remember that!  Pinilit ko pa ngang magpabili sa parents ng ganun, kasi everyone has it!

Kids With Special Needs / Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
« on: October 02, 2013, 10:45:29 am »
Hi darna88,

Tantrums? e.g. shouting or screeming, jumping up and down (lumilndol tuloy ang bahay... we live at the 3rd floor)

Reasons for Tantrums? e.g. hindi nasunod ang gusto, masama ang gising, sometimes naman kapag may routine na na-disrupt? (tulad ng lumipat ng lugar or pwesto ang sister niya nung kumakain sila - sabay kasi sila laging kumakain, nagagagalit na si bunso... )

But...- takot siya sa papa niya.  everytime na nasisita siya, tatahimik naman at tutulo nalang luha - mukha tuloy siyang kawawa.

Yaya Solutions / Re: Feedback on Yaya/maid agencies.
« on: September 23, 2013, 05:35:30 pm »
[Anyway, bottom line here is hindi parin niya napalitan ang "ran-away" maid/yaya ko... almost 1 month na ito.


After my last conversation with BETH, I never heard from her again.  Hindi na siya nag paramdam sa akin kahit to ask man lang if I'm still interested sa replacement....

After LYNX, I contacted another agency, ABBA Manpower (referred to me).   After a week, meron sana silang ibibigay, but I was unable to answer my phone that time kaya binigay na nila sa iba.  Hindi na rin nila ako binalikan after 3 weeks of follow up, at laging "nasa NBI" daw ang mga applicant at hindi pa bumabalik.

From then on, hindi na ako uli nag follow up kay LYNX or ABBA or sa ibang agency.   Na-trauma na ako at napunta lang sa kanila ang pera ko na sila lang ang nakinabang. 

Kids With Special Needs / Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
« on: September 23, 2013, 08:33:24 am »

- He does bring things to show you, but (not that I'm being pessimistic) in my observation, he sees kasi what his sister does (show and tell) and tries to imitate her... but in the long run, he "learns" to do it on his own.  Hindi na tinanong ng dev ped niya regarding dito

- For playing with toys, sabi ng yaya niya before, he used to play with wheels of toy cars, but again, the frequency of this action is not too alarming, tulad ng kay kuya.  Kaya mga 1-2x ko lang napansin.  It seems to have stopped kasi hindi ko na nakikita.  Parang dumaan lang siya sa phase na yun.

- He also points, or rather, he "learned" to point.  Kasi nga he usally "imitates" what his sister does.

Most of the time, if you ask him something, and he is not concentrating on your question, iniiba niya ang topic or answer, but if you ask him to focus, more or less, nakasagot naman siya ng maayos. 

Kids With Special Needs / Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
« on: September 19, 2013, 01:38:46 pm »
Hi MyAdie,

Yes, that's what he means.  I also feels the same way, specially for kuya...

But for bunso, we're still keeping our fingers crossed, kasi mabilis naman siyang matuto lalo na nung nag start na kami ng mga therapies niya... and he is more "in-tune" sa amin and sa surroundings niya compared kay kuya...

Kawawa nga si unica hija (middle child), she will have to take over our responsibilities someday.  Hope she will be strong enough to take it... :'(

Kids With Special Needs / Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
« on: September 19, 2013, 12:40:22 pm »
Hi darna88,

Si kuya has mild ASD rin.  But bunso's condition is milder pa compared kay kuya.  This is based on my observation ha.  And I think their dev ped would also agree.

Si kuya kasi ang first sign nakita namin is hindi siya lumilingon kapaga tinatawag mo siya sa name niya, plus he spins wheels of toy cars.  Si bunso, walang ganun, nauutusan mo pa nga, but he has tantrums and delay ang speech niya, then medyo echolalic.

Si kuya, 1st diagnosis is mild ASD na.  Si bunso, 1st and 2nd ay may delay lang (sa ibang dev ped) But since hindi ako convince na may delay lang siya dinala ko siya sa dev ped ni kuya, 1st diagnosis sa kanya mild ASD na.

But bunso is very lovable and he socializes naman.  Hindi tulad ni kuya na mahiyain.

...sabi nga ng husband ko when he found out, "...the buck stops here..." wala ng mag dadala ng surname niya to the next generation....  :(

Kids With Special Needs / Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
« on: September 16, 2013, 04:13:26 pm »
Hi awesomeMom22,

...sabi nila, when you already have 1 child with ASD, chance of having another is at a greater risk....
...newborn screening cannot determine if a child has autism, hind naman yang nakikita sa dugo or sa abnormality ng dugo...

oh well, I still love him very much, no matter what!  :)

Kids With Special Needs / Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
« on: September 13, 2013, 04:21:58 pm »
...went to the school and got his report card.

Surprisingly, he got good grades.  The lowest grade he got was for his writing, which is at 76.  This is something we have been working on since we stared with his ABA.  So this is still acceptable.

Feedback from his teacher were also surprising.  Other than his limited interest (or lack of interest?) in doing workbook activities, overall he is in-line with his other classmates.  His average score did not put him in the last ranking in the class standing either. step, I put him under the school "tutor" to further assist in his academics.  Hindi kasi siya nakikinig sa akin kapag ako ang nagtuturo... dina-divert ang lessons namin sa ibang topic!

Let's see how this goes....

Kids With Special Needs / Re: 2nd Son, also with ASD
« on: September 03, 2013, 12:47:54 pm »
...done with bunso's check up last Aug 24.

Results came back the same... mild ASD. 

But he has improved a lot daw from his last check up.  Sobrang talkative naman siya this time.

Main concern is on comprehension,  Need to work on that.

Also mentioned at she prefers him to be in a classroom of 10-15 kids only.... but his school has around 25-30 kids per room. But then again, doc says if the school says they can handle him, then she's ok with it.  next check up is on March 2014. step, meet with his school teachers and get feedback... schedule is this Friday, report card giving day...

haaayy. buhay... *disappointed*  :(

Tweens and Teens / How to raise a Teenager with ASD
« on: July 24, 2013, 12:50:33 pm »

My son will be turning 13 end of this month.  He has mild ASD.

Anyone has any advise on how to raise a teenager with mild ASD?  I understand that kids under the autism umbrella have emotions, but do they know about "love" or "crushes"?  My son currently has a "crush" (he calls it "love") daw..  She's his classmate.  He wants to "call" her up and say good night daw, and tries to send her text messages (I have a spare one he can use, but the SIM has to be re-activated). I think he got her number from another classmate of his... not sure if it was "given" to him or if he asked for it...


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