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hi sis. cheer up  ;D

close open ba daw at 7 months! talaga namang di na interest ng baby mo yon no! he he. he has advanced and nakatutok sya now with his communication skills.

my advise: hwag na patulan. ngiti ka na lang  :D

i feel for you. kasi nga narindi ka na and you cried because of these incidents. you can't change them but you can change the way you accept their comments.

pag negative pa din dating nila, pwede mo na ding ihirit na di na interest ng baby mo close open, he's past that. then smile ulit 

spaghetti - all sauces, but no beef and pork please!

unripe mangoes - with lots of spicy bagoong (ngilo lang ang katalo)

chocolates - not too sweet, but not too dark either, with nuts preferably

nuts nuts nuts - almonds, pistachio, atbp!

Romantic Relationships / Re: Soulmate
« on: August 26, 2010, 12:14:19 pm »
yes i believe in soulmates!

but i think my hubby is not my soulmate. we still have many issues to resolve kaya siguro we are both in this world at this time to resolve these issues. may tawag dito but i forgot na? relates to karma

among many things i discovered, na apparent na noon, super kulit, as in lahat yata ng bagay. di ko inexpect this, to the highest level  :o

minsan sumisigaw na ko please shut up. sa mga jokes niya at kwento. sumasakit na minsan ears ko. tahimik po kasi akong tao (mahilig mag-isip).  ::)

pero of course, hit din naman mga jokes niya if am in the mood to laugh  ;D

hi sis. ayan maka comment na din.

Hailey's Sweet Shoppe my vote (pero parang tunog sweatshop kasi na di maganda since anti-labor). Candy shoppe kaya? kasi even chocolates and other types of sweets are considered candy.

ganda din ng effect na puro muted colors yung candy. di masyadong garish.

post ka pa ng other ideas!

our 21-month old daughter sleeps around 730-830pm. up between 5-6am. minsan, up by 4am. takes a nap at 10am, minsan mahaba til 130pm, sometimes 1 hour lang. parang kulang sya sa tulog pero makulit naman buong araw.

hi mommy.

my baby is 21 months old and ganyan pa din sa baby mo - hirap pakainin. but she still eats cerelac and gerber.

try mo yougurt. also soup, any dish na masabaw, lagyan mo lang konting rice, mashed veggies and fish or chicken.

pasta and other kinds of noodles (sotanghon, canton, bihon, basta hwag lang masyadong mahaba, need to cut to manageable size)

observe mo din what she likes. usually kasi yung mga walang lasa gusto ng baby ko so i give that to her.

as per baby reference books and other materials, normal for babies and toddlers to be picky eaters. we just need to introduce and re introduce new food. if your baby doesn't like what you give him/her today, baka some other day, tikman na niya.

good luck sa atin  :D

hi sis.

i've never really been into taking too much of my time in looking good. not that i don't need it he he.

mas focused lang ako in making myself healthier. eating the right kinds of food. exercise. thinking positive. enough sleep. being in a good relationship. being spiritual. not only thinking of one's self, but of others, our country, other people, our environment.

i think all those things will help any one to look good because you feel good inside.

medyo na focus lang sa baby but i'm getting my groove back.

i think one has to make some effort din, spend some time and money (within reason and budget of course) to have a good appearance. 

skin regimen you will follow, exercise or sports you like (walking is a good exercise!), feeling great while wearing what you are comfortable in!

Wellness / Re: lasik surgery-kamusta naman po?
« on: August 11, 2010, 04:24:31 pm »
thanks dr. richie for the email.

Wellness / Re: lasik surgery-kamusta naman po?
« on: August 10, 2010, 02:37:53 pm »
Hi. I'm also considering Lasik since years ago. I wear glasses, I've had contact lens-related infections but sometimes I still use contact lens.

What are the fees for Lasik screening if you are a good candidate?

Ako din po, pa discount if I'm a good candidate for Lasik!  :D maybe when my 13th month pay comes in, I can have the surgery hmm

Preschooler Age / Re: How early should a toddler begin schooling?
« on: August 06, 2010, 01:15:58 pm »
wow thanks sis keih for the information. though i'm not from makati area, i can see that you have made quite an effort to assess the different schools and came up with your own criteria for choosing.

we are in qc area now, i'm not yet actively looking (though i've gone to and my baby had tried several trial classes) but i've read school reviews.

definitely worth considering the points you made.

Your Kid's Health and Safety / Re: All About New Born Screening
« on: August 03, 2010, 02:15:29 pm »
hi sis. your baby seems ok naman at 7 months. what the New Born Screening (NBS) aims to do is to have some diseases diagnosed early so that our babies can be treated or ma therapy, also maiwasan yung food na bawal. yung kasama na diseases kasi sa NBS early detection and diagnosis talaga ang habo.

In your baby's case, he can still undergo the screening for your peace of mind, just to be sure na your baby does not have the diseases/ailments that NBS diagnoses.

Ask also your baby's pedia if he still needs to undergo NBS.

puyat itself is bad for one's general health. and if pregnant, better to be extra careful about your health.

since sleep and rest is needed by our bodies, we should sleep as required. i understand the moms here - it's hard to sleep if you are not sleepy. but if you experience tiredness and general fatigue even if you just woke up, that means you are not sleeping well. if sleeping late and waking up late does not seem to affect your health negatively, and ok with your OB after you consult this, then you should not be worried.

again, if something negative results from puyat, like raising of BP, over fatigue, light-headedness, then this will surely affect your baby as well. you can remedy the situation by making your room more conducive to sleep, lowering your activity level near bedtime, not stressing too much.

dami rin lang talagang naiisip ang mommies to be. dami rin kasing naririnig na advise. most important i think is to think positive and consult your OB all the way!

Beauty and Product Reviews / Re: Moms with BRACES? How Much po?????
« on: July 29, 2010, 01:28:43 pm »
I didn't get braces, but in my office, "nauso" yata - ang dami nila nagpalagay ng braces. yung iba nga, parang maganda naman yung teeth nila he he.

their common dentist has his clinic somewhere in taft ave., manila, near corner padre faura.

about 2 or 3 years ago, 20,000 lang yata. i will ask the people here if you like.

dun sa tayuman area, looks like not too expensive dental services there, madami yatang mga dental clinics there. my hubby had his teeth fixed/pasta once, cheap lang. i'l check where exactly.

Members' Kumustahan board / Re: Ask me! [Part 3]
« on: July 28, 2010, 12:49:15 pm »
Same question, ganda eh.

Q: What are the three (3) top educational reforms you would like to see the PNoy administration to undertake?

A: 1) will collapse mommy france 1st and 2nd answers - better benefits to teachers and yearly capacity-building trainings and competency assessment for all teachers

Both my parents are educators (retired now) and despite low pay and benefits they strove to do their best to mold their students. What more if teachers were better trained and compensated!

2) more budget per pupil/student for all levels of public schools and state universities

Most of my student years I spent in public schools and I thought a few semesters in a state university. The facilities are poorly maintained, kawawa talaga mga students. How do you expect them to show up and excel when they can't even sit on chairs that work?

3) better, error-free, gender-fair textbooks and workbooks that are given to free to all students.

We still have to know what concrete solutions were made as a result of the expose done by an individual of the numerous errors in textbooks still being used by students today. The last I saw in the news, nabawasan lang ng konti yung errors. Access to information nowadays is so easy with the advent of internet so there is no excuse for error-filled books, horrors!

Q: Do you know of, or have you enrolled or plan to enroll your baby/toddler to a day care center or any educational program for those below 2 years old and where? 

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