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School Hunting / Re: Ballet school
« on: February 28, 2011, 03:59:07 pm »
interesting thread.

am glad this has been revived.

i'm also checking out ballet schools that allow less than 3 year old students.

we have a school nearby but they take 3 1/2 year olds as their youngest enrollees. our daughter is only 2 and 3 months.

we would like to try the new school posted earlier but it's quite far from our place. we're actually nearer halili.

if i do find other ballet schools, i will post here.

sis Katie, yes that's a good strategy - it worked for you - tell HR that you will be asking the opinion of DOLE in this matter. it's not really a threat, it's just that you want to be enlightened on this matter.

R.A. 8972 is still a relatively new law so there are still questions on how this should be implemented. companies usually interpret laws in their favor so if a law can be interpreted in their favor, they will do it. that's why there are disputes, 2 views/interpretations on a single provision of law.

for the benefit of those similarly situated, the Implementing Rules and Regulations of the Solo Parents Act, on parental leave, to quote:

"Section 18. Parental Leave – In addition to leave privileges under existing laws,
parental leave of not more than seven (7) working days every year shall be granted to
any solo parent employee who has rendered service of at least one (1) year. The
seven-day parental leave shall be non-cumulative.

Section 19. Conditions for Entitlement of Parental Leave – A solo parent shall
be entitled to parental leave provided that:
(a) He/She has rendered at least one (1) year of service whether continuous or
broken at the time of the affectivity of the Act;
(b) He/She has notified his/her employer of the availment thereof within a
reasonable time period; and
(c) He/She has presented a Solo Parent Identification Card to his/her employer.

Section 20. Non-conversion of Parental Leave – In the event that the parental
leave is not availed of, said leave shall not be convertible to cash unless specifically
agreed upon previously. However, if said leave were denied an employee as a result of
non-compliance with the provisions of these Rules by an employer, the aforementioned
leave may be used a basis for the computation of damages.

Section 21. Crediting of Existing Leave – If there is an existing or similar benefit
under a company policy, or a collective bargaining agreement or collective negotiation
agreement the same shall be credited as such. If the same is greater than the seven (7)
days provided for in the Act, the greater benefit shall prevail.

Emergency or contingency leave provided under a company policy or a
collective bargaining agreement shall not be credited as compliance with the parental
leave provided for under the Act and these Rules."

even the rules, as quoted, may be used by your HR as basis to deny your additional 7 days, under the phrase "existing or similar benefit", which is the 15 VL. reason out that everyone else gets the 15 VL, the law precisely gives solo parents additional leaves because of their different situation. hence, the existing 15 VL should not be construed as an "existing or similar benefit" so as not to give you the solo parental leave.

if there is a controversy (that is, your HR insists that there is no additional 7 days leave), then this can be filed with DOLE. it's not under NLRC, it's another agency of DOLE, but name escapes me at this time.

good luck.

under R.A. 8972, to quote:

"Section 8. Parental Leave. - In addition to leave privileges under existing laws, parental leave of not more than seven (7) working days every year shall be granted to any solo parent employee who has rendered service of at least one (1) year."

sis Katie is right, the solo parental leave of not more than 7 days is over and above your 15 days VL. your HR may have construed it that since the law (labor code) only provides for 5 days (see phrase, under existing laws), whereas your company provides 15 VL/year, then the 7 days should fall inside the 15 VL.

our company provides solo parental leave on top of our 15 VL/15 SL a year, for solo parents.

discuss with your HR again. the spirit of the solo parent law is to provide additional time for solo parents to take care of their kids, leaves are usually for getting the kids to the doctors, vaccination, time alone with them, etc. that is why the law provides additional leaves.

if still same result, make a written request for your 7 parental leave per year and ask your HR to deny your request on paper.  ingat lang din baka mapag initan, but you are within your rights so fight for them.

Special Occassions / Re: Civil Wedding requirements and procedures
« on: February 11, 2011, 11:48:36 am »
dagdag lang. if the 2 parties living in together are married to somebody else, or kahit 1 lang sa kanila, di rin pwede.

this is not an exception to the general list of capacities needed to be married, and to whom you can marry. in other words, dapat pwede ka munang ikasal sa taong ka live in mo, bago mag apply yung exception to getting a marriage license.

Special Occassions / Re: Civil Wedding requirements and procedures
« on: February 11, 2011, 11:35:52 am »
re question on living in together for at least 5 years, for sis ehmm:

1) this is one of the exceptions to the rule that all marriage should have a marriage license before the ceremony can take place;

2) take note, the requirement also is that the man and woman living together as husband and wife, should both have no legal impediment to marry each other [if 1st cousins, even if 10 years pa living together, this will not apply]

(add also: must have legal capacity to marry, age [at least 18], sex [must be man and woman]

3) so, there is no need to get a marriage license if both parties have been living together for at least 5 years

4) affidavit that says so is usually found at the back of the certificate of marriage, to be signed by both parties. and solemnizing officer should have ascertained, before conducting the ceremony, that there are no legal impediments for the parties to marry each other.

the particular provision under the Family Code is quoted below:

"Art. 34. No license shall be necessary for the marriage of a man and a woman who have lived together as husband and wife for at least five years and without any legal impediment to marry each other. The contracting parties shall state the foregoing facts in an affidavit before any person authorized by law to administer oaths. The solemnizing officer shall also state under oath that he ascertained the qualifications of the contracting parties are found no legal impediment to the marriage."

marriages falling under this exception are also legal, even without a marriage license.

take note also, this provision is used by fixers para di na kumuha ng marriage license for parties wanting to rush into marriage. papirmahin na lang parties kahit di totoo. of course, if any one should be signing anything, please check what you are signing on. if not true, then baka magka issue pa sa legality ng marriage nyo later.

i've posted in this thread.

for clarification lang, nauna ako gumamit ng 'gilas" sa name ha. i've been using "magilas" nearly 4 years na, while smart "gilas", the basketball team, about 2 years pa lang.  ;) (compare ba daw o! calling IP0,,)

hi. 2 years ago, i was in my 1st trimester when i traveled with friends in vietnam. yearly trips kasi namin. it was tiring. though i didn't have morning sickness, i was always tired. may walking/hiking/tours din kasi yung travel namin. if you feel tired, rest ka muna and don't forget to eat.

firstly, as moms have posted here, get your OB's consent. if so far your pregnancy is easy, no complications, she will say it's ok. also, if you have been active before naman and you are not prone to sickness, go for it. you yourself will know if kaya ng katawan mo.

i also travelled in my 2nd trimester (going on 3rd na). it was both easier and harder. harder kasi sobrang tagal naman nung byahe talaga, 12 hours isang sector, at multiple sectors. easier kasi not too tiring, though mabigat na tyan.

for ericamm, for an 8 hour trip, there are other considerations din. for your first issue about ear pressure, just chew a gum or lunok lunok lang when you feel the discomfort. your OB might even suggest medications for travel discomfort. but less medications, the better. distract yourself din, read or watch the tv monitor. other advice: walk along the aisle every 2 hours or less and do feet circles and other exercises for better circulation. even none-pregnant passengers are advised this, but more so pregnant passengers to avoid deep vein thrombosis. wear comfortable clothes. just don't think too much about the 8 hours, rest if you can. happy trip  :)

Special Occassions / Re: Civil Wedding requirements and procedures
« on: January 15, 2011, 05:19:38 am »
hi sis mydestiny_10, all you need is information.

marriage license is a formal requirement. as posters here say, you need to go to the city civil registry where you or your boyfriend lives. andito nakalista yung requirements for a marriage license. most cities require that you give a certificate of no marriage (CENOMAR), which you need to get from the NSO. Better din to get for each one of you so you know, walang sabit talaga boyfriend mo.

other requirements, both of your birth certificates. since you are 24, your parents' advice should also be given.

be sure to put all correct details on the application for the marriage license.

you can easily do this. hwag ka na kumuha ng gagawa na di mo kilala kasi magkaka problem lang on the address, date of issuance, etc. magka issue pa on the legality of your marriage.

i hope this helps. ask questions if you do need clarifications.  :)

Baby Development and Milestones / Re: ear piercing
« on: January 13, 2011, 05:14:35 am »
mommyterewizard, di naman nasasaktan baby dun sa dulo na patulis sa likod.our daughter had earrings like that before, mukha namang walang reklamo at walang redness.. ayun lang nung 1 year old na sya, kaya na nyang tanggalin mag-isa earrings niya, hugot lang. kulit talaga. pati my earrings and earrings ng lola niya, mega hugot, isang hugot lang tanggal agad  ;D :o

my suggestion is, pag ganyan na baby kalikot at yun talaga gustong gawin ay mag hugot, either de roscas or loop (ganyan naman gamit now my toddler). inggat lang din baka hugot hugot pa din at mabutas naman ng malaki ang tenga.

Money / Re: help! Problem withdrawing with Paypal
« on: January 13, 2011, 05:04:48 am »
pa add lang (kahit haba na pala may post kanina)

sis ondi, verified na ba your BPI account? early part of the year kasi di pa sila linked up with paypal. sana nga para easier for me, may link up na BPI with paypal. may process of verification din thru paypal where they will deposit small amounts to your account then inform them what these amounts are. if nag match, yun na, verified na your account. am sure, dumami na din may link with paypal since last year, kasama na nga smartmoney.

Money / Re: help! Problem withdrawing with Paypal
« on: January 13, 2011, 04:54:57 am »
sis adaengkantada, anong account ang pinaverify mo sa paypal? if yung sa eon, yun din dapat use mo for the withdrawal from the paypal.

i withdrew money from my paypal account using my eon last week. 2-3 days from withdrawal dun sa paypal site at pwede nang ma withdraw talaga sa eon thru my atm.

re PIN sa online eon account, check mo sis if you are registering sa main page ng unionbank or sa separate eon page nila. yun naging problem ko before kaya pala ayaw tanggapin PIN ko. when you are in the unionbank main page, check mo link sa eon, then dun ka mag online, put username and PIN mo.

re withdrawing from smartmoney, dapat ito yung verified account mo na nilink mo with your paypal account before you can withdraw here.

dun pala sa withdrawal, mas mahal kapag you used your credit card or debit card (smartmoney i think is a debit card) than if you use your bank account (i placed my eon account here though technically, debit card din sya). may fees pa na bawas when you withdraw if you use credit/debit card, if bank account and more than P7,000 (or 7500?, pls check), free na.

to other moms here,  may minimum din to withdraw, check paypal site na din, forgot na. not too much naman.

re limited access, i hope sis naayos mo na din this. sana problem mo lang with the minimum that you can withdraw, or try mo din with your bank or credit card na to solve the problem.

Travel / Re: Davao get away..
« on: December 27, 2010, 11:49:18 am »
mommies, dating pearl farm talaga ang pearl farm, which is now a resort.

we went there as day tour lang kasi nga expensive dun, except if off peak na discounted rates.

may cottages na naka stilts on top of the water. other cottages sa island mismo. swimming pool, the usual. restaurant sa island na iba.

pearl farm is on samal island, you need to ride a boat to get there. madami na ring ibang newer resorts sa samal island na less expensive. but of course, mas kilala talaga ang pearl farm. renovated na rin yata since we went there 3 years ago.

i remember na din yung isang pinuntahan namin, malagos, daming flowers and plants.

Travel / Re: HK Disneyland trip
« on: December 11, 2010, 05:30:32 am »
sis vanenie, hello!

nagawa ko nang matulog sa HK airport in 2008, when i was pregnant. around 2-3 hours maximum and it was early evening. waiting for connecting flight to manila. as in, nakahiga talaga ako sa seats.  wala namang sumisita sa kin. i don't know lang if early morning they have such a policy.

yung pag stay overnight sa airport, i did that too in 2006 or 2007 at jfk airport naman. waiting for flight back to manila. i forgot na how many hours, but i got there midnight and morning na yung flight. sayang nga kasi hotel, baka di ko pa ma catch yung flight ko.

it can be done. mag isa nga lang ako but dun sa jfk, may na meet akong pinoy din, kwentuhan kami. kasama mo pa hubby so time will move fast.

or, go to a hotel where there is entertainment til the wee hours. if you take the train from the airport to the city may last trip lang sya so please visit their website, dun na rin yung other things to do there (should you decide on staying at the airport palipas ng oras).

we (daming officemates) went to HK last feb. more than 100 people courtesy of our office. kanya kanyang groups na going to macau, hk disneyland, ocean park, shopping. di na ko sumama dun sa mga lakad. all i needed was rest. and i've been to HK din more than 5 times na so nalibot ko na yung usual places but not HK Disneyland - if our baby turns 5 siguro, gusto ko syang isama.

try nyo going to Victoria's Peak, ito pala yung pinuntahan ko last time. gabi kami pumunta, foggy and di namin makita sa baba. but the trip going up, and going down exciting kasi may areas along the train ride na more than 180 degrees yung slant!

adventurous ba your hubby you said? try the different HK islands. HK is not just about shopping. there is a different face to HK, meron din syang natural sites where you can do hiking and other fun stuff, . if i were with my hubby in a HK trip, ito yung gusto kong gawin  ;)

am sure, you've done some research na din. balitaan mo kami  :)

Travel / Re: Davao get away..
« on: December 11, 2010, 05:15:19 am »
xxXiansMomxx, I 've been to Davao City plenty of times.

good to go to Eden Park, which we did. we went on a day trip, na we saw the whole Park naman kasi may shuttle sila. Ok din siguro if overnight so you can see both it's evening and morning look.

but i would not advise for you to stay the whole week, if as you say, yun plano nyo. why? malayo sya sa city. dami pa pwede puntahan na iba.

Davao City is a big city in terms of its total land area, but the city proper itself is not quite as big. yung ibang parts, City pa rin pero parang suburbs na.

lots of things to do. are you the adventurous type? we did whitewater rafting there and talaga namang tumabling yung raft namin, para kaming nasa washing machine. it still is memorable to all of us friends who did the rafting.

meron ding crocodile farm. you can see different sizes of crocodiles. nagpa pa show pa sila - pero medyo may issue kasi di naman talaga show animals ang crocodile.

shopping, dami rin. eating - yep, as one of the posts here say, meron ngang 99 pesos na eat all you can. nagkaka ubusan ng food sa dami ng kumakain. madami pang ibang food venue, meron yung on top of the mountain, kita mo city from way up.

of course, there's the place where the Philippine eagles stay - you will be amazed how big and majestic they look.

there is still one more park, i forgot the name now. pero dinadayo din sya. mostly flowers and trees. it's so relaxing.

fruits! sana marami ka pang madatnan na in season. their suha/pomelo is the sweetest!

samal island has lots of resorts na. we went sa Pearl Farm, day tour lang din kasi expensive. ngayon daw marami pang ibang accomodation choices.

entertainment is also plentiful but not expensive. there are areas there na nightly ang live entertainment, bands pa.

di ako taga Davao City pero i would recommend it to anyone!  :D

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